The recent Mayoral Elections brought out the best minds many of them under 30 to help Matt Gonzalez in his pursuit to be the next Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco.

Matt came close to winning and that was good. Now, thousands are posed with a dilemma - what happens after Matt?

Well one of ways to address the kindled fire that nearly set this city on fire is to keep the fire burning. Towards that end many people are meeting in small groups and others are putting together larger meetings bordering on conferences to address some of the issues and more that began with the Mayoral campaign.

There are thousands of progressives from all walks of life and philosophies that want to bring about change where the common person has a say and participates. The Democratic Party of yester years has let us down. We have NO hope in Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer or for that matter that aging woman Diane Feinstein.

It is incumbent upon young people to replace these inept leaders who have towed a line that does not embrace a vision where progress can be made. These leaders talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

It is a shame in San Francisco that these leaders have allowed two aging power plants to pollute the whole City and especially those who live near them. It is a shame in this City that knows how we pump over 100 gallons of secondary effluents much of it untreated into the Bay. It is a shame that in this City we do not care for our youth and offer them after school activities and programs.

This City does not care for wisdom and our Elders. There are NO health programs for the youth and the Elderly in place because there is no compassion. Our Law Enforcement has been put on trial and we hope that in the New Year they will behave themselves. We have City department heads that are very corrupt. Commissioners who act like the Senators of Rome which brought about its downfall.

We now have a Mayor Elect who is all for the developers and those who believe in keeping minorities and the poor - poor forever. This rich kid who does not know what is means to be hungry, to be without a job, to be without health insurance - wants to cater and pander to the filthy rich.

There is only one way to counter the elitists and that is to bring them to some understanding where they cannot do things without working with all concerned parties. That includes the progressive elements of society.

We who care for those who need help most are lucky that as far as the Legislative Branch is concerned we can garner some concrete support and make good stuff happen.

We are glad we have some Supervisors on our side that understand that it is incumbent upon all leaders to be honest and have standards. That Quality of Life issues affect everyone. That those who pander and prey upon those who need help most should be brought to justice.

We know for sure that the most corrupt Mayor will be out of office come January 8, 2004. We also know that thousands will rejoice and join to bring about change for the good of the City. We hope those artists and those with creative talents offer and contribute more to the good of City. We hope young leaders vote and stand for elections and bring about good change.

I see people discussing and coming out with program or platforms that bring good people from all over the City together. I know we have the best minds and that we have the best hearts - with a recipe like that we cannot fail.

Our City has Charles Kalish and Don Paul. Our City has Maurice Campbell and Berto Estrada. Our City has Chris Finn, Marc Tognotti, Paul Adachi, and Malik Looper. David Pascal and Jory Bell. Our city has the best and we can make good stuff happen.

It is important that we start organizing and build a nice foundation. It is important that we plant this seed and think well before we plant it. We can do this because this is San Francisco.

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