It is a shame that the present sitting San Francisco, Public Utilities Commission does not have a single commissioner among the five siting commissioners who has any expertise linked to infrastructure, engineering, health and medical know how. The present sitting commissioners have out lived their corrupt tenure and their poor performance calls for their removal at once - in toto.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners lack Safety, Reliability, Accountability, and Transparency. They have failed the constituents of the City and County of San Francisco.

It is a shame that the City and County of San Francisco has turned a blind eye to the hundreds of experts whose skills in engineering and management can and would enhance the ability of the constituents to benefit from a new vision to rehab our public utilities and move forward. These experts should be serving the people of San Francisco not the present cronies who serve the whim and fancy of the present Mayor.

For decades our Mayors have appointed lack luster candidates some of whom do not know the difference between a straw and a pipe. Sludge or clean drinking water. They talk the talk but they do not walk the walk. I have heard them blame everyone except their poor judgment, performance, dishonesty, and totally lack of vision.

It is a shame that drain storm waters and raw sewage share the same infrastructure. We need to have a separate system to address drain storm catchments, treat this water and use this water for purposes other than human consumption. We need to put state of the art technology into operation.

It is long past its due time when our Aquifers, underground water sheds, springs should have been protected and treasured.

Raw sewage treatment plant should be set up at the Presidio of San Francisco. This particular sewage treatment can then discharge its secondary effluents into the Pacific Ocean. The City should stop the Presidio from stealing water from the Lobos Creek Aquifer. The City should stop polluting Islais Creek. Maintain the healthy growth of Lake Merced.

All raw sewage generated at Mission Bay should be treated at the Mission Bay site. All secondary effluents generated pumped through new pipes laid by the Mission Bay Project and flushed into the Pacific Ocean. No raw sewage should be allowed to go to the Bayview Hunters Point Sewage Plant from Mission Bay.

The six digestors that the S.F. PUC is considering should be built elsewhere and NOT in the Bayview Hunters Point Area. The digestor technology has proved faulty elsewhere - yet San Francisco PUC wants to take a plunge, waste tax payers money, and slap the constituents in the face. Swim in a cesspool.

All Bayview Hunters Point residents should not pay any sewage fee for the next five years. After five years they should get a rebate for all sewage fees paid in the last ten years. And also a rebate on the drinking water bills. They deserve this benefit because they have borne the major brunt of being the dumping site of all the City's ills.

It is a shame that the conscience of the constituents passed by the City Wide Proposition to build a Cross Town Tunnel to flush secondary effluents from the Bayview Hunters Point Sewage Treatment Plant has not yet come to fruition after over 7 years.

It is time that the City and County run electrical lines all the way from Hetch Hetchy and that we use our own electricity. We should stop buying any power from Pacific Gas and Electric or at least curtail our buying any power from them by fifty percent.

Our aging infrastructure carrying water, raw sewage, drain storm pipes, other machinery is aging. All monies collect in the General Fund should be used to upgrade and replace our aging infrastructure. Our S.F. Public Utilities Commission keep blaming others and do not have any leadership nor vision.

This same commission wants to place a 4.6 billion bond and make the tax payers pay more for all utilities. 4.6 billion, that is with a B is a lot of money. These guys are either joking or must be crazy. For too long have they been wasting our money and resources and now they want to take us tax payers for a ride. The Mayor, Willie Brown has not been helpful. Nor have the entities who should have been monitoring the S.F. Public Utilities. There has been No Accountability and there has been NO Transparency.

Hetch Hetchy destroyed a valley which was home to the Native Americans - the Miwoks. White rednecks saw no harm destroying the Native Americans sacred land. Today, the fruits of the gods have been tarnished and greed has got the better of wisdom.

The City has forgotten the time when the City had no water. When crooks sold polluted water. When the Spring Valley Water Company had the citizens of San Francisco at their mercy in the late 1980's and early 1900. Today greedy authorities have lost any sense of history - they have sold their conscience to developers - turned their backs on those constituents who are at their mercy. We need an informed San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Commissioners.

It is sad when a noose representing a sad chapter of our American history and racism shows its face at Water Treatment Plants. The City has NOT taken these symbols of racism and these racists to task. African Americans have worked hard and played a key role at the City's Water Treatment Plants and Sewage Plants. Yet rednecks control and earn high pay scales while the others earn bread crumbs.

Much water has flowed since 1900. The Native Americans in San Francisco, the Bay Area and beyond have paid a high price. People of color have paid a high price. It is sad that the City that knows how has turned its back on nature, sustainability, conservation, accountability, transparency. Crooks are having a hay day and they think they can fool us all.

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