The Presidio Trust gathered their Board of Directors and their staff Tuesday, May 21, 2000 at 6 p.m. at the Presidio Officers Club to release the Presidio Trust Management Plan to the Public at large. There were lots of people - many standing and hearing for hours.

The gathering was held in the Moraga Room minus the portrait of General Moraga, which once adorned the august room. They was no American flag and there was no any California symbol - any show of patriotism - it was all about greed and more greed and a lot of hogwash.

Simply put we have crooks here who will sell their mothers for a dollar!

There was some slick presentation and a lot a do about nothing. Of course, so many good folks are so fed up that many have chosen to leave the crooks alone. How ever we still have some that love the Presidio of San Francisco and will do all in their power to bring FAIR play to the table. It seems like a losing battle but they say those that persevere - prevail. Many a time at great peril to their health and fiscal resources. We are after all fighting crooks that have all the money to spend and waste - all of it tax payers' money.

We had to wait in a long line to address the Public and the Trust Board. Some in the line chose to run their mouths for ever and as the line of Public Speakers got closer - some Trust Official wanted us to limit our comments to 2 minutes! As is typical with the Trust they cannot simply conduct a meeting - which prompts one to ask the question - what, are they doing at the Presidio in the first place?

I asked two very simple questions. Why does not the Presidio have their own Sewer Plant and why does all of their raw sewage have to be pumped to the Bayview? Also, why does the Presidio have to buy over 70% of its drinking water?

I also commented that some SPIRITUALITY should be infused into their operation and the way they conduct their business.

There is no doubt that the commercializing of the Presidio has begun in earnest. These crooks gathered from Colorado and from other agencies are hand picked scum that will do anything for a buck. I saw Toby and Amy two of the seven Board Directors - writhing in pain and aghast at all the criticism meted to them by the Public. These two in particular are corrupt and have done the City and County of San Francisco and the federal entity that is the Presidio of San Francisco - great injustice.

George Lucas the dreamer who feeds the Public with themes from mythological fables on the screen has been persuaded to build his Digital Center right on the torn down Letterman Hospital. The deconstruction was done by the Tax Payer over 10 million dollars was spent. The last Trust Director was given a couple of month's severance pay plus a bonus of $280,000 - all for stealing and doing a fucked up job at the Presidio of San Francisco. Some justice!

The San Francisco Magazine exposed the rascal James Meadows. The world knows the likes of Bruce Anderson and Steve Hood and others - all corrupt. It is amazing how the Trust Board did not mention one single fact about the waste of money and the dismissal of the crooks. Crooks who wasted taxpayers' money in the millions.

The newly released Management Plan is a Farce. Most of us known it but it is disgusting how simply polite many of us will be - while swallowing the BITTER PILL OF CORRUPTION that the PRESIDIO TRUST doles out to the PUBLIC.

We talk about the TERRORISTS there is a worse type of terrorism going on in our back yard - the PRESIDIO TRUST.

The Presidio Trust has no qualms when they fired over 70 Trust workers. Yet again and again they shout that they - the Preidio Trust have to be self-sufficient by the year 2013. Our fiscal experts have revealed and proved to the Public that the Trust has millions of dollars over and beyond the numbers the Trust puts out to the Public - deceit.

The Trust has over 100 million from the Army Clean Up funds and other Seed Money sitting in the Bank earning interest. It has other deals with the Stewart Company that manages its housing. Other deals with the students and colleges to which it provides housing. Still other deals with George Lucas, Robert Redford, the Moore Foundation, The Jewish Community Foundation, and so on. All these transactions should be accounted for. Today, the Presidio Trust has No Accountability and has NO Transparency.

While the Trust may shout out and say it is a Federal Agency - the fact is, it is a quasi-federal agency. In other words a bastard child of some concocted federal agency - that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer, George Miller and some other ill informed representatives saw fit to disgrace the citizens of the United States and the County and City of San Francciso. Today, there is no other bastard organization in the Nation that has done so much harm. That has wasted so many millions - as has the Presidio of San Francisco.

The National Park Service has also wasted millions of tax dollars. The Crissy Field Plan is AN EXPERIMENT. As long as the Shell Mounds, which are Sacred Burial Grounds on the Ohlone, are not addressed - no Crissy Field Plan is worth its salt. One cannot and should not desecrate Sacred Burial Grounds.

So the Trust wants Doyle Drive underground and how will it address Tennessee Hollow and the numerous springs and streams that once flowed into the Bay?

The Trust wants hotels so that it can cater to the filthy rich and whore the Presidio and what little is left of it that we call - "pristine".

Far from keeping traffic out - the Trust is encouraging traffic. Right now on any given week end the roads of the Presidio are congested. Let there be any minor accident on Lombard, Park Avenue, the Doyle Drive and all the traffic is diverted to the roads on the Presidio of San Francisco, causing havoc, pollution, and many accidents.

Digital Centers consume lots of energy. Digital Centers produce pollution and waste. The industry, lots of chaff has been flushed down the commode - Lucas Digital Center can do very little on its own - it has NO PLACE with its 1500 under ground parking facility at the Presidio.

The Presidio Management Plan and its Environmental Impact Study lacks integrity. Those that are in charge are corrupt and do not have the interest of the Park and the stakeholders who are the citizens of the United States. We are dealing with a Park not Disney Land!

Simply put the Presidio Trust has No Accountability.

The Commissary belongs to the people paid from non-appropriated funds. It may stand on federal land but it belongs to those that shopped there - mostly Department of Defense personnel. The Trust cannot and should not ignore the plight and pleas of those to whom the Commissary and the Post Exchange belongs to.

The Trust should not cater to those rich developers waiting on the side lines to make a fast buck. If it does it will face the wrath of the public - it has seen some - but there it more to come.

Be warned!

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