California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is considering very seriously to accommodate Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and help them out with a 9 billion dollar bail out. The ratepayers who mostly are not aware of the very serious repercussion short time and long time will pay all of the money.

November 13, 2003 at the California State Building on Van Ness I heard many a speaker during Public Comment address the Commissioners and remind them that it is not fair to penalize the ratepayers.

Most of remember when deregulation was in full force and PG&E made billions of dollars and no one knows to date where all the money has gone. Towards the tail end PG&E created a false scenario and were bailed out by the State of California and Governor Gray Davis. We all know that Governor Gray Davis is history mostly because of the PG&E bail out and the fake black out of the 2000s - the Energy Crisis.

Many PG&E retirees spoke today and they were mostly concerned about their retirement benefits. Perhaps it would be prudent that the PG&E Retirees ask for direct representation on all matters that deal with PG&E's fiscal spending, general Accounting and Transparency.

The Public has compassion on PG&E employees and appreciates the hard work. Especially when there are emergencies and PG&E employees work long hours to restore power.

The Public has NO compassion for PG&E management who have enjoyed special bonuses and did not practice Accountability and Transparency when they should have. It is wrong for PG&E to force the ratepayers to bail them and persuade the CPUC to go against the wishes of the ratepayers.

There will be changes on the CPU Commission when the current terms expire. For sure there will be changes on the California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO).

The new Republican Governor has his own agenda and will demand changes on the Commissions and other Regulatory Agencies to accommodate his policies. As far as we all know the new Governor is leaning very heavily towards Deregulation.

December 4, 2003 at 10 a.m. there will be another meeting and the Public is invited. Before the meeting during Public Comment one can state some of the issues that affect us raterpayers. The meeting will be held at 505 Van Ness the California State Building.

I do not see the present CPU Commissioners really feel and care for the ratepayers. Right now CPUC has NOT been kind to the ratepayers. It really does not fully understand the history of PG&E and how PG&E have fleeced the constituents of San Francisco for years.

Some of us always talk about the Raker Act. Well, we do this because the Raker Act assured us that we the constituents of San Francisco could get clean hydro electricity. Many of us are not aware that PG&E sponsored a bill in Congress to sell energy to other counties such as Tulare. PG&E then created a monopoly to supply all electricity.

For years the rich and many of them from San Francisco made a lot of money from the Stocks and Shares they held with PG&E. Today, these Stocks and Shares are down and PG&E is doing all in its power to rob Peter to pay Paul.

In San Francisco we have energy from Hetch Hetchy which is cheap but not all of it comes to San Francisco. Municipal buildings and some of Public Housing enjoy some of the Hetch Hetchy cheap electricity. PG&E provides the rest and it is very expensive.

Most people find it difficult to figure out the PG&E bill they get every month. At times I find it difficult and I am shocked how much I am charged.

Notice in the last few years - one cannot talk to a live person at PG&E. All you hear is punch 1 for this, 2 for that, 3 for the other - and of course PG&E loves to inform you to pay your bill on line or by Credit Card. It is always about paying and never ever about serving the Public. It is time the CPUC consider those groups that are Disabled, the Elderly, those with special medical needs, those with little income - in all these departments CPUC should mandate regulations that force PG&E to serve and meet the need of the constituents of San Francisco.

CPUC should weigh all the reasons why bailing a rich entity like PG&E for all the wrong reasons will adversely impact the ratepayers. The ratepayers have shelled out and have been shelling out - it is time better sense prevails and PG&E told to manage the madness they have created using creative financing without penalizing the ratepayers.

Here is San Francisco we should go before CPUC - December 4, 2003 at 10 a.m. and speak our peace. Some of us had that opportunity and did well - but it is important that many more join the ranks and protest the 9 billion bail out of Pacific Gas and Electric.

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