The National Park Service (NPS) is one of the most inept Federal Agencies within the Federal Government. For those that may not have any clue - the NPS comes under the Department of the Interior. It has the worst record when it comes to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) cases. In years gone by the White House and Congress has seriously considered eliminating this corrupt agency.

At several National meetings that I attended all over the United States the NPS was the laughing stock of other agencies. Often times the stakeholders would ask: What the hell is happening with this agency? Well the answer it very simple. The mission of the NPS is protection and preservation. In reality the NPS caters to nepotism and out the door and down the drain goes all that is meaningful and decent hardworking federal employees that want to contribute. There is no doubt that the Rangers and the Maintenance workers are great but they get no support. Volunteers work hard and are not rewarded. Upper Management sits on their asses and makes fat salaries.

Recently the NPS chose to permit 17 NPS employees from GGNRA to take advantage of Early Retirement. Some call them buyouts. In one clean sweep years of sound experience were let go and the NPS at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) will repent for the rest of their short lives this dubious action.

On the other hand Management at GGNRA at Upper Fort Mason consists of crooks such as Don Mannel, Susan Hurst, Brian O'Neill, Leo Guillory, Howard Levitt, Mai- Lis Bartling and others who relish their upper grades and high salaries but do not have the ability to deliver.

Inept high-grade morons and low performing Management such as Len McKenzie and Barbara Jo Griffin and others in yester years preceded them. The NPS has fallen on bad times and has chosen to pity its Federal Employees with Out Sourcing and crooks who prey within the system such as the Park Conservancy. These scumbags have more power to make pertinent decisions then Brian O'Neill who has no leadership qualities and caters to the needs of those crooks that have done great disservice to NPS Federal Employees at GGNRA over the years. We have seen it at Alcatraz and we see it all over the GGNRA.

In one clean sweep Bruce Turner with 4 years, Clarence Payne with 6 years, Nick Vossler with 6 years, Alex Maciejewicz with 8 years, Gabe Sanchez with 10 years, Rick DelaCruz with 11 years, Joe Oliver with 11 years, Jeremy Helton with 12 years, Larry Salbeck with 26 years, Paul Geneste with 26 years, Nolan Woods with 26 years, Mike Radke with 27 years, Ruth Foster with 30 years, Paul Merz with 30 years, Mike Crahan with 31 years, Bill Cook with 10 years and Theron Hunter with 29 years - were given some little buy out benefits and thrown out the door.

A great vacuum will be created and we will see in the immediate and near future how GGNRA will survive the misdeed of the century. I know many of the employees and I know they all worked hard but they were fed up with Upper Management and the corruption especially that of Susan Hurst, Leo Guillory and Brian O'Nell. These scumbags have been entrenched in one place for years and know very well how to manipulate stuff. Susan Hurst was once at inept GS-4 she is still an inept GM-14 - so are the other I have mentioned.

The General Accounting Office has not done their job with GGNRA where millions have been wasted. Hundreds of computers and other essential equipment went missing in years gone by. Other accounting practices were never in place. A previous Maintenance Chief who encouraged federal employees to work at his home - when the workers had to be at work - working in the Park. He even stole furniture and other stuff and no one did anything.

May be the truth will now be revealed when so many will not be there to do the real work. Suddenly the fools will realize that they lost so many good workers in so short a time. Standing out are Ruth Foster and Mike Crahan with whom I have kept in touch and who is an inspiration to all Federal Workers. Mike worked hard for the UNION and his loss will be missed.

The fight against corruption of the highest order within the GGNRA should be continued. I will, as I know too much. Seriously, it is time we offer the documentation we have gathered and give it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There is nothing like good solid documentation and we have it at our disposal.

To the workers that took this Early Out I say - Kudos and enjoy the rest of your life. To the crooks that are still there I say - Watch Out!

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