Thurgood students and Mr. John York - 49ers owner.


Thurgood Marshall hosted the owner of the San Francisco 49ers Mr. John York, Jesse Sapoulo, and Hall of Fame Carl Eller - September 10, 2004 at 2 p.m.

Mr. John York was impressed by a speech given by Carl Eller some months ago and invited his wife to hear him. She suggested inviting Carl Eller to speak to the youth, address violence and bring about peace to the Bayview.

The Thurgood Marshall school auditorium was packed with you and a few from the general public. Jesse Sapoulo and Carl Eller won the hearts of the youth. I got a chance to speak to Jesse and he has agreed to come and talk to All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1).

Carl Eller gave a heart-warming speech very down to earth and I hope the youth listening take heart and stop the violence. Right now it is paramount that the constituents take the lead and help themselves. This killing must stop.

The District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell was present but she had nothing to say - her speech was drab. A few hours before this event on Oakdale by the child care center there was a shooting. The killing does not seem to go away - young men think that killing is the only way to resolve conflicts and we all know that this is wrong.

Mr. John York is determined to bring some light to the Bayview and improve the current situation. I met him and spoke to him 3 times in the short while he was there. I invited him to surf my web site and get back to me. He promised to do that.

I spent more time with Jesse - I always loved watch him play for the 49ers. He was a niner player for 15 long years. I look forward to the day I meet him soon and with the Samoans present - have a nice time.

I have taken some photographs and I hope you folks enjoy.

Students vie for an autograph.

Hall of Fame Carl Eller and SF Finest.

Thurgood High School and the City.

Thurgood Marshall High School.

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