Well, we can be ready — if our hearts are in the right place. In 2016, the November elections upset the apple cart. It has made us wonder what is happening to our nation. The divisiveness has reached saturation point, and it is time we bring people — diverse people — together and unite the nation.

As we all know, nothing happens in a vacuum, so the madness we are experiencing comes from the lethargic Democratic Party that chose to stay aloof and not listen to the middle class and more the blue collar workers.

People are fed up of politicians who promise much and do nothing at all.

The younger generation will not tolerate liars, people who speak from both sides of their mouth.

Hillary Clinton is one of them — she dug her own grave — she shot her own foot — she had this one opportunity to do good — and blew it.

The Republican interim president spews words faster from his mouth than his brain works.

He says all the right things — the people who are fed up — with lack of jobs, the higher premiums when it comes to health care — and of course the many politicians talking from both sides of their mouth and doing nothing — an audience is ready to listen to Donald Trump — more talk and less walk.

Here is San Francisco the congestion on our streets is unbearable.

The plight of the poor and the homeless encampments a disgrace. The thousands of tourists that come to visit San Francisco do not know what to make of our once great city.

Now filthy streets — with beggars all over the place — and more filthy walkways — never seen before.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, the many mentally and physically challenged — are traumatized and no one at San Francisco's City Hall seems to care.

We do have a $9.6 billion dollar budget — how it is spent is anyone's guess.

Our unique neighborhoods are changing — over 60,000 families in San Francisco have left in the last 5 years — and our City leaders are busy filling campaign coffers.

We have advocated addressing quality of life issues all these many years — and will continue to do our best.

Our service is to the community — and our community is the one family we care about.

We have just returned from North Dakota — we visited the Oceti Sakowin Camp — better known as Standing Rock — 1600 miles away from San Francisco.

We embarked this journey by van — to see and embrace our sisters and brothers — the protectors of the water.

Water that gives life — sustains most everything — the First People respect Mother Earth and water plays an integral part of this holy equation.

In our common struggle — the indigenous people are very close to us — this is their land — it is time we respect our First People all over the Nation — more Mother Earth.

Closer to home I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and our struggle goes on.

We represent and we want the best for all indigenous people — children, women and men of good faith — more those who have come here to represent the best they have to offer to all in the great City of San Francisco.

We thank all those who have been with us all these many years and support us in many ways — many a times with their good wishes and prayers. It matters to us — and we thank you all.

We especially thank our webmaster Joel Skidmore for supporting us all these many years.

All the best in 2017.

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