The deficiency most educated constituents have noticed has been glaring in the faces of the San Francisco Planning Department and the City Planners for over 15 years and growing. The City and County of San Francisco have no real Housing Element based on current empirical data produced by the City Planning Department. The State of California should challenge the fake Housing Element given to the State as part of the process which was submitted as a last resort to permit millions withheld to be released to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. The SFRA is the most corrupt and so is Marcia Rosen its head.

The City Planning Department has not demanded that City Planning produce a Transportation Department. The Board of Supervisor has no clue and has not studied the City's Master Plan. The various Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Assessment Reports that are critical to the planning and building of any City in the world.

The City and County of San Francisco is a Transit First City. From what I have stated above the fundamental documents are not in place, are not current and we have no empirical data in place to produce a decent planning document linked to Transportation.

ABAG and SPUR two organizations that like to lend their voice to major City and County plans and documents but lack the current empirical data. We found that very soon when the various neighborhoods meet and got a glimpse of the faulty Housing Element. Four draft Housing Element documents were produced in different colors and all of them lacked the concrete data to garner funds from the State of California and more to produce empirical data. This is pathetic in this day and age. Amit Ghosh made that happen on purpose. The City and County have for example over 900 miles of sewer lines. Some of them are made of wood, others of brick, miles of mild-iron, and the rest of material that is somewhat sustainable. 75% of the sewer lines are over 70 years old. It is imperative that every 40 years any sewer line be totally overhauled. Our City and County of San Francisco have chosen to take the risk and put the constituents in peril. The City has chosen to defy Health and Safety mandates.

Any decent Master Planner will tell you that is was wrong for San Francisco City Planners to permit and allow many poor designed and out of character buildings that will come to haunt the City and County of San Francisco over the last 10 years. Allow the building on thousands of homes and housing units and then think about resources such as water, electricity, transportation, and sewer. Open Space, educational facilities, recreational facilities, shopping centers, health and safety concerns. Fire department, traffic, and hospitals to mention just a few issues.

To add fuel to fire we had our Chief City Planner Gerald Green on sabbatical. While he was away many mistakes were made and continue to be made. It is very common for developers to push for projects often providing money to perform the Environmental Impact Studies. This is ridiculous. It is also common for the City Planners to stop City work and attend first hand, on a priority basis, projects high powered and filth rich greedy developers submit to be processed. This must stop at once.

Long time City Planner Amit Ghosh and Larry Binder have done this City and County of San Francisco disservice. They often talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk. Recent Planning Commissioners have tried to bring City projects on track but they have a long way to go before we see real results.

Production, Distribution, and Repair are 3 acronyms that City Planning has chosen to list the types of businesses. I have never ever seen this method of designation. These PDR nonsense affects the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point. The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (PAC) are paid by San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and have their hands tied. The BVHP PAC is not educated on issues. I know for a fact if thousands of businesses were found in Pacific Heights, the Marina, Richmond District, or any neighborhood that has a fair proportion of Middle Class and mostly Whites the norm and the method of designation would have been completely different.

It is a joke for City Planning to use this stupid method when it has failed to produce any empirical Base Line for the City and County of San Francisco. Has failed to use the Precautionary Principle to gauge air, land, and water pollution in the Southeast Sector. Thousands of Health and Safety rules have been compromised and broken. No one has the clout to do the right thing. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Bay Area Air Management, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the San Francisco Health Department, and a host of other local, State, and Federal Agencies fail to do their duty and take the City and County to task.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission especially under Susan Leal has been a failure when it comes to the sewer spills and the aging Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant in the Bayview Hunters Point. Also energy issues and the 3 combustible turbines slated to be placed near Pier 80 with an Environmental Impact Study.

Susan Leal and Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor recently met with Pacific Gas and Electric. There was a former plan to place 3 Combustible Turbines near Dog Patch closer to the Mirant power plant. Now Susan and Sophie two individuals who have no engineering, environmental, infrastructure, energy reliability education are proposing to site 3 Combustible Turbines by Pier 80.

Fundamental changes demand an Environmental Impact Assessment, an Environmental Impact Study, and meaningful discussion and dialog with the community at large. Mostly those living in zip code 94124, 94107, and 94134 will be impacted. It is wrong for anyone to by pass the constituents and plan such a drastic move that goes against the Precautionary Principle and the Master City Planning. The recent audit by Mr. Harvey Rose on the Clean Water Enterprise fund lend great support to what I have written and talked about before the Board of Supervisors. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, various sub-committee meetings, Special meetings and meeting before the Neighborhood Council and the Southeast Facility Commission to mention a few.

The Draft Environmental Environmental Impact Report - Planning File Number 1996.546E and State Clearing House Number 2003062094 is another document produced by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency that will adversely impact much of what we see today in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Greedy developers like Lennar BVHP LLC have already made plans to build 1600 in the middle of Chernobyl that is Parcel A on Hunters Point Shipyard. Other developers are waiting in line to build 15,000 units in the Bayview Hunters Point. This will adversely impact 9000 parcels and an area over 2500 acres.

No one is talking to the community in simple language. Certain Blacks who are mostly sellouts are working with entities like Lennar BVHP.

Lennar BVHP LLC has been paying people under the table and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are monitoring them very closely. Recently Lennar BBVP LLC has made pacts with Arc Ecology and other dubious entities and individuals hoping that this support will gain them some confidence and neutralize the opposition from the Bayview Hunters Point Community at large.

Recently at the Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa requested for an opening hearing on the 1600 housing units to be built on Parcel A. The general validity to convey Parcel A when there are several radiological hotspots that are mentioned in the Final Historical Radiological Report submitted by the landlords the United States Navy. It is wrong for the City and County of San Francisco to encourage any buildings to be built without a general clean up that meets Residential Standards.

It is wrong for Mayor Gavin Newsom who has taken a stand to be with the Hotel Strikers, for Gay Marriage, the Homeless, to stop killings in the Mission and Southeast Sector, speak out against certain policies of President George Bush - to compromise and not discern when it comes to this critical issue of building homes in the middle to Chernobyl.

We have valid documentation and empirical data that clearly points that humans will die and will be adversely impacted in the Bayview Hunters Point and on the Shipyard without the cumulative pollution factors being eliminated.

Jessie Blout, Michael Cohen, Michael Farrar, Alex Tourk should not listen to Arc Ecology, Larry Florin, Roy Wills, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Marcia Rosen when it comes to Parcel A. It is wrong for some Blacks like Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, the Tabernacle Group to sit on the side lines to make money off the backs of those who have died. Our children are dying.

The land all of it once belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco. In 1991 the Muwekma Ohlone exercised their right of First Refusal this was when the Base Closure Act was enacted in 1988 and the various Base Closures listed. There is a history of people and events that the Navy has polluted with radiological adverse impacts. These issues demand real clean up.

All over the City and County of San Francisco there are archaeological remains that point to the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. The First People do not want any development that does not take into account the abuse of the land that was stolen.

It is wrong to build thousands of homes and pollute the land with considering the impacts on the infrastructure. It is wrong to waste clean water from Hetch Hetchy that belongs to the Miwoks. It is wrong to build new Combustible Turbines using fossil fuel in the year 2004 when we know that natural gas prices are exorbitant. It is wrong to use secondary effluents to cool the power plants and permit very dangerous pathogens to be released into the air and kill our children and constituents who live in the Southeast Sector. It is wrong for Susan Leal and Sophie Maxwell to NOT have meaningful discussion with the constituents of the Bayview and Hunters Point.

It is wrong to build over 15,000 units in the Southeast Sector and thousands more all over the City including over 500 in the Presidio of San Francisco that adversely impact our City Planning and our aging infrastructure. Where will all the sewage flow to? Where will you get the energy from? Where will you get the clean drinking water from?

Our Board of Supervisors under Matt Gonsalvez has not taken the issues of City Planning seriously. We are demanding a Hearing and we want to hear first hand what the Supervisors feel and think about the several adverse impact which are paramount to destroying Quality Life Standards in the City and County of San Francisco.

It is wrong for Mayor Gavin Newsom and those who advice him to not look into the adverse impacts and not think about the impacts on innocent human beings who live all over the City and County of San Francisco and the Southeast Sector in particular.

It is wrong for City Planning to take a nonchalant attitude when it comes to real issues, affecting real people who want to live in our City and who love this City and County of San Francisco. They deserve better because they pay the salaries of the City officials who are not doing their jobs. We need change and we should put most of these projects on hold - think first of Quality of Life Standards. Think of Mother Earth. Think of the First People who do not approve the way you all think and act on development and pollution.

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