The dumb, inept, ignorant Sophie Maxwell has never ever attended a single Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting in the last two years. Rumor has it that she orders the Navy to meet her in her office or in private where her cronies Olin Webb and Karen Pierce can sell out the community and pander to the wishes of the Navy. At these Passive Meeting deals are made and the community sold out.

The RAB facilitator is paid by Bechtel Corporation which makes it very intriguing - as to why would such a corrupt corporation have such an entity paying for some facilitation on making the RAB meetings work linked to Hunters Point and at meetings held at the Officers Club which is Dago Mary's at the entrance of Hunters Point Shipyard.

Not long ago Sophie Maxwell and Mark Leno wanted to control the Hunters Point Shipyard using the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) model. HUPSDA and bill AD1187 would have made Sophie the Queen Neferetti of the Shipyard. I shot down the bill by going to Sacramento and making a case on behalf of the Muwekma Ohlone. Andrew Bozeman and Ahimsa Sumchai joined me and this episode may perhaps be the most vital element of modern day Hunters Point Shipyard history. Sophie Maxwell and her cronies were shafted and have never, ever recovered from this important episode. Everything else pales including the Disposition and Development Agreement and the deals made by the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to Hunters Point Shipyard with Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. the most corrupt Mayor to ever set foot in San Francisco.

Hunters Point is a Supefund Site and only the worst of the worst toxic sites are listed on the Superfund List. The Navy and the Facilitator will not mention Superfund very easily - it is business as usual. As if the Hunters Point Shipyard is just another clean up operation without radiological elements involved.

Many atomic experiments were performed at Hunters Point Shipyard. The Radiological Report has NOT been read by many constituents of Hunters Point because they do not have the patience and in most cases the acumen to go through the document that demands some higher education to fathom what really took place under secrecy during the war effort when the United States joined World War II.

The few advocates who do understand portions of the document have not demanded a time line for the Navy to do the clean up. Again and again at RAB meetings the issues discussed are away from the cleanup allowing the Navy to buy time. Time is money and as things stand today the Navy will NOT do the clean up as originally planned - simply because the actual money is not there. Bush and the Iraq war have taken it all.

Millions of dollars were wasted before when Karen Pierce, Dorothy Peterson and Mrs. Washington tried to do their best but failed to monitor a company like International Technology which pocketed millions of dollars while all the time fabricating job projects which really did not go anywhere. Where was the Navy? Is this defrauding?

On the sidelines ARC Ecology did not do anything at that time but now wants to work with Lennar BVHP LLC to build thousands of homes on Parcel A which is simply surrounded by the worst toxins. Saul Bloom always proclaims that he and his organization made up of all Whites and a few low echelon Black sellouts who know nothing much are in reality fighting for the community that is the Bayview Hunters Point.

The fact is this reasoning cannot be further from the truth, which is apparent and a blatant fact as far as Arc Ecology is concerned. Arc Ecology has been in the Bayview Hunters Point for the money - period. Every comment Arc Ecology has made over the years has been vague as vague as proposition P that in the final paragraph sold out the community.

Lennar BVHP LLC is hand in glove with San Francisco Redevelopment Agency who is paying a black Willie Kennedy woman over $160,000 to act as a liaison for the community.

It is such shameful behavior on the part of Marcia Rosen the most corrupt woman and Willie L. Brown the former thug Mayor of San Francisco that has nailed the future of Blacks and with in the future of all communities of color at Hunters Point Shipyard.

Tetra Tech has seen to it that it is in charge. Formed several proxy businesses and is making hay while the sun shines. These are all Whites mostly rednecks who do not have the interests of the people of Bayview Hunters Point in mind.

At every single meeting I attended for over 8 years the RAB and its members have not been able to attain any important goal. At every turn the Navy with Betchel, Lennar, Sophie Maxwell, Karen Pierce, the representative from the Health Department, the representative from Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency have shafted the community.

Some advocates think they can do something but the Navy has taken them for a ride. The chronic situation at Hunters Point Shipyard is a disaster and it will take billions to clean up the shipyard not the measly 300 million that the corrupt Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein pretend they forced the Navy to shell out. No one forces the Navy to do anything. Civilians to the Navy are commodities and if any civilian stands up Senator, Congressperson, or local huncho the Navy will see that its ship floats and the civilian sinks and swims. This has been the history since American invaded Libya many years ago.

The Mayor Gavin Newsom has no idea as to what a real clean up is. His sidekicks Jesse Blout, Dwayne Jones, Micheal Cohen, Michael Farrar, Dennis Herrera, and the crooks that want to control it all Marcia Rosen and company - will all fail? Simply put they are not dealing with the Hunters Point Shipyard as a Superfund Site - most of them want to develop Hunters Point and build homes as if it were a normal site.

They really feel deep in their hearts that after building homes they will be able to have lots of Open Space for the community and other minor set a sides for the crooks who have made pacts with Lennar BVHP LLC. On every front they are mistaken. Public Trust Land laws complicate the matter and the City will not make any headway.

There were once two hills on Hunters Point Shipyard. These two hills contained Shellmounds. The Sacred Burial Sites were desecrated. Nothing will prosper at Hunters Point Shipyard. I have said this diplomatically before but now I am putting it in writing. Lennar BVHP LLC will fail and the City will be left holding the biggest liability ever.

The RAB members mean well but they lack the true history of the Shipyard when it was taken by Eminent Domain. The SF Redevelopment calls the take over of the Hunters Point in the 1940s - Condemnation. There was nothing to condemn then but there is lots to condemn now - the toxins and the poor clean up make the situation next to impossible for any sane and Quality of Life living of any living species.

The ploy to build 1600 homes on Parcel A is a joke and I have said it so many times that it is not funny. Imagine building homes in the middle of Chernobyl. Only in an African American Community with sellouts and poor morale can such a sad episode take place. Roy Willis how many cronies have you been paying? One thug as much as $10,000 a month.

The Navy is laughing to the bank with Tetra Tech and its proxy subsidiaries taking long vacations in Hawaii. Lennar and Bechtel are two companies that the devil would not make deal with. The Temple Group, Luster, and other sellouts mostly Blacks are doing so much harm to the very core of Civil Rights and plain decency.

Once we had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and he did so much. These Black sellouts have taken the community down the drain and backwards. Spat on Civil Rights and sold the community to the devil.

The Navy has to be held accountable just like MUNI should have been held accountable. The problem is there are those who talk the talk but do not have the balls nor the fortitude to walk the walk.

The Muwekma Ohlone is watching - just as they have watched for thousands of years. Let me tell you that I have not seen a bunch of devious buffoons in my life as the ones who are trying to screw up the Hunters Point Shipyard. And the paradox that most baffles me Community Based Organization like CBE, Arc Ecology, LEJ, YCD who cannot nor will they ever understand the fundamentals of cleanup.

The strangers once came and stole the land. Then they desecrated the land. They polluted it with the worst toxins. Now, they want to build homes for normal people to live in Chernobyl that is Hunters Point Shipyard.

You can have the land and the slow death that will be the sentence of actions against the innocent the Muwekma Ohlone and others. I have seen it all and have spoken.

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