San Franciscans have always prided themselves in any process and the way that process should be conducted. Process if done the proper way maintains transparency and accountability. If Accountability and Transparency are in place most of the time the majority of the constituents will benefit and some higher standard maintained for the good of humankind.

It has been over 2 years now that the San Francisco Port Authority is trying to establish a Cruise Terminal for all the wrong reasons.

It is always baffling to anyone who thinks outside the box how the SF Port officials always think inside the box on issues that impact the whole City and County of San Francisco, the Bay Area, the State and most of the time the Nation.

Mayor Willie Brown planted some inept officials at the SF Port to do his bidding and not to serve the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco and the State. All Public Lands belong to all Californians and many of the SF Port Officials do not understand that. We simply cannot have corrupt and inept officials trying to do their work much less justice to the people of San Francisco and the State of California.

The SF Port Authority has all this time from 1968 to better perform and deliver as the years go by the SFPA gets all the more inefficient and corrupt. This is so sad that it is pathetic.

If one follows the discussion on the SF Cruise Terminal one glaring fault that is revealed time and time again is the inability of the SF Port officials to do their homework. They cannot discern because they do not have the ability to analyze and seek the best information. Simply put they are uneducated and unprofessional.

Since 1996 the SF Port Authority has gone downhill this coincides with the arrival of Willie L. Brown the most corrupt Mayor.

Today, after so may years there is not on single SF Port Official who thoroughly understands the use of low sulfur fuel as it pertains to Cruise Ships, Engines, Supply and Delivery, Maintenance, Repair, and Pollution. I mean in toto.

On the issues of Ballast Water if do not have a log revealing to the lay person how, where, and when does Cruise Ship dump their ballast water then what do we have to go by - lies? The SF Port officials in all their foolishness want the -mental Protection Agency, the Coast Guard, organizations and agencies that monitor our Regional and Bay Waters to do the monitoring. Wrong.

Cruise Ships for the longest time ever do as they please when they dock in San Francisco. They dump the sewage, the ballast water, gray water, and whatever they do it because they fully understand the buffoons do not have any Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in place to carry out the slightest enforcement. Shame on the -mental Protection Agency, the Coast Guard, and the SF Port Authority.

There are a couple of Cruise Terminals all over the world that maintain standards they are far and between. Time and time again we hear the City of Juno has some qualified standards to check water and air pollution, first class berthing and fuel operations all in all the operations are relative to the eye of the beholder.

Cruise Ships have filthy rich people who invest in the Cruise Ship Operations. It is all about money and it is not about the -ment, checking pollution, or really contributing to the welfare of any City or town in the United States.

One has just to analyze the folks who take Cruises here, there, and every where. One has just to survey their taste and their knowledge on the -ment, pollution, subjects like low sulfur fuel, ballast water, latest technology related to fueling and maintenance of Cruise Ships, impact on economies all over the United States only to find out that they really do not care about most of the above.

The SF Port Authority wants to cater to Cruise Ships to make money and for all the wrong reasons. SF Port Officials are the most inept and I reviewed their performance on such project as Heron Head Park and the Living Classroom which is a few hundred feet from the worst polluting aging, toxic spewing Hunters Point Power Plant. Yet the SF Port officials see nothing wrong to allow our children to visit Heron Head Park and more to build a Living Classroom to cater to children who are our future. Absolutely callous.

The SF Port Authority has gone out of its way to accommodate Henson and it Sand and Aggregate Business at Pier 92. This company owes the State millions of dollars for illegal mining sand. The SF Port Authority embraces crooks like City Tow that has never ever appeared before the Public for any scrutiny. Henson is on the radar screen of the State and SF Port Authority has yet to apologize for pandering to a crooked company.

The world knows the injustice done to the Alioto Sisters. Again and again the SF Port Authority does not do its homework. If you look at the SF Port Officials all of them heading the various department have links to Willie L. Brown the most corrupt thug major that ever set foot in City Hall.

I do not want to name them but you just have to go to the SF Port Authority website and check our the credentials of the crooks.

How can this City and Count of San Francisco expect any good from inept, ignorant, and arrogant San Francisco Port Officials? They have been Mickey mousing forever. Stealing and wasting public money.

The SF Port Authority has established an Advisory Committee named the Cruise Terminal -mental Advisory Committee (CTEAC).

None of the members have any understanding of the history of San Francisco and the First People the Muwekma Ohlone. None of them have a real history of the operations that went away, that once had solid foundation along the Wharf.

None of them have cared to go to other neighborhoods and explain the issues that face the proposed Cruise Terminal. Most of them are White and they think nothing wrong that the CTEAC has no one of color.

They could not care less. None of them understand the technical and newer operations because the technology is just being established.

It is this same people who want -mental justice who are doing the most injustice by not doing their homework. We can only improve the state of affairs if we have higher standards. The SF Port Authority is a victim of corruption from the likes of Willie L. Brown.

The CTEAC better learn to embrace San Francisco and force the SF Port Authority to do so.

San Francisco belongs to everyone not to some White Folks who do not have any idea about the real issues at stake. The Cruise Terminal forces us to think about history, sociology, the economy, -mental issues, Technology, international relations all this linked to San Francisco and San Franciscans.

We are all stakeholders on all Public Land. I represent the interests of the First People the Muwekma Ohlone. I see and hear a lot and what I see and hear I do not like. Some how most of you have lost the spirituality and the essence of what makes anything whole materialism and the many shades it bring with it has overshadowed the conscience that should stand for what is right.

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