Angela and Joseph Alioto.


San Francisco the City that knows how has lost much of its grace and finesse during the last 10 years. The streets are dirty, homeless and the mentality uncared for all over the place. Corruption at the San Francisco Airport and in many City Departments has reached an all time high. The present Mayor has appointed thousands of his cronies who like leaches have emptied the coffers of the City and County of San Francisco.

City Planning has no clue what it is doing and cannot prepare the timely document addressing Housing needs to send to the State Capitol so that the needs of the City can be addressed. We have serious infrastructure issues, which San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has NOT dealt with in the past and has no clue how to deal with in the future.

The powers that provide us with electricity have been meeting behind closed doors trying their best to fleece the ratepayers as they have done in the past. SF PUC and the SF Department of the Environment were shocked that the ratepayers living in Public Housing at Hunters Point where paying monthly bills of $500 and $600 every single month so that they could keep warm. All these years PG&E has been laughing to the bank!

These constituents are the same that suffers from Asthma and other respiratory diseases. Cancer and other chronic diseases that the present Mayor and Supervisors know about but have NOT lifted a finger to do anything about. Especially the District 10 Supervisor who is a sell out and incompetent.

The constituents of San Francisco remember very well the days when Mayor Joseph Alioto kept his word and worked for the City and County of San Francisco. He especially worked hard for those who were in need and his track record all over Hunters Point and Bayview are impeccable.

Today years after his service people from Bayview and Hunters Point still recall the first job they held because of Mayor Joseph Alioto. They fondly remember the programs linked with Miles City and other City Programs that provided quality educational programs in our schools, extra curricula activities, fed and clothe those that were in need, and maintained the infrastructure of the City as best as one could.

Today, when we go to City Hall we see the busts of all those Mayors and soon there will be one of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. One does not see any bust of Mayor Joseph Alioto. He did not want one the money that was collected he preferred be spent on the youth of the City and County of San Francisco. That says a lot.

Which brings us to an important point - why should anyone of us work hard to elect Angela Alioto?

Like her father Mayor Joseph Alioto - Angela Alioto is for the people. There is nothing artificial about this grandmother who looks under forty and has the enthusiasm any dynamism second to none.

Her sharp lawyer mind grasps the issues facing the people and she can discern and come out with solutions. This comes from her long experience in City politics, being President of the Board of Supervisors, caring for those who need help most in our health system, strong legislation which the Nation has adhered to and most of all fighting the rampant corruption which is the hall mark of the present Mayor who has tarnished the good name of the City and County of San Francisco.

It is a shame that over 85% of the City and County of San Francisco contracts worth billions of dollars go outside the City and County of San Francisco as far away as Colorado and Los Angeles. We have a Human Rights Commission that has NO clout and has been very, very lethargic. Our City has suffered and it is time under Angela Alioto we revamp our contracts, discern, and have high standards with Transparency and Accountability.

We need a dynamic and honest Mayor and we should work hard to vote for Angela Alioto.

For the last two years and more I personally have taken my fight to City Hall. I know all the Board of Supervisors. The heads of City Departments. I know the Mayor and the many cronies who fleece our City. They would do well helping our youth, our elderly, our health system, our educational system, our contracting system, building and maintaining our infrastructure, and the general good of this great City.

Many of these crooks are jumping ship they know that for the past 8 years they have done wrong and many of them do not want to go to jail. How ever they can run but they will not be able to run too far.

With Angela Alioto at the helm of affairs the crooks will be caught and brought to justice. Our Supervisors at City Hall wait for the last moment to address key issues. Only a handful of them have the vision and the know how to understand feasibility studies and do other research as was done by private investigators at the San Francisco Airport where billions of dollars in contracts were given to CROOKS.

Many whistle blowers have suffered at the hands of the present Mayor. He taunts us that he can bring women together by holding some flashy and shallow conferences, bring the Elders together with giving them false hope, has short handed our children and educational system, given jobs to outsiders who do not care about the constituents of San Francisco, he has most of all stayed away and not helped his own people forgetting his roots. He has affiliated himself with groups and organizations that are filthy rich. Willie they say is for himself and no one else!

In recent times San Francisco and its constituents have stood tall and voted for Jeff Adachi our great Public Defender. The constituents have discerned and voted in our City Assessor Mabel Teng. Grass root supporters will vote for Angela Alioto! No major candidate endorsed by Willie Brown in recent times has won which says a lot for the so-called machinery that has long lost its moving parts.

In Angela Alioto most everyone sees honesty and compassion. We see sound leadership as one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way. We ought to vote for the best candidate and Angela Alioto leads the way but what is more she has lead and has been leading for a long, long time. Vote Angela Alioto for Mayor.

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