Mitchell Engineering continues to think that it still has the corrupt Willie L. Brown Jr. to back it up.

This Minority Owned Enterprise the man behind the business is Hispanic. The man who is the spokesman is White. The name of the company sounds White but the company has the majority stock owned by a Hispanic. That is the simple reason why so many Hispanics work on projects bid by Mitchell Engineering. That is why so many Hispanics work on 3rd Street!

Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. You see this all the time. We have very few Blacks who are educated and informed on issues pertaining to Transportation. Most sit on their fat asses - do not attend key San Francisco Transportation Authority meetings, Metropolitan Transportation Commission Meetings, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Meetings - yet expect miracles to happen.

Bayview Hunters Point cannot have real ACTION with REPRESENTATION and Community Participation.

The MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail Project has had its rail laid, the train will pass soon - and all the constituents will do is wave as those rich folks pass by. It is a shame that the mostly loud mouth Black Leaders have failed the community from the inception of this project.

Willie L. Brown Jr. could not have chosen a community to shaft the community and laugh all the way to the bank with bribes and corruption galore! The Allen Group - think about that?

Sellouts continue to work with Sophie Maxwell who has no idea what is happening. Remember Sophie Maxwell once was Chair of the BVHP Project Area Committee. This BVHP PAC is very corrupt. Sophie Maxwell knew all along what the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail would do to the community - it did S H A F T the community. Plain and simple.

The very fact that the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail runs through Bayview Hunters Point will increase the real estate. Soon Whites will bid on properties and before you know it using Eminent Domain and other unruly practices all that you now see will be owned by the filthy rich.

Blacks are moving out because they have NO jobs. There is only so much you can do selling drugs and participating in the under ground business. Soon it catches up and before you know it - you land in jail or you run away from the law. Any of the two routes - take you out of the community and into oblivion. Why are so many of our young Black men and women incarcerated?

In the mean time San Francisco Redevelopment Agency with Marcia Rosen. Jesse Blout from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, Saul Bloom from ARC Ecology, Michael Cohen the Czar of Base Closure, Larry Florin from Lennar, the movers and shakers of Real Estate and Real Property the Stewart Company, Walter Shorestein, Richard Blum, Don Fisher - notice the common denominator are all lined up to shaft the community. Yes, S H A F T the community.

The few Black sellouts Karen Pierce, Olin Webb, Angelo King, Nuru Mohammed, Dwayne Jones, others think the community is simple stupid and know nothing of what is happening. Karma!

I am asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to open the books of Bayview Hunters Point Advocates.

Find out what is the exact job description of Karen Pierce who works for the SF Health Department, who is on the Southern Waterfront Advisory Committee, on the Asthma Task Force, on the Restoration Advisory Board linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard and does not REALLY represent the community.

I want to find out why does Olin Webb gets $1500 every month for doing nothing and purports to work for the ACE program that is a failure. The ACE program got $1.5 million from the $13.3 million mitigation funds that we have spoken so much about - have the books audited.

The same for Literacy for Environmental Justice - audit the books and the wastage of $350,000 all tax payers money at Heron's Head Park.

I hear that Angelo King is now Chair of the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee and also going to be anointed as a SF Environment Commissioner.

This gives the corrupt SF Environment Commissioners an insider to foster the corruption that has been in place forever. Next they should appoint Nuru Mohammed for one thing he can use all the Pinesol to sanitize the SF Environment Commissioners.

Our Black leaders are corrupt there is not one single leader who is not on the take.

The Community Based Organization (CBO) leaders who do speak - talk to the community as if babes are listening at a Fire Chat - FDR type of thing.

We need leaders who put their lives on the front line and today we have none. Leaders who go house to house and attend meetings and speak out. We do not want leaders who imagine they are great and pontificate.

The few Whites exploit the community - Arc Ecology, LEJ, CBE, Green Action - aided by Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Saul Bloom, Edward Smeloff, Michael Cohen, Larry Florin, Richard Blum, Walter Shorestein, Don Fisher - what is the common denominator?

MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail shafts the community and so do the other projects that have NO real community involvement. Shame.

We have many Asians in the community and they are kept out. For sure we have thousands of Samoans and they are kept out. We have others and they are kept out. A few Blacks are lying that they own the Bayview Hunters Point and are in charge? One of them Olin Webb - Olin Webb and his family did not live in the Bayview Hunters Point in 1940. Where did this scum bag come from? Today how is he making his living?

May I point out this land belongs to the First People the Muwekma Ohlone all others take second place and this is a fact. Once this land was pristine before the Whites came and polluted it. This is a fact.

Any way you look at the situation - notice and remember who are the ones making the money and shafting the community?

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