April 20, 2003 we celebrate Easter in the Western World. Today, is the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, which gives us all hope. Life after death.

Paradoxically, Baath means Resurrection. The founders of the Baath always wanted to give the Arabs a sense of great freedom, liberty, and socialism in the context of Arab pride. Saddam and his cronies exploited the fundamental values of the Baath Party and added to it terror and fear. Murder was rampant and those that did not tow the unofficial Baath policy laid down by the murderous Saddam - met death.

In neighboring Syria over a million supporters favor the philosophy of the Baath Party. Woe if you speak against the Syrian government. No wonder Saddam and his top henchmen have taken refuge in Syria. Birds of a feather flock together!

The Baath Party has been in existence for so long in Iraq that many ordinary citizens have a false sense of the Baath Party. The followers in Iraq followed the dictates because if one did - you were well paid and could move up in whatever field you chose. No more!

As the days go by the followers of the Baath Party will be tracked down and hunted. Many have already been killed and the Western Media has been slow to report such incidents. The Baath Party followers held important post and ran the businesses in Iraq - much of the looting of shops were directed towards the followers of the Baath Party.

Did the Baath Party succeed in Resurrecting Arab values and disdain for anything and everything Western - NO! In a couple of years the Iraqis will learn the true meaning of freedom and treasure it for a long time. How ever soon they will demand that the Western elements that gave them their freedom leave Iraq for good. Why? The Iraqis are not like the people of Afghanistan - they treasure their pride, culture and know well about thousands of years of civilization of their people.

What is the United States best hope? Our hope is to leave Iraq as soon as possible.

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