Crooked CBOs halt upgrade of Mirant Plant.


When you have a dumb, inept, and ignorant Supervisor from District 10 listening to the Bayview Hunters Point Advocates, Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), Green Action, a Power Cooperative headed by Steve Moss, Community for Better Environment (CBE), Joe Boss and Sophie Maxwell being used like a rag by the City Officials - down the drain any plan goes - is the mantra of the year. In this case we are talking about the 3 Combustible Peakers that Sophie wants placed - she is on the take.

I have never ever seen Sophie Maxwell attend a single LAFCO meeting, never seen her at a SF Public Utilities Meeting where we discussed Energy Issues.

Never seen Sophie Maxwell at the California Independent Systems Operator (CA ISO) meeting, I tried looking for the dumb woman at the California Energy Commission (CEC) meeting and she was no where to be found.

It is Sophie lack of presence, lack of understanding, lack of concern that makes her a fool. Joining her is her aide Greg Assay who tried representing her office and was scolded by California Public Utilities Commissioner Geoffrey Brown at the last CPUC meeting.

Commissioner Brown stated loud and clear before an audience of many Bayview Hunters Point constituents that Sophie Mazwell should be ashamed of herself. She has NOT represented her constituents on Energy Issues and should have been on the forefront to close down Hunters Point powerplant. That she has not done.

What she has done is listen to Green Action and Community for Better Environment (CBE) two organizations headed by Whites who have nothing what so ever to do with the community. These two organizations have used Blacks mostly sellouts to voice for the community but they do not really represent the community.

Lynne Brown a Black who lives at ground zero right at Hunters Point by Middle Point does represent the community. He is perhaps the best example I can point to the world - fighting for the community and the California Public Utilities Commissioners permitting him to represent the community with valid choices as part of the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line.

Commissioner Loretta Lynch did right in the given circumstances calling for the Jefferson-Martin getting the Green Signal and perhaps by 2006 closing down Hunters Point power plant. This is our prayer.

I fought for the Jefferson-Martin Transmission line. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and so does Espanola Jackson. I did not see the many Poverty Pimps at the Public Meeting. I only hear and see them working to place the 3 polluting Combustible Turbines. I have testified before the SFPUC, LAFCO, CEC, CPUC, SFPUC, and at numerous other meetings.

My comments and articles on Energy Issues are clear and well spelt out. I took for the Transmission Lines 2 years ago and stand by them now. I want the two old toxic spewing power plants closed down - now. I do not want the 3 Combustible Turbines. My position is very clear.

Brother Lynne Brown has the right information on the toxins and the right information on the Electro Magnetic Field. When the Public Meetings were held at San Mateo I saw Espanola Jackson and I saw Lynne Brown. I even saw Micheal Boyd bat for the community. I did not see the Poverty Pimps who want to represent the Community and are only in for the money and stand for adverse action that harm the community. I detest Poverty Pimps and I will name them all.

The Poverty Pimps who have the ear of Sophie Maxwell and I have mentioned them above mostly Whites are in for the MONEY. These vermin are also for the 3 Combustible Turbines using Fossil Fuel in the year 2004 that will adversely impact the community.

The secondary effluents used to cool the system will emit pathogens into the air. The Poverty Pimps have no idea about this fact.

The cooling waters will come from the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant situation at Phelps Street. No water will be used from the Bay has is being stated by one misinformed Black who is on the take and working for Green Action.

The City cannot afford a desalination plant and so cannot afford using any water from the Bay. If one does not understand such fundamentals - please do not speak for the community.

The Community Pimps want money and the corrupt City Officials consult the few corrupt folks who are on the take. San Francisco is a racist city. Mayor Gavin Newsom uses his clout behind close doors and if Reverend Boyd resigned - he at least called a spade a spade.

Rev. Amos Brown is in for the money and so will use his convoluted logic to play ball and screw Blacks in the short and long run. Remember when he evicted a disabled woman from a house not long ago? He is now a Housing Commissioner! Substituting Julie Lee one worse then the other!

As the President of the NAACP he has done NOTHING for people of color. He talks the talk plenty but does not walk the walk.

The Poverty Pimp Reverends and we have many in the Bayview Hunters Point once all got $10,000 from Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation will land all of them in jail. Leading the group Aurelius Walker - you are walking on a very tight rope!

We do not want the 3 Combustible Peakers by Mirant Power plant that is situated on 20th Street on Illinois Street and has been there for over 50 years.

Better the Mirant Plant then the 3 Combustible Peakers.

Time to rid Bayview Hunters Point of Poverty Pimps. Remember what happened to Kevin Shelly, remember what happened to SLUG, remember the names I have mentioned in this article.

The City and County of San Francisco is $400 million in the red. The City and County of San Francisco are using Poverty Pimp organizations such as Green Action, LEJ, Bayview Hunters Point Advocates and CBE to sue the Mirant Power plant and stop the upgrade that is required in the short term.

Why not the City and County of San Francisco for trying to pollute our air with fossil fuel? Who are Steve Moss, Joe Boss, Dana Lanza - Whites who have nothing in common with people of color who suffer the most. It is the same corrupt White folks who are corrupt leaders, the same poverty pimps - Dan Lanza, Joe Boss, Steve Moss, Angel Bradley.

If the City and County of San Francisco buys Mirant plant for over $120 million - where will the money come from? The City of San Francisco under Mayor Gavin Newsom who is young but very naïve better surround himself with seasoned consultants and people in the know.

Does the City and County of San Francisco have a billion dollar liability insurance to clean the Mirant Plant and some known radiological toxic hot spots?

Mayor Gavin Newsom the 3 Combustible Turbines is about health - health and safety issues. Our children are dying. This is about life and death!

You have a Health Commission and Health Officials who have failed us and are failing us. You have an Energy Policy which is going down the drain when is comes to the 3 Combustible Turbines. You are misled.

Do not test our patience in the Southeast Sector. We will call for a recall and if Matt Gonzales runs this time - you will lose hands down. Do not test our will and patience. Sophie is despicable and even though twice some folks tried to recall her - in my opinion she is not worth living in San Francisco let alone representing any one person.

We do not want the 3 Combustible Turbines in our community. Sophie can go back to living in the Haight Ashbury that is her abode.

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