Iraq is an ancient Nation and those in the know remember all that the Babylonian culture had to offer to the world for thousands of years. As a young man I visit Iraq and have fond memories of Iraq. The same with Afghanistan and all that that country had to offer the world - the Silk Route and the fierce fighters but also the hospitality second to none.

I suppose most Christians revere Abraham and should respect the land from which he hailed. Iraqis are human beings - this may come as a shock to those Americans who abused the Iraqi prisoners. This may also come as a surprise to some one like Rumsfeld who has failed this Nation. We have another one closer home Ashcroft who has the same philosophy. Men who challenge the sensibilities of the human being and look the other way when it comes to abusing minorities - these men deserve no position in authority.

Those of us who know the atrocities committed upon Prisoners of War from America, Australia, Britain, and other countries by the Japanese abhor those acts. Those that suffered under Hitler remember the Nuremberg Trials and the safeguards that came from those trials. Never again we all said.

The Geneva Convention and many other civilized laws and regulations guard those who can act as barbarians to step back and treat those who are prisoners as we deem fit and give them the respect that the civilized world upholds.

The Koran and even the Bible have their root in Abraham and the times in which he lived. Times have changed and through civilization we should have uphold what is good and learned what is best. This hatred that the Middle East has for the West has sprouted from a few ignorant and arrogant Westerners. Listening to Ashcroft and Rumsfeld you notice that easily. Pompous in their ways they think and feel that they can do as the wish.

It is not too late to change our thinking and to embrace that which can heal. It is not too late to remember Abraham the Father of all Nations.

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