San Francisco the City that knows how has gone in the wrong direction with a Mayor like Willie Brown who has exhibited the highest form of selfishness. The City that knows how is now poised to vote and elect a good leader to run our City; the City named after Saint Francis Assisi, a leader who has the vision and the compassion second to none. Angela Alioto.

I have attended some critical Mayoral Forums. I have watched and reviewed the comments made by each Mayoral candidate. I have also noticed the conspicuous absence of Gavin time and time again. One candidate stands out - Angela Alioto.

I have queried and asked my good friends, many of them strong advocates who understand Housing and Transportation issues. Who can review an Environmental Impact Study and Report. Who can fine comb a Disposition and Development Agreement. Many spend hours monitoring the corrupt Planing Department. I have asked them and in all sincerity one candidate stands out - Angela Alioto.

Angela Alioto was born and raised in San Francisco and loves the genuine stuff that makes this City great. She cares for all the constituents and wants to build bridges across the City so that we all can be very proud of our diversity, sense of community, and be united.

We have seen in recent years some Mayors try to make this City a better place. Today, what we see is what we do not like. Conditional Use and its rampant abuse by City Planning. Toxic dumping at Mission Bay. Thousands out of jobs and many traditional businesses folding up. Disregard of horizontal infrastructure planning. A failed City Energy plan. Housing woes and disrespecting the innocent and poor are cries that call for a strong leadership, vision, and compassion. Angela Alioto.

We have thousands of good people in this City and County of San Francisco. Now is the time to do the right thing. It is time to study the issues at hand. Ask the Mayoral candidates the right questions and commitment to the future. Now is the time to prepare for that vital vote that will forever rid this City of the corrupt and bring in a fresh breath of leadership and caring. Angela Alioto.

Good leaders know the way
Show the way and go the way
Time has come for all of us
To speak our minds and make
A change for better times
A vision with deep compassion
No favors attached
No special interests
Easy access for one and all
The time has come to vote
For one that has a proven record
Angela Alioto

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy
October 9, 2003.

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