If one reads the final Presidio General Management Plan (GMP) and the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) one is struck by the lack of history that these two documents display. Some how everything starts around 1776. Prior to that for reasons best known to the authorities nothing seems to exists, in terms of history and the first people, we all know as Native Americans.

The Crissy Field project is a child of the Presidio GMP which is faulty. The sister document the Presidio EIS will not stand the test of time because it is full of gray areas and has wide cracks. The Haas family which is descended from Levi Strauss, have given millions to the Crissy Field Project because they were persuaded the project would focus on community and educational programs. The Haases were never told about the Shell mounds and the human remains linked to the Ohlone. They were never told it is wrong to build a Playground over the Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone.

The above mentioned documents were written in general terms so that the hidden agendas could be accomplished. Today, the Trust speaks and tells the public what it wants to hear. In private the Trust does as it pleases. In fact they do as they please and put it on fast track. The National Park Service (NPS) does not have too much money as it did when it was in charge of the Presidio of San Francisco and so now it accomplishes its tasks through the National Park Association (NPA) which raises millions of dollars from the Public and from donors like the Haases.

Prior to the Trust we had to deal with the NPS. This inept and corrupt federal agency has caused untold misery to Native Americans be it at Yosemite, Hawaii, the Presidio of San Francisco and all over the country. Today much has not changed, greed and money rule, respect and honesty are values that are put on the back burner.

All over the Bay Area there are archaeological sites linked to the Ohlone. The biggest shell mound in the whole country is found on San Bruno Mountain very near the Cow Palace. We have shell mounds near the Cliff House by Ocean Beach. Several shell mounds all over Crissy Field.

Right next to the NPS headquarters at Fort Mason is an archaeological site. The NPS instead of preserving it have converted it into a community garden. Enough said about the NPS and their ineptness. A few hundred feet is a statue of Congressman Phillip Burton who would turn in his grave if only he knew the mess he created through his faulty legislation way back in 1978. Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, George Miller, are now at a loss and cannot really fathom the problems brought about by the Trust Bill. Today, the Presidio of San Francisco is maintained in a manner that causes more harm to the Presidio and all its facilities. It is a mockery to Base Closure and as some of us predicted years ago, the commercialization of the Presidio of San Francisco has begun.

In 1999, some how we have to convince the NPS authorities that history did not begin at the Presidio of San Francisco in 1776. Thousands of years before that there were several villages at the Presidio. Today, there are several sacred sites unknown to the National Park Service (NPS). Today, in 1999 only 5% of the Presidio has been archaeologically surveyed. The Trust that proudly proclaims it has jurisdiction over Area B, which is most of the Presidio of San Francisco, does not have the experts nor the ability to address archeological factors.

If one reads and knows about the NPS its main mission is to Preserve and Interpret. Today, the greedy NPS is into the business of making money. The NPS is prohibited to fill its kitty with money directly as a federal agency. It has decided to link itself with a sister for-profit organization called the National Park Association (NPA).

The NPA is in the business of making money. The NPA does not fully believe in Preservation and Interpretation and leads the NPS into its murky waters by distracting the NPS from its main mission of Preserving and Interpreting. This has been happening on Alcatraz Island. Now NPA volunteers team with the Red and Blue Fleet and conduct night tours. Rangers trained as Interpreters are side lined. A private organization controls a federal entity - the NPS.

The Cliff House at Ocean Beach comes within the jurisdiction of the National Park Service and is a money making machine. Next door is a shell mound but the NPS does not want too many people to know about it. Why? The NPS fears that questions will be asked and it will be exposed! Where is the preservation and interpretation? The NPS is duty bound to preserve this Shellmound. It would have, had this historic site been linked to European civilization.

Well educated, and informed citizens always knew about the Ohlone and Crissy Field. We have met several San Franciscans who have revealed to us articles and trips made to Crissy Field to see shell mounds and check out artifacts belonging to the Ohlone. Such reports appeared in the Chronicle way back in 1912. In 1972 the human remains and artifacts were found and carbon dated to 1300 years. Scientists determined that these remains belonged to young Ohlone woman.

Today, December, 1999 just a few hundred feet away where the 1972 remains were found the NPS has built a road. No archeological survey was conducted, none of the norms mandated by the Federal Government were conducted, blatant disrespect has been shown to the Ohlone and the first people.

The Ohlone were on the Presidio of San Francisco and the extended Bay Area for thousands of years. They were recognized as tribes and the Muwekma linked to the Verona Band were recognized until 1927. It is time the Ohlone and the first people are given back their rights and respect due them. That the Ohlone who can prove lineal heritage to the Presidio, as do only the Muwekma have a say on all matters that pertains to their history and cultural heritage. That bogus tribes and clans who claim to have traded with the Ohlone at the Presidio of San Francisco and the extended Bay Area be kept out. That fair play and honesty be the corner stones and history told as facts.

Some how the NPS and the NPA for reasons best known to themselves chose to shun the history of Presidio and rewrite one that suited their greed and devious exploits. They have brought disgrace to themselves by associating with bogus clans and tribes who claim that they have jurisdiction over the Presidio of San Francisco. The clans and tribes have been bribed and money and greed has replaced respect and honesty.

Through this web site we will spare no efforts to reveal the truth. The truth will set us free but more it will educate the public and especially our youth.

Today on Crissy Field total disrespect has been shown to the Ohlone of the past, the first people that welcomed us strangers to their land. Their land was stolen from them, treaties signed by the U.S. government never ratified some 18 treaties with California tribes. Facts have been twisted to benefit those with vested interests and greed. It is a shame that we are not honest with ourselves, even though we know the facts, that blood money and entities that do not stand for the TRUTH continue to insult the first people. In this case the Ohlone and the Muwekma Ohlone which is the only Ohlone tribe that has patrimonial jurisdiction over Crissy Field, the Presidio of San Francisco, and the City and County of San Francisco.

The Muwekma Ohlone is the only tribe that has proved lineal heritage to the Presidio of San Francisco. Yet, the NPS, the NPA, the Trust, and the DOI continue to press the Muwekma Ohlone to wait and wait until the Muwekma are Federally recognized, so that they can exercise their ancestral rights. The time has come and there will be changes. Some of the changes will be drastic but it should not surprise those that know the TRUTH.

There are two huge projects that will soon begin and will affect the Ohlone and the sacred shell mounds at the Presidio. The first one is the Doyle Drive project and the second the Utility Project managed by some telecommunication companies. Both Caltrans and telecommunication companies have not addressed the Ohlone and the archaeological fiasco that these two huge projects will create.

We should not repeat the crimes that the NPS and the NPA have committed on Crissy Field. It is not right to build a playground over sacred burial sites. Also, run utility corridors and build a free way over and next to Ohlone human remains that were found as late as 1972 and very recently.

The correct way to make these projects public is to follow the procedure and apply for a dig permit. It is not right to dig over 50 pits without a dig permit as was done at Crissy Field from mid-July to mid-September, 1998 until the human remains and artifacts were found. At which time all work was halted at Crissy Field because of publicity and pressure put on by the Muwekma. We revealed the Crissy Field finds to the public in July, 1998 and the NPS just revealed them publicly on September 8, 1998.

Our youth have not been told the truth. Soon when the truth is revealed to the youth they will want answers. It is not right to speak with forked tongues. Enough is enough. In California 18 treaties were not ratified and millions of acres stolen from the Native Americans. Over half the Native American tribes in California are not recognized and are deprived of Federal aid. Our youth need to know their history and not repeat the evil ways of the past.

The Muwekma at the Presidio exercised their right of first refusal. They claimed about 450 acres most of it land without facilities and buildings.

Today, the NPS and the Trust must decide before they make those huge plans to build condominiums and lease them to the rich whether they want to accommodate the Muwekma Ohlone?

Right now plans are adrift to tear down Letterman Army Medical Center and the state of the art Letterman Army Institute for Research. Plans call for building condominiums and leasing them at fair market value. The same plans are on track to tear down the U.S. Public Health Hospital and building condominiums.

Most of the public are not fully aware of the plans made by the Trust at the Presidio of San Francisco. Request for Proposals are advertised and within a period of two to three weeks the contracts are signed. Big money is behind the projects. The stinking commercialization of the Presidio of San Francisco has long begun.

The Crissy Field Project continues some phony lake has been created where the polluted Bay water can now reside within the confines of the Presidio of San Francisco, where a playground continues to be built over the Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone, where today no Memorandum of Understand or Agreement has been signed between the NPS and the Muwekma Ohlone.