We all had heard of Afghanistan for a long time. Most of us when the Russians were fighting the people of Afghanistan and because our Nation supported the people of Afghanistan we thought that all was well.

September 11, 2001 will be etched in the minds of everyone in America. No one ever thought so many would die in the manner they died right here on our shores in peace time. Those innocent who died at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon did not die in vain.

This site has always stood for freedom. It is right that we expose those who do not stand for freedom. Osama bin Laden and the Taliban do not stand for "freedom".

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Our President addressed the Representatives of the people. Our President addressed the Nation. We were promised that those who perpetrated this "injustice" will be brought to justice. While we hope "justice" will be brought we should also discern and be prudent.

Our military is strong. Our women and men in the Services who I respect very much should not be put in harms way without caution. War is "death" and when our young women and men die - if at all - it should be for "freedom". We all know what happened in Vietnam. We all know what happened during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Our Nation is strong and our citizens are strong - Americans first.

We all came here to the shores of the First People. We love our "freedom". We will not allow anyone to intimate us through "fear". We should all go about our business and give it our best. We were shocked, we were angry, we mourned, but now the time has come to enjoy the sunshine and life.

We lost fire and police personnel. We lost medics. We lost innocent citizens who were working. We lost tourists. May their souls rest in peace.

This is not the time to get angry. This is the time to look forward and progress.

When you have the time visit: Let us discern even as we read those views that we may not agree with.

The following weeks and months will see many changes. Our economy is faltering but I hope not for too long. Our Nation is in shock but it will over come. Thank you for allowing me to express some of my concerns.

God Bless America.

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