There was once Santa Fe that most people know from the trains and other huge facilities by rail tracks that Santa Fe operated. Then there was Southern Pacific and we still see rail cars with the name Southern Pacific on them. Some huge train engines too. And then there was Catellus Corporation the largest property landowner in all of California and it got most of the property for free - many, many years ago when free property was given to companies like the railroad magnets to carry and ferry people all over this Nation we call the United States.

You must remember the land belongs to the First People and it was stolen from them. Also Public Trust land belongs to all the people. In California to all Californians. In San Francisco huge chunks were taken by eminent domain and now are being used for something totally different.

Catellus Corporation divided the land in San Francisco most of it at Mission Bay - sold it, got all the tax benefits from the State and Federal entities and all the support from the very corrupt Willie L. Brown and now lo and behold they have Mission Bay up for sale!

There is nothing so disgusting as greed. Enron revealed their true colors and Catellus Corporation is about to do the same. Fleece the poorer taxpayers, go laughing to the bank, make more money, fleece more people and then when every drop has been squeezed sell and be gone.

Mission Bay is a large toxic dump. Millions of tons of hazardous soil were never removed and disposed according to the law. Thousands of tons of toxic soil was moved from around 4th and King Street and spread around the brand new University of California San Francisco buildings which cater to scientists and others doing research and other medical projects. Mission Bay is for sale and many know it but the buzz is more among the greedy developers who are wondering how did Catellus go bust and who will take the torch and burn the greed more?

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