San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is an agency that has done little to help the common constituent of San Francisco. One has just to look at the Fillmore, deeper into Mission Bay, and now Bayview Hunters Point to see the evil ploys of this quasi State agency that has ruined and continues to ruin the lives of thousands.

Recently the SFRA concluded its fast track process on the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point. This is a legal document that has been fast tracked without much input from the community at large that live in Zip Codes 94124, 94134, 94107 and beyond.

The DDA cannot be agreed upon unless the Public at Large has its say. The DDA should incorporate the comments from the Samoans who make up more then 40 percent of the Hunters Point Community and have had no say. Similarly other communities who live in and around the Hunters Point area

At one of the last public meetings held at the Burnett School by SFRA only 3 community members attended a meeting which was held to discuss the DDA. The SFRA and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) linked to Hunters Point met - they patted themselves on the back and gloated about the faulty sub committee reports.

If ever there was a day light robbery this was one of them. The heads of the sub committee who headed the Environmental and Housing sub committee do not even live in the community. Such proxies of the Willie Brown Administration will do anything for money.

Lennar BVHP LLC has been doling money to anyone who will back them up. Lennar on the other hand got over $13 million dollars from SFRA before and during this DDA process.

SFRA has also reportedly given Don Fisher of Gap, Navy, and Banana Republic over $14 million dollars to build a hotel on the Waterfront.

The constituents of San Francisco have been left in the cold while Lennar, Cattelus, Mills Corporation and other crooks have milked the City and County of San Francisco. The Willie Brown machinery has singled handily destroyed the City Economy by giving over 85% of the contracted jobs to people outside the City and County of San Francisco. The contracts included and are not limited to the San Francisco Airport Project that cost billions of dollars.

Workers on the San Francisco Airport Project came from Colorado and Southern California, stayed in five star hotels and flew home on weekends. On the while many constituents in San Francisco had no jobs and had to settle for little or nothing at all.

Lennar BVHP LLC held their last major convention in San Francisco. Willie Brown did all in his power to remind them that he was part of the Lennar family. He reminded them of his connection with Lennar projects in Sacramento and told them that he would do all in his power to make the Hunters Point Parcel A development come through. He spoke like a godfather addressing the Mafia - which many say he has links to and acts like. Willie can look at you in the eye and without blinking an eye - lie.

Willie Brown the lame duck Mayor has caused more problems to the common person and has gone out of his way to help crooks. Again and again on large projects such as the Moscone Center Solar Project, Moscone West, MUNI Lightrail one will see the slight of hand if one looks carefully at the Mayor and his cronies.

One has just to study Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and study the Environmental Protection Agency report:

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

The just concluded DDA review process, which is slated to go before the Redevelopment Commission on December 2, 2003 at City Hall in Room in Room 416 is a sham.

It is important that the constituents of San Francisco testify before Marcia Rosen who is the Director of SFRA and the SFRA Commissioners and comment on the validity of this DDA, which has been fast tracked without public input at large.

The SFRA has been bold enough to propose a draft Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan that would add 1,600 acres to the 137 acres at Hunters Point. SFRA has long termed plans to keep many of the Willie Brown cronies in place working for the SFRA.

One of the first actions any sensible Mayor should do is fire Marcia Rosen. The second step would be scrutinize all those who are involved in this large addition of over 1, 737 acres, which the SFRA wants to control, and develop.

It is important that the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate all those who have worked for the SFRA in the last 2 years and connected to the Hunters Point Shipyard. Also the City Attorney which has looked the other way. It is important that the State Attorney look into the activities of all the players at Hunters Point.

San Francisco City Planning under Gerald Green has destroyed whatever sensible City Planning was in place before he came to work for the City. City Planning does not have an Environmental Impact Study or Report in place linked to the Housing Element. The Transportation Document too does not have an Environmental Impact Study or Report. Willie Brown and his cronies with the help of Marcia Rosen, and former employees who worked for Bechtel have been plotting to take over all of Hunters Point and the surrounding area.

Why are these VERMIN so bent on taking over the whole area for development. The answer is simple they are in love with the panoramic view the area offers. Developers can make big bucks developing the area vertically and horizontally.

Now is the time to drive SFRA out of San Francisco and out of the Southeast Sector. Just like the community invited the SFRA the community has every right to kick them out.

At the December 2, 2003 meeting at City Hall it would be appropriate time to reveal the truth to the SFRA and kick them out of the community and the City and County of San Francisco.

Failing that some legal injunction should be served on the SFRA. The SFRA has adversely impacted thousands of innocent constituents in the City and County of San Francisco.

Some major crooks have cooked up various plans to develop the whole of Hunters Point without talking to the constituents. Corrupt and inept officials like Sophie Maxwell have no idea what these plans are all about. All she wants is what she gets from the deal. Mayor Willie Brown who is black has done injustice to his own people who are BLACK.

Community members have presented the Residents' Stock Ownership Corporation (RSOC) plan to Sophie Maxwell - she did not support the residents.

All those who live in and around Hunters Point should NOT leave. They must stay put and demand their fair share. They must learn from the Fillmore and say No to the CROOKS.

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