If there is one single lesson we all should learn about this expensive recall it is the clear signal that the people have spoken. The people were disgusted with special interests and fed up with corruption on the highest level.

The voters have spoken Davis is out and Arnold is in.

Our State, which is the fifth largest economy in the world, has to move on. Our State can only move on with the people united. Our State has a sense of UNITY and it does not really matter who the Governor is provided the will of the people is respected.

Arnold has a tough job ahead of him and after his first 100 days we all will see his true colors. This is not about make believe and movie making, it is about making tough decisions. It is about leadership. Most of all it is about a clear vision with the interests of the people at heart.

This victory sends a clear signal to politicians who have let down the constituents and who have catered to Special Interest. Closer to home we have a corrupt Mayor who is on his way out. A corrupt District 10 Supervisor who may face a recall at the rate the constituents are working behind the scenes.

California has been blessed with natural resources. It has been blessed with the best weather. Its people come from all over the world and give its best for the greater good of this Nation we call America.

Once this land belonged to the First People. We must always remember the 18 treaties that were never ratified between the First People and the United States. We must remember that the First People offered us classic hospitality. We must always remember that we owe the First People everything.

Arnold has come a long way from the Black Forest and Austria. California has a new Governor and the people voted him in.

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