Last year around this time we were talking about an "egomaniac" — Donald Trump. The divisiveness in the Bay Area has reached a saturation point. In all the time Donald has been in office he managed to pass one bill — the tax bill that will benefit the filthy rich. The others who get some temporary benefits will lose it all in a few years. The rich will enjoy their benefits forever.

Here in the Bay Area and more in San Francisco, thousands of decent families have left San Francisco never to return. What really makes San Francisco great are our unique neighborhoods — for decades many tourists have been coming to visit our unique neighborhoods and the famous museums that our great city is well known for.

Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, the Presidio of San Francisco, Mission Dolores, North Beach, the many restaurants with such diverse cuisines — be it French, Italian, Thai, Burmese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Iraqi, Greek, Chinese, you name it — San Francisco offers it all and more.

San Francisco is where the United Nations started, before it moved to New York. San Francisco has been on the forefront of the peace movement, led the environmental movement, brought people together with leading musicians and artists one of a kind. You mention San Francisco and all over the world people pay attention — we are recognized as a world class city.

As years pass and more so in the last five years, the disparity of the citizens of San Francisco has widened — you have the filthy rich and the very poor. The middle class is eroding, and when you pay $3500 for a one bedroom and $5800 for a two bedroom unit, you know you have to make over $160,000 just to make ends meet.

We monitor quality of life issues. Blessed by the First People of San Francisco whom we represent — the Muwekma Ohlone — we trust and hope the Great Spirit sees it all. We work for the community — that is our first calling.

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