No leader has any credibility that cannot shoulder responsibility and always keeps blaming others. It is a fact that District 10 has reached a pathetic stage with drunks, drug peddlers, prostitutes, crack addicts, and thugs ruling the streets. Poor representation from the Supervisor.

Block after block as long as 10 blocks are all torn up and have been for the last 6 months. People fall in the torn up streets. Dust flying all over the place and in the madness of the moving traffic all sorts of accidents. Sophie Maxwell sees it all and does nothing. She continues to blame her lack of leadership on others. Pathetic.

In the last 3 years District 10 has gone down hill and mostly because Sophie Maxwell the inept, dumb, and arrogant black woman cannot shoulder any responsibility. Her cronies who surround her are on the take and they do say - birds of a feather flock together.

Now, dumb Sophie wants to target blight. Well, I have one for you - Sophie Maxwell lives on Jerrold Street by 3rd Street and right opposite her house is her mother's home that was burnt down. For over a year it is a blight and all around the building hang drug addicts. That building should be torn down and a bill sent to Sophie Maxwell. It meets the criterion of health and safety code and is detrimental to the constituents.

Now, inept Sophie wants to target the Middle Eastern shopkeepers that work very hard. Her cronies and misinformed City Officials think they are to blame. Well, shut the shopkeepers and let the constituents good, bad, and the many ugly go to Saint John the Baptist Church on 3rd Street right next to Sophie's Mansion where they can be fed.

Not all the constituents go to the Middle Eastern Shopkeepers to buy alcohol. People buy food and other essential groceries that Sophie does not in the community. The woman goes far away to buy even small things. She cannot buy anything in the community for fear the community will lynch her. Most people detest the woman for her ineptness and arrogance.

In the last 5 years crack addicts have grown by leaps and bounds all over District 10. These addict thugs will do anything for the rock and have leached into other decent communities thanks be to Sophie Maxwell the inept District 10 Supervisor. The SF Police Department should send Sophie the Incident Reports on have some one read it to her. Pathetic.

I challenge the City Officials, the FBI investigated Nuru Mohamed, the Building Inspectors who are short handed, the District Attorney who has no real support of the SF Police Department, the Housing Authority who are as inept as Sophie Maxwell, the Health Department who cannot do any regular job well - with little enforcement power to bring any change.

In the interim I challenge the City and County of San Francisco to see that Mitchell engineering covers up the torn up streets which have been in that condition for months. Vehicles have been damaged from all the bumps on 3rd Street starting from fly over at 3rd and Highway 180 all the way to 20th Street and further. Sophie Maxwell fix this problem.

In recent months many areas do not have traffic lights working. In the last 6 months there have been over 40 collisions. Fix that Sophie Maxwell.

The constituents do not have jobs. Fix that Sophie Maxwell. And let me tell you dumb woman the taxes the shopkeepers pay the City and County of San Francisco pays your salary which you woman do not deserve.

Sophie Maxwell has no idea about the power plants and the transmission lines even though she purports to be an electrician by trade - some AC/DC person. I wish the Sun Reporter the mouthpiece of ignorance does a study on issues and how Sophie has failed on each and every one of them. No one wants the Recall but Sophie has forced the constituents to do something and the many that do not know about issues will not do anything. Only the people on the take support Sophie Maxwell.

Sophie Maxwell is for the Combustible Turbines. These CTs use fossil fuel and secondary effluents that will spew pathogens. Sophie has no clue what I am taking about. Pathogens where did that come from?

Sophie works hand in clove with developers, the Fedex Complex, UPS, Hanson Aggregate, Specialty Crushing, others have all give Sophie Maxwell money --so she is on the take.

Added to that the developers who want to build units at 4800 3rd Street, 4600 3r Street, 3rd and Cargo, and up on Ingalls by Candlestick Park.

Our children are dying and Sophie has been in bed with Pacific Gas and Electric and so have her cronies. Anyway, one looks at the picture Sophie has not fought to help those in the Projects.

The arrogant woman wants these poor folks to be Middle Class over night. She forgets that her mother worked at the U.S. Post Office and Sophie did live in the projects - but for the help of God she had it good.

The two recalls were very poorly organized. It is not true that any one gave thousands of thousands to recall the inept Sophie Maxwell. Mel Washington and Willie Ratcliff put the money up front and over 15 thousand signatures were collected. The two of them put up about $5000 which is a paltry sum.

The San Francisco Election Department chose to accept 6,000 signatures from the 15,000. Using a fake system without any strict supervision the SF Election Department declared the Recall wanting a couple of hundred votes. The SF Election Department is not to be trusted. Time will tell.

Case in point the candidate running for the Congressional seat - the woman Terri Baum handed the required write-in voter cards but the SF Election Department concluded that the arrows were not properly joined. This Mickey Mouse operation will come to haunt John Arntz who I know pretty well. Also Mendelson and Townsend who has links with Julie Lee and the Kevin Shelly scandal of taking tainted money. I wish the Sun Reporter could have mentioned that.

White reporters who have NO idea about BBQ sauce nor any idea of what is going on in the Bayview fabricate stories as they have that a Special Team will clean up Bayview. Just fix the pot holes, asphalt the roads, fix City traffic lights - just do the basic stuff that City Government has been screwing all over the City and County of San Francisco and more in the Bayview Hunters Point.

City officials need their heads to be fixed before coming to the Bayview. Also, Sophie has some screws missing and this too has to be taken care of.

Nuru Mohammed and Lee who head the Department of Public Works helped in Mayor Newsom's election bid on government time - the FBI knows this and so do many others who witnessed the crooks at work.

Nuru just happens to be Sophie's campaign manager when she ran the first time around. Some of us know how the shit first hit the ground. Today, under the Nigerian Nuru the czar of clean ups and underground corruption our City is worse off.

As to the Middle Eastern shopkeepers they will keep out the crack addicts and the rife raft and soon Sophie Maxwell will hear the hue and cry and I hope she can help the addicts. Her ineptness perpetuated the spread of crack cocaine and the proliferation of crack addicts from District 10 to District 9 and beyond.

Daily the Middle Eastern shopkeepers tell me they have to deal with thieves. Some of them just snatch the stuff from the stores and run away. Some African American do not want to work but they sure want to steal. Some African Americans in the Bayview talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Many African Americans in the Bayview think that the land belongs to them when it belongs to the Native Americans. Many of them do not want to work but they sure want the money. They have learned much of this from Sophie who works little and blames all.

Naomi Gray should weigh her words. The Asians and Chinese work and you do not see them smoking crack or acting like drunken fools in large numbers in the Bayview.

You will not see them killing one another and creating a health and safety problem for those decent citizens who want to live a life. I knew the Gray woman when she use to pander to the National Park Service she is a sell out to people of color.

Many decent African Americans are fully aware that the MUNI 3rd Rail Project has forced good businesses to shut down. Many of them African American. Lele's and Jessie's International Cusine among many. Sophie knows this but she does not have the decency to tell the truth.

She will look you straight in the eye and lie. She did that on City Desk which is Channel 11 and which I have taped for those fools who think she speaks the truth.

Some of Sophie's relatives will tell you how mean she is. I wish Marti Paschal was here - she could tell you why she left working as an aide for Sophie Maxwell.

The California Public Utilities Commission Geoffrey Brown told a packed audience about how inefficient Sophie Maxwell was when it came to fighting for her constituents. Daily she panders to those who can give her money and is a classic sell out.

The youth often ask me about Sophie Maxwell and I keep quiet because I do not want to say anything bad. Then they tell me about her and it is never positive. The woman should be ashamed that she does not work for the youth. Perhaps her close chump Dwyane Jones can whisper some good advice into this arrogant and corrupt woman.

District 10 is all the worse because of Sophie Maxwell and her cronies. The two recalls were not well organized but the third one is always the charm. This inept, ignorant, and very arrogant woman should be sent packing to the Haight Ashbury where she can go swim at Ocean Beach. Pathetic.

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