Virginia Harmon of the SF Human Rights Commission.


The San Francisco Human Rights Commission should be dismantled as it has failed in all its objectives. Formed in 1984 as a result of the pressure from the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point who were experiencing racial discrimination - the San Francisco Human Rights Commission is responsible for perpetuating the sad state of affairs experienced by the constituents of Bayview Hunters today.

In simple language the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point are worse of today then they were in 1984 thanks to the SF Human Rights Commission. Mayor Gavin Newsom fire Virginia Harman - now.

Today, September 9, 2004 in Room 416 at City Hall the SF Human Rights Commission met to discuss certain pertinent ordinances that were in place but now have been frozen as a result of the order from Judge Warren. His order halts any benefits Minority Business Enterprises, any benefits Women Business Enterprises, and any benefits Disadvantage Business Enterprises were privileged on City contracts.

The main reason Judge Warren could adjudicate his nonsense ruling was because SF Human Rights Commission under the gay Virginia Harmon has on every available occasion done everything under her power to kill the ordinances meant to give some relief to women and minority businesses.

Virginia Harmon has done everything possible to help Homosexuals, Lesbians, Transgender folks and given an inordinate amount of time and spent an inordinate amount of money to bring the issues of the above group and tried to help those who fall under the above mentioned titles. She has done next to nothing to help other groups and failed in primary objectives of the SF Human Rights Commission.

Virginia Harmon has done the opposite to bring any progress to Minority and Women businesses. She has allowed over 85% of the City contracts to go out of the City and made a laughing stock of all Women and Minority Business in San Francisco and especially those who have gone out of their way to get Human Rights Commission Certification. Shame of this woman of dubious nature.

Under Virginia Harmon she personally directed adverse actions at the San Francisco Airport and she was aided by Willie L. Brown Jr. and Zulu Jones. The hangman nooses were found at the SF Airport at the construction location operated by Willie Ratcliff an African American contractor. When Willie Ratcliff tried to fight the injustice the City and County of San Francisco, the Black Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., Zulu Jones and Virginia Harmon did all in her power to hide the injustice under the rug.

It is a shame that in the City and County of San Francisco a lesbian such as Virginia Harmon is doling out injustice on a daily basis on straight people and mostly people of color. This will come to haunt most of the gays who are now not looked lightly upon because of the injustice that have resulted in thousands of people of color and mostly Blacks not getting jobs.

This was mentioned before the Board of Supervisors two weeks ago and mentioned today - several times.

People cannot go for years on end with jobs. The SF Human Rights Commission has permitted over 85% of the contracts within the City and County of San Francisco to go to contractors outside the City. Thousands of people come as far away as Colorado, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fairfield, Vaccaville, Stockton, Yuba City and even Sacramento to work in San Francisco.

There are Federal Laws in place today that the SF Human Rights Commission can use to help mitigate adverse impacts related to jobs and affecting the Black population. Virginia Harmon will not help because she is racist.

Blacks in San Francisco have to watch - especially in the Bayview Hunters Point while others steal from them their jobs and deal with starvation on a daily basis. The problem is compounded when single fathers and mothers have children and the children have to starve and lack basic amenities.

This situation becomes all the more serious on 3rd Street when the 600 million dollars plus MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail project has given opportunities to others but not the people from the community. Helping SF Human Rights Commission in this negligence is Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor and the most inept, ignorant, and arrogant woman ever to hold Public Office. She is Black but a disgrace to her race. She is a sell out.

The SF Human Rights Commission got an earful today but there is nothing these commissioners can and will do. They are determined to bring peril on the Black Community. The are determined to make the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point suffer the same fate as did the Black in the Fillmore. This will not happen and they have under estimated the will of the people.

We will shut the projects down and make the SF Human Rights Commission eat their words.

Each and every one of the SF Human Rights Commissioners is there to serve the community but most of them serve the politicians. The politicians are on the take. No wonder Tutor Saliba, Shimmick and Homer, Mitchell Engineering, and others - too many to mention make hay while the sunshines. Willie L. Brown took all the money he got and put some dumb people in positions - one of the glaring examples is Virginia Harmon.

Virginia Harmon worked under Kevin Williams who worked for the SF Human Rights Commission at the SF Airport. Kevin Williams an educated African American man - holds a Ph.D. and is a high ranking Compliance Officer with the highest grade and level. Once he was teaching Virginia Harmon the basics in the Human Rights Office.

The noose was discovered at the San Francisco Airport and Kevin Williams had to state the truth. More so being an African American and the noose standing for and a symbol of the worst atrocities committed on Blacks in the history of this county. Kevin Williams took a stand and support Willie Ratcliff.

Willie L. Brown anointed Virginia Harmon as Director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and for over 2 years Virginia Harmon taunted and made Kevin Williams suffer. All because Kevin did the right things and denounced the noose and all it stood for.

Daily Kevin Williams would go to work and then do nothing but sit down and address some nonsensical projects that Virginia Harmon would trump up. The woman is vicious, pathetic, psychological and pathological liar.

A pervert of a woman who cannot be trust and will do all in her power to play mind games of the worst order.

Today we put the San Francisco Human Rights Commission on notice. No more dialog. No more private or public meetings. We will go to the work sites and shut the projects down. The San Francisco Human Rights Commission is a joke and with no ability to be trusted. More so it has no clout - they talk the talk but they cannot and will never walk the walk. The SF Human Rights Commission is worse then the thugs of all time - they are a disgrace to the Human Race. Enough is enough.

The Public Listen Intently.

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