San Francisco has a population of about 740,000. The City and County of San Francisco has a $5 billion budget. We have projects and many jobs that go all to outsiders who live outside the City of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Health Department alone has a budget of over $1 billion. The City of San Francisco boasts of a Human Rights Commission which is NOT doing its job. Over 85% of the contracts go to people outside the City and County of San Francisco.

There are no jobs for skilled San Franciscans in San Francisco. This use to be a Union City no more. It is city full of contractors who are crooks.

Daily people with children are thinking seriously of leaving our beautiful City. Our Board of Supervisors has forgotten that they represent the constituents.

If you look at their actions carefully they are thinking about money and all things linked to Greed. They do not have the interests of the constituents on their mind. They do not care for the youth.

If it were not for Chris Daly, Tom Ammiano, and Matt Gonzales the Board of Supervisors as we know them today - could be termed Pathetic Losers. Yes, all of them.

Some of us go to the sub-committee meetings and we try to address pertinent issues to help the constituents. These sub-committee meetings with the Supervisors acting as Commissioners hear the pleas of the constituents but they not do anything much. In one ear and out the other.

The MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail $600 million plus project is a mess. We have block after block dug up - with dirty and other foul air messing the health of the constituents from the Bayview Hunters Point that already suffer from respiratory diseases and cancer.

People cannot walk safely and fall into the potholes and other obstacles. I challenge the Board of Supervisors to walk the sidewalks.

Hundreds of businesses are suffering especially those businesses that have vehicles that are the core of their business. Vehicles are damaged because of the bad roads and the nails and other obstacles.

Bode Gravel, Norcal Waste System, the United States Postal System, and the thousands of vehicles from the neighborhood and those who use the 3rd Street corridor as a main thoroughfare are suffering. It is costing these folks millions of dollars in repairs, maintenance, and replacement.

The vehicles have to negotiate nails, other obstacles and mostly deep potholes. MUNI buses ply of these over these terrible conditions and the bus riders suffer - especially those standing up and the elders. People fall in the potholes and suffer and no one cares.

I am shocked that the main contractors especially Mitchell Engineering are allowing so much damage to occur and no one is doing anything about this nonsense.

Sophie Maxwell the inept Supervisor from District 10 is on the take and will not fight for the people. For the last 2 years she has done next to nothing and now she wants to do something about MUNI projects, she is too late - no one will pay anything attention to her. She has no clout.

MUNI projects have given the people from Bayview Hunters Point very few jobs. The MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail is the start of serious Gentrification. Do not forget the folks who made that happen - foremost among them Sophie Maxwell and Willie L. Brown Jr. - two very corrupt Blacks.

MUNI cannot be trusted to give people of color any jobs simply because MUNI cannot be trusted. MUNI says one thing and does another.

The leaders Michael Burns, Vince Harris and the Compliance Officers working for MUNI have not done their job and hide behind convoluted Federal and State Laws to SHAFT the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and San Francisco as a whole.

Small businesses cannot get jobs the only ones who make money are the ones who can offer the politicians huge contributions. Bottom line money and greed. Never ever forget the Willie L. Brown way of doing business. Willie brought Sacramento politics to San Francisco and changed everything - bribes and corruption fostered and still fosters in this City and County of San Francisco.

We have hundreds of projects going on all over the City and County of San Francisco. There are sufficient jobs for all those not working a hundred times over - but Human Right Commission under Virginia Harmon will not do her job. She is focused on homosexual, lesbian, and transgander issues and the rest can go by the way side. This woman has to go. Virginia Harmon has her priorities all screwed up.

The BOS truly do not represent the constituents and this November 2004 we will see new faces. We are simply fed up with Supervisors who with fork tongues promise to attend to business but in fact their minds and hearts are far from helping the constituents of San Francisco.

We have Community Based Organization like Literacy for Environmental Justice wasting over $350,000 on Pier 98 all tax payer money and no one is doing anything about it.

Time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to step in. The same with Bayview Hunters Point Advocates. All the recipients that got money from the $13.3 million with Sophie Maxwell and the San Francisco Environment doling out the money to crooks and cronies. The City should audit all of them and they all have connection with Julie Lee mentality.

No jobs for skilled San Franciscans in San Francisco. Our Board of Supervisor are puppets who are busy talking the talk but fail to walk the walk.

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