This land we call San Francisco - all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. All of it was stolen and few of us who live in this community we call Bayview Hunters Point can stand tall and proclaim the good, the bad, and the ugly on behalf of the Muwekma Ohlone, the First People of San Francisco. Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa have done that and now is the opportune moment to state once and for all that we do not stand for the Combustible Turbines or Peakers in the Southeast Sector.

The Combustible Turbines all three of them chosen to be placed by the Mirant Plant very near Dog Patch should have no place at all in the Southeast Sector. Let this statement sound loud and clear to those crooks who are in favor of the three Combustible Turbines. The Muwekma Ohlone do not agree that in 2004 - we continue to burn fossil fuels which the 3 CTs will gulp and which will spew toxins into the air.

There are some Community Based Organizations - who have no right to represent the community, as we understand the community to be. It is not right for some community that do not currently live in the Bayview Hunters Point and do not know of history some 100 years ago to speak as if they own all the land that is the Bayview Hunters Point.

While we understand that the Power Plants were built around 1927 we also believe that most of those who proclaim to be community leaders and their families did not live anywhere the Hunters Point Power Plant until very recently.

We also are fully aware that there were huge power plants and other turbine engines too many to count all of which polluted the air at the Hunters Point Shipyard. While the First People always knew that those who built these engines of evil polluted the air, the land and the water - the strangers did nothing until a few years ago.

Over San Bruno Mountain which is the largest Shellmound in the United States and which the Muwekma Ohlone consider Sacred - Pacific Gas and Electric have placed huge Over Head Transmission Lines which bring power to the Martin Power Station and into the City and County of San Francisco.

Those who understand how the energy flows know that numerous Power Plants outside the City and County of San Francisco send electric power to satisfy the needs of the Financial District, the Mission, homes in the Avenue, Bayview Hunters Point, the Presidio of San Francisco and all of the City of San Francisco as we know it today.

No one really knows how much power the Mirant and the Hunters Point Power Plant generates to steady the power the City requires to keep the lights on during peak and off peak hours. We know for sure that when certain repairs are made on some Transmission Lines the Hunters Point Power Plant is fired up. Both the Hunters Point and the Mirant Plant are fired up when we have Peak Energy Consummation.

Some of Energy Engineers are of the opinion that we need the two power plants within the City to keep the status quo of the Energy Flow - much has been made of the Energy Reliability Plan within the City and County of San Francisco. Most well informed Electrical Engineers are of the firm opinion that both the Mirant and the Hunters Point Power Plant should be closed down - N O W .


I have attended numerous meeting linked to the Jefferson-Martin and other pertinent meetings before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the California Energy Commission (CEC) California Independent Systems Operator (CA ISO), San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), many City meeting including the LAFCO meetings. At most of these meeting I have NOT seen those who are now purporting to know and take charge on behalf of the community. With what impunity are they making decisions?

The immediate communities are the 40,000 who really make up District 10 and part of the Southeast Sector. The extended community those who fall within the 5 mile radius of the two old toxic spewing power plants at Hunters Point and Mirant.

Let not some proclaim, as do some misguided Negroes who think they can speak for all the Latinos, the Asians, Whites, and others. You were not here in the 1930s and if you are now - you ought to join forces with all and dialog before you open your mouth and put your foot deep inside.

Negroes who are for the 3 Combustible Turbines speak for themselves and are a disgrace to the human race. The City and County of San Francisco have no money to conduct business as usual with a deficit of over $300 million plus. The City should not delve into some Energy Business when they are for all practical purposes Lethargy.

As I have mentioned before our City should mandate PG&E to repair, replace, and upgrade all our transmission lines within the City and County of San Francisco. Pay special attention to our sub-stations at Mission, Larkin, Baysore, Silver, the Presidio, and elsewhere.

We have thousands of small business that are using outdated electrical equipment and no incentives to upgrade these facilities with energy saving electrical appliances.

We have failed to put in place Solar Equipment and Wind Equipment to foster Clean Energy.

We have failed to use Hetch Hetchy Power in San Francisco to the maximum and we have chosen to sell to Tulare and other counties power that we can use in San Francisco.

Our Board of Supervisors has allowed the Energy Issue to be put on the back burner and have allowed Community Based Organization with an ulterior motive to write plans that are doomed to failure.

Again and again I have requested LAFCO to allow the constituents to give input especially the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. The BOS think little of the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point because of the inept Sophie Maxwell who has no leadership qualities.

We have failed to provide our constituents energy saving light bulbs and have channeled millions of dollars to San Francisco Environment who have been abusing the rights of the people of San Francisco. Programs that should have been initiated years ago to save Energy in the Bayview Hunters Point were started in the Financial District - where lots of Energy is wasted.

Employees at SFE making over $100,000 in salaries and benefits and do not work for the people of San Francisco. This is a crying shame.

Our Planning Department and dumb Board of Supervisors continue to allow homes to be built - thousands of them - presupposing that we can tap into the Energy Grid and get power.

In future all new housing should use Solar Power. And with it gray water for flushing toilets in all new housing and buildings.

Whites continue to manipulate the policy making on all fronts. It is a paradox to see Whites act as Intervenors and make money off poor folks who do not know a thing about Intervenors.

It is a joke to see corrupt Community Based Organizations who have no support in the community make important decisions. Hold dog and pony shows and treat the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point as if they are second class citizens.

The City and County of San Francisco have and will continue to dump their crap on the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point unless we put a stop to their nonsense. Unfortunately, some Negro crooks will open their mouth even though they do not understand the issues and screw it up for everyone.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the most corrupt Mayor ever to set foot in San Francisco a reject from Texas sold the constituents when he made a pact with PG&E way back in 1998.

Do you think Sophie Maxwell understands this? Do you think the SFPUC understands this? Hetch Hetchy power is now under the control of PG&E linked to all Housing Projects and PG&E is charging the tenants in the various projects and making millions and has since 1998. Prior to that none of those tenants in the projects paid vast sums of money as they do today.

Today, most tenants pay more to Pacific Gas and Electric then they do to the Housing Authority. Who do you think understands the plight of the poor? Do you think those few stupid Blacks who are in bed with the corrupt think for one moment about the poor - irrespective if they are Samoans, Asians, Whites, others.

The least the constituents who have been adversely impacted should get, as a relief is the closing of the two power plants. We do not need them in San Francisco. Too many innocent people have died living close to the toxic spewing power plants while rich folks mostly Whites think nothing of this on going tragedy.

As the Muwekma Ohlone has made it clear we do not need the 3 Combustible Turbines. Only two cities made a deal with the Williams Company as a result of the 2000 Energy Crises mitigation and accepted Combustible Turbines - San Diego and San Francisco.

At one of the LAFCO meetings - it was mentioned that Sophie Maxwell opened her mouth and asked of the Combustible Turbines - now she is pushing for them to be installed by using under handed methods and the support of cronies like Literacy for Environmental Justice, Bayview Hunters Point Advocates, and Citizens for a Better Environment. Some of these organizations not live in the community. They are supporting this evil cause because of the money.

The Jefferson-Martin Line will bring about some concrete and stable change in the flow of the Energy. We do not need any power plants that use fossil fuel.

At the last California Public Utilities Meeting held in August, 2004 Commissioner Geoffrey Brown blasted Sophie Maxwell as being incompetent and not representing her constituents on Energy Issues. The same he said holds good for the Mayor of San Francisco and his department heads.

The City and County of San Francisco cannot handle and maintain a standard when it comes to the General Hospital. Our Police and Fire Departments need help. The homeless situation has been shoved under the rug and there is no visible change in the number of poor who by now should have had a roof over their heads. Our Seniors lack proper health and safety programs.

Our roads, sewer, general infrastructure have much to be desired. No repairs and maintenance done for years.

Many in our City do not have jobs while outsiders come in and get the best jobs using nepotism and corruption as a ploy. Our City Board of Supervisors talks the talk but do not walk the walk. They favor developers and greedy crooks that are out to fleece the poor and make a fast buck. As things stand according to the Human Rights Commission and the corrupt HRC director Virginia Harmon - 85% of the contracts go to outsiders - far out field of San Francisco.

Now some fools want to pollute the air and kill the people. When will this madness stop? We do not want any Combustible Turbines using fossil fuel in our community and we have the signatures and backing of genuine community leaders and their followers.

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