When the last negotiations were held in Darfur and the war lords agreed to sign a truce - that truce was a beginning but not the end to this genocide saga. The Sudanese government has still not realized that the days of Slavery are over and that Sudan has to embrace all people especially non-Muslims as sisters and brothers.

It is simply wrong to look the other side when over 500,000 people from Darfur mostly dark skin have been killed, bombed, and allowed to die. This is a crime crying to heaven. We have learned little from Cambodia, and less from Bosnia and Rwanda. We cannot in the year 2006 call ourselves civilized.

The government of Sudan is hand in glove with the Janjaweed that still have the ancient mentality when they captured Africans from near by villages and sold them as slaves. Mostly Arab the other Arab nations have been very, very slow to condemn the Sudanese Government and less the Janjawed who profess to be Muslims but act as if they are not.

One must remember that the days of Slavery all over Africa are not over. Koffi Annan the United Nations Secretary General should call a spade a spade. African Nation for sure can all gather and put a force together and bring a very quick solution to this dragging very painful genocide which is as much a problem and on the conscience of Africans as it is of the world citizens.

It is simply wrong for the world to see so many children suffer for life as a result of this on going trauma. Thousands of children, women, and aged die because of starvation. Over 2 million have fled from their villages and will live with the scars of pain, wounds, terror, and night mares for the rest of the lives.

If the United States was prudent and did not waste billions in Iraq we could have done the right thing with Darfur. We choose to listen to the lies of the White House and the paltry sums we contribute to Darfur are a disgrace to the human race. The European Nations have done better and Doctors against borders and English Charities have and are trying their best and doing the civilized world - proud. In a worst case scenario a neighboring African Country could have provided land to resettle the refugees and a latter date the refugees could be repatriated. Any neighboring country would accept money as most of them are in dire straights and more affected by the Darfur problems in one way or another.

This would permit world nations to contribute and make logistics and medical help readily available to those that need help immediately. Security would be at a minimum and the Sudanese Government could be put on notice. A total embargo to Sudan from civilized nations would send a swift message and bring the Sudanese government to its knees.

The world governments really do not care in terms of priorities - because African lives and Africans are not really looked upon with compassion and an embrace that is reserved for Whites or light skinned people. I was born in Kenya, East Africa and know this for a fact.

Saudi Arabia with its billions has done little. Remember the majority of those involved with the 9/1 massacre were from Saudi Arabia. George Bush and America should have bombed the living hell out of Saudi Arabia but we did not do that. In fact America hired several charter planes, laid out a red carpet and flew the Saudis out of America and to a Safe Haven in their own countries. Some know this fact but most do not.

We could have sent them to that base over looking Cuba. We did not do it and the people of America have still been kept in the dark about this pertinent episode. Those that participated in this crime should be sent to jail - for a long, a very long time.

Today, the least the Saudis could have done is pressure Sudan and contribute to this genocide that the Saudis know all about but are not doing much. Of course the world does not know that the Saudis harbored Idi Amin a dictator and a killer of thousands in Uganda. The Saudis did that just because he was a Muslim. Idi Amin was also from Sudan but most think he was from Uganda. A cannibal.

Most Americans are ignorant of world affairs and less about the workings of International Governments. They can be easily bluffed. The Saudis have to pay a price and we should not allow them into America without extremely heavy penalties. We have bent backwards to allow these criminals to do as they please just because of the oil we import and pay them. In the first place Americans found the oil and produced it but that is how it goes the jackasses biting the hand that feeds them.

At home they treated their women like chattel. The men behave like brats wasting money and driving fast cars. Going to neighboring countries and lavishly spending money on whores. At home they are good Muslims not all of them but most of them. In the past Saudis made trips to Iraq more to waste their money on whores from Iraq. They do the same going to India, Pakistan, England, France, and Germany and so on. We know them when we see them in America especially today.

Americans pander to the Saudis because of our investment in some Air bases. We need to get out from the Middle East. We had no business in Iraq. The same with Bahrain, Yemen, and Kuwait - we really have no business stressing our Armed Forces in places where they people are ungrateful.

The Saudis and Sudanese have the Slave Mentality engrained and an old notion that they can conquer the world using religion as a mantra to suit their needs.

The Pope cannot make a mistake but daily thousands can be raped, killed, bombed and the Civilized world will not say anything. Muslim Nations must be left alone - they really do not have a good track record. You can take a horse to the edge of the water but you cannot force it to drink.

They can kill one another Sunni and Shiites are Muslim but they detest one another in Iraq. The same in Pakistan, in Iran, Indonesia, and all over the world. The Prophet never ever spoke about killing innocent people and I have read the Koran. The Prophet practiced good deeds and spoke about prayer and good deeds. In today's world the word Jihad means different things to different factions, nations, individuals, clans, group, you name it. We have to get real - some people will not help themselves and so we ought to get out of the way. The billions we spend in Iraq and fighting wars in mostly Muslim countries can be spent at home. Bush has ruined our Nation and still many Americans will stand by this idiot.

We could have spent the money on our infrastructure, built New Orleans, the World Trade Center and compensated the victims better, looked after the rescuers of 9/1 and compensated them, helped Elderly American that cannot get good health care, our Veterans are suffering, build schools and take care of our children and provide the best education, we could have done much but cannot do it because of the lying White House and the trillions of dollars it wastes.

We could have also provided real help in Darfur and most other countries that need help and would appreciate our gesture. The Bush Administration has chosen war and lies and destroyed the morale of the American people. Bush has chosen to lie and covers lies with hundred of more lies. He will be remembered at the Lying President opposite of George Washington.

Fear and the dysfunctional Human Security is a joke. Daily millions of Americans are subject to humiliation at ports of entry and departure. Old ladies told to remove their shoes, put into compromising situations, the security system is a waste of money and the laughing stock of jokes to those that started it all - a few ignorant jack asses that started it all have made us all jack asses. Of course if you do not comply then you suffer the consequences. Just like any Bully does. Take away the gun and the coward will run with his tail between his legs.

Again and again Fear Announcements are made - color coded messages that are far removed from reality. And of course thousands jailed for speaking the truth. We have a Nero in the White House that has set our Nation back a hundred years. A Caligula that has set our values on fire.

Just like in Darfur we are suffering in American because we have a maniac in the White House.


Babies dying.

Living conditions.

Waiting for water.

Fleeing from place to place.

Bare minimum.

Open tents.

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