Jeff Adachi is San Francisco's Public Defender. He is not appointed nor anointed but elected.

San Francisco the City that knows how is very proud to have Jeff Adachi defend those who have no one to defend him or her in the judicial system. We are all the more proud because Jeff Adachi is very proud of this fellow Public Defenders, each and every one of them who make a great team. I have seen his team in action and I personally am very proud of his team and of course my very good friend Jeff Adachi.

A family man Jeff loves his family. I was there at City Hall when his extended family came from all over to support our hero. He loves his wife and may I add his loving daughter who sometimes accompanies him to some chosen events. The day Jeff was sworn in many present in Room 250 at City Hall in San Francisco felt that in Jeff they all saw a little of themselves.

Jeff Adachi has worked very hard to serve those who have been accused of crimes and have no one to defend them. Some years ago his boss retired and everyone thought that for sure Jeff Adachi would step in and be the next Public Defender.

It was not to be. Willie L. Brown Jr. the past Mayor of San Francisco chose his godchild Kim Burton. I have nothing against Kim Burton but the whole world was shocked. They were shocked so much that when Jeff Adachi stood for elections - they worked very hard for him and felt very proud that he was elected. We felt we kicked ass big time and sent a very clear message to the MACHINE - Brown, Burton, Pelosi, Feinstein and others not so deserving people who worked against Jeff Adachi.

My work brings to my door people especially youth who need help. One does not need to be afraid in San Francisco that those who need legal help will not get it. I have gone to court to see the Public Defender do well and thank God that we have the best Public Defenders in the world right her in San Francisco.

Jeff recently went to Sacramento and convinced the Representatives of the people of California that San Francisco needs funds to help the Public Defenders help the constituents of San Francisco and others who land in jail and need legal help.

Jeff Adachi managed to get the funds and the Public Defender's Office in San Francisco is a better place with some little added funds to help the Public Defenders defend those who no one wants to defend.

San Francisco is one of few Cities in the United States where the Public Defender is elected nor anointed, as was Kim Burton for a short time. The public in San Francisco especially the youth that get into trouble are exposed to the judicial system and get the best help from the Public Defenders' office.

San Francisco is a sunny city and attracts all sorts of people. Often times other cities will give those they release a one way ticket to San Francisco. Most people do not know this but this was a case for a long time. Often times these criminals will execute their bad habits and before one knows it - they land in jail.

We have so many immigrants and it is not easy to defend them when they land in jail. The Public Defenders' Office does a good job. Jeff Adachi is fully aware that his Public Defenders work long hours and he often uses the best techniques to calm their souls, hearts and mind.

Jeff Adachi has special workshops to help his team address stress and other harsh environs that the Public Defenders face daily in their work.

It is not easy to go to the courts and see the endless line of people who come and go. Among them many hard hearted people and also many victims. Many of them innocent and when you stand besides the innocent you have those family members and friends who suffer too. Imagine having some one near and dear to you - spending weeks, months, and some times years in jail.

Often times the one that one gets to know the best if you support the one you are routing for who is in jail is the Public Defender. What can one write about the Public Defender - except that they are the living saints, heroes, many do not know how to express their thanks in the best possible way best appreciate Public Defenders

It has been years since I have been saying that I want to go and visit Jeff Adachi in his office. See him at ground zero so that I can tell him what is happening every day at ground zero. Things are not so great in the Southeast Sector. We have had our share of killings. We have our share of those who have minor and big time crime records.

I attend the monthly Crime Meetings and often times the name of Jeff Adachi comes up. People often talk about the Clean Slate Program where those who have certain records can have them expunged and then find work. They have to work with the Public Defenders' Office. Clean Slate cannot expunge serious crimes but the Clean Slate Program can bring a lot of understanding, sound information and help to those who have a record.

The San Francisco Police Department has some good people. I know some will say we have our share of policemen and women who do not live up to expectations. This is true of the constituents too who not always contribute their best to society. I feel blessed that I can have access to the present acting Police Chief Heather Fong or to Deputy Chief Gregory Suhr. I have access to others but it is good that as least I can clarify a few things what is happening at ground zero.

Not everyone has the ability to spend thousands of dollars to invest in lawyers who can take one for a ride. I do not think anyone can say that of Jeff Adachi and his teams of high valued lawyers who are not paid the high salaries that lawyers outside make.

We in San Francisco are blessed to have Jeff Adachi and we much appreciate his department's help. Next time you have a serious problem and need help do not forget the Public Defender's Office. It is also good to do all in your power to prevent crime and help our youth especially. That way we all work for the Public Defender's Office and form part of the extended family.

Thank you Jeff Adachi. Thank you very much the great Public Defenders of the City and County of San Francisco.

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