Bayview Hunters Point Community.


Once again the San Francisco Health Commission disappointed and betrayed the Bayview Hunters Points constituents. The Commission had no intention what so ever to fathom the abatement and clean up issues linked with Parcel A and serious radiological concerns. The Commission had already made up its mind. The Commissioners who have blood on their hands and sold out the community are Edward Chow, Roma Guy, James Illig, and John Umekubo.

Michael Cohen the new Base Closure Czar gave his usual diatribe quoting a serious of regulations linked to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) so that the incomplete findings of the CEQA could be adopted. Why would anyone want to build 1600 housing units in the middle of Chernobyl? The Shipyard is a Superfund Site. Atomic Bombs and radiological experiments have been linked to Hunters Point Shipyard. Radiological elements take hundreds of years to dissipate.

The CEQA regulations have been compromised because the Final Historical Radiological Report clear states that there are over 8 radiological hot spots that have not been resolved. The boundaries of Parcel A have been changed. At no time has the current empirical data linked to the sewers under Parcel A and the surrounding areas been evaluated. These sewers have radiological elements embedded because the U.S. Navy chose the sewers to flush radiological wastes for years.

For the above reasons and other important issues the CEQA finding are defective and therefore the resolution adopting the primary findings of the CEQA linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard and done to enable the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to build homes should never have been approved.

As I stated in the beginning of this article many experts from the community testified - but the Commissioners sold out the community and unanimously approved the faulty CEQA findings. Lennar BVHP LLC has paid so many people to do its bidding that the whole history surrounding the Parcel A transfer is pathetic. I will be meeting Mayor Gavin Newsom today November 17, 2004 and City Hall and will express to him the contents of this article.

Rajiv Bhatia and Amy Burnell two pathetic individuals who work for the Health Department testified to the Commissioners on issues that were far removed from the CEQA pertinent factors. Bhatia put down the community making generalization that the population of Bayview Hunters Point lived in filthy conditions. Bhatia who is a racist has never worked for the community in the Bayview Hunters Point. Bhatia should have focused on Environmental Issues and the Shipyard.

Amy Burnell has got her salary attending the Restoration Advisory Board meetings, wasting her time and has not been helpful to the community. She has taken her instructions from Willie L. Brown and sold her soul to the devil. Both Rajiv Bhatia and Amy Burnell have blood on their hands. Both these individuals in their testimony failed to say anything substantial and made statements that fell short of facts and credibility.

The Commissioners also approved two other actions allowing the San Francisco Health Department to facilitate the dubious actions of LENNAR BVHP LLC through the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Marcia Rosen.

At the same time the Health Commissioners were deliberating the actions to favor Lennar BVHP LLC at 101 Grove Street - at City Hall in Room 416 the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency had packed the Room with Lennar cronies. Others who wanted to enter the room and testify were told to hold back.

I saw thugs paid by Lennar and one who gets $10,000 a month freely enter Room 416. This is a shame that thugs and special interests now control the destiny of innocent constituents of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency approved allowing Lennar BVHP LLC and Luster one of the most crooked companies with Laura Luster as the head accomplice to manipulate the dubious actions at the meeting to favor the end result - building 1600 units in the middle of Chernobyl.

The City and County of San Francisco are worse off today. It is a shame that outsiders such as Luster who does not live in the community. Lennar BVHP LLC that has a track record of building homes on toxic land in Florida. People who are bribed who are doing anything they are told to do to adversely impact the lives of innocent constituents from the Bayview Hunters Point.

There is no decency left in San Francisco with all the crooks and special interests controlling the destiny of innocent constituents. This time around they even have the San Francisco Health Commissioner in their pocket to undermine the lives of people who live in Bayview Hunters Point.

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