When Afghanistan was stable and the neighboring countries were doing well I had the great pleasure of visiting Afghanistan. The country and its people have left a deep impression on my being. On this web site I took an opportunity to speak out and put Afghanistan in perspective.

The events of September 11, 2001 have changed the way we do business with those who harm us - the terrorists - forever. And rightly so. Anyone who harms any innocent person - especially those who mean no harm - deserve just punishment.

The President of Afghanistan visited the United States recently. Hamid Kharsai witnessed President Bush speak at the United Nations. I saw and heard him at the podium take questions from an well-educated audience. Check out

Today, in Afghanistan freedom has been restored. Women are free and children and others can attend schools and other institutions of higher education. There is freedom of religion.

On the street business transaction take place and the famous “bazars” are back with all the colorful scenes that Afghanistan is so famous for. For those of us who visited Afghanistan - famous for its hospitality - when we gather to reminisce - two factors stand out its people and its hospitality.

The mountains of Afghanistan are clearly imprinted on my mind. I have seen formations of mountains all over the world - but some how I am attached to the mountains of Afghanistan.

It may be that I feel strongly that Noah's Ark rests some where on those Afghan Mountains. It may be because I visualize the great trade routes passing through and by the mountains. I was impressed by the Kyber pass and by the tribes who live around that area. Tall and majestic - bearing arms, all of them treasure their freedom.

I could not understand for a long time how the Taliban managed to take control of Afghan and his country. Subdue the tribes, destroy its rich culture and ruin the infrastructure of Afghanistan.

The common Afghan is very grateful to the Americans. Most Afghans treasure their dignity and any help given by the FREE Nations who promised help to rebuild Afghanistan is NOT forthcoming.

The paradox is the Afghan people have suffered too much because in 1980 we the United States and other Free Nations - deserted the Afghan. Today, the help is need to build the Afghan Nation and provide basics to the common woman, man, and child.

Hamid Kharsai answered most of the questions showing great appreciation for the help the United States gave his country at the forum. He loves his people and is one of the best facilitators to bring the different segments of the population to the table.

Today, we are on the verge of attacking Iraq. Hamid Kharsai reminds the audience we have NOT finished the work in Afghanistan. We should have done a better job the first time around when we took on Iraq. We did not. Sadam has to go but we should not subject the people of Iraq to what they experienced the first time around.

Abraham the Father of many Nations hailed from modern day Iraq. I am sure Abraham knew about Noah, his Ark and the flood. I am sure in his day and age there was more communication and better understanding.

Today's surgical war - with sophisticated war planes, missiles, radar and heat guided missiles - are no match for weapons that most underdeveloped countries have. In the case of Iraq - there is no doubt Sadam has chemical weapons and these he should disown and destroy.

Hopefully, we will NOT go to war and destroy Iraq. Hopefully, we will get rid of Sadam Hussein.

It is my hope that the United States will continue to stand by Afghanistan. That is the right thing to do.

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