It is a shame that in this day and age we cannot honor hard work and honesty. It seems that the " ENRON" corruption and more dwells nearer at home in the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. This is indeed a shame.

March 5, 2002 Jeff Adachi is running for the Public Defender's Office. He asks our support as he has supported our community for over 15 years. He deserves our support.

Jeff is a family man with a wife and young daughter. He is a proven leader. He is an excellent attorney. He has managed the Public Defender's Office and raised the standards. He is an innovative thinker and sincerely cares for the community. In the current Public Defender's race he singularly stands out as the best candidate. He deserves our support and vote.

Jeff Adachi spent 15 years in the Public Defender's Office. He was well respected by all his fellow attorneys and the public at large. In January 2001 the then Public Defender was appointed to the Public Utilities Commission by Mayor Willie Brown. The Mayor also appointed his goddaughter, Kimiko Burton Cruz to serve as interim Public Defender. On her first day on the job, Kimiko fired Jeff Adachi without any valid reason by sending him a letter at home when he was out on a vacation day.

It is paramount that we elect Jeff Adachi as our Public Defender. No candidate comes close to his impeccable record. He has defended thousands by providing qualified representation in felony and misdemeanor cases. He has helped thousands of youth especially those requiring help in mental health cases and in juvenile proceedings. Jeff Adachi has earned an irrefutable reputation as one of San Francisco's best trial attorneys. He is a Certified Criminal La Specialist with the State Bar of California since 1991.

As Chief Attorney Jeff Adachi handled some high profile cases - winning most of them hands down. His opponent Kimiko does not have one single high profile case to her credit.

Jeff Adachi streamlined the San Francisco Public Defender's office by fully computerizing it with state of the art data base and programs. He implemented a system of performance evaluations which raised the standards of all the attorneys in the Public Defender's Office. During his tenure he personally saw to it that all those under his charge had the best training. He implemented a fiscal policy that won him praise from the Board of Supervisors and other Department heads. Most importantly Jeff Adachi created the most diverse law offices in the Nation. Across the board more women and minorities were hired by Jeff Adachi - fully representing the diverse population of San Francisco. As Chief Attorney Jeff Adachi managed all aspects of the staff of 85 lawyers and 30 staff members. Jeff was instrumental in obtaining $400,000 in Federal and State grant funding.

Most San Franciscans are fully aware of the innovative programs that Jeff Adachi created to help offenders re-establish themselves after suffering a criminal conviction. In 1999, Adachi started Operation Clean Slate which helps ex-offenders who have rehabilitated their lives to clear their criminal records. This so that they may join the workforce and become productive members of society.

The Drug Court and Mentor Court are two programs that help drug users seek treatment and education instead of incarceration. Jeff Adachi led the way and played a leading role as a policy maker.

The Bayview Hunters Point and its constituents are very dear to Jeff Adachi. He wants to work with the youth and the leaders of the our community to make good stuff happen. Let us not let nepotism and corruption stop Jeff Adachi. Jeff is hard working, he is honest, he has an excellent track record, he wants to work with our community. In all fairness what else can we request. He needs our support more so because the City's political machinery has done him injustice.

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