It is a shame that in 2004 in the City and County of San Francisco decent, educated constituents have to deal with an agency such as the San Francisco Redevelopment Authority. This quasi-state authority has done great disservice to the constituents in the Western Addition, Mission Bay, all over San Francisco and now in one large sweep wants to adversely impact Hunters Point, India Basin Industrial Park and the Bayview Industrial Triangle. It does so with the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) which was rushed to cater to the developers and the interests of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA).

In one clean mean sweep having no consideration for the affected constituents and doing great injustice to the history to the affect area this rushed DEIR is a slap in the face of the affected constituents. The report shuns the landmarks status of the area, total disregard for the many home owners, shunning many archeological sites, shutting out the history of the last frontier in San Francisco and the role of the many unique industrial facilities and businesses. The history of the French, Maltese, Germans, Russians, Hispanics, Chinese, to name a few this Draft Environmental Impact Study is a farce and an insult to the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point in particular and the all of San Francisco and its decent constituents in general.

The advent of World War II brought in thousands of Blacks from the South and elsewhere and the contribution of the Blacks at the Shipyard and the surrounding area is one that has been ignored in the DEIR. Anyone will a keen eye for the many elements that contribute towards the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) will quickly realize the ulterior motive the Director of the SFRA - Marcia Rosen had in mind to rush this document to meet some deadlines which have nothing to do with benefiting the impacted constituents. This rushed document is all about money and catering to crooked large uncouth developers. The SFRA has worked very closely with the puppet Project Area Committee linked to Bayview Hunters Point that it controls and funds. The Bayview Opera House acts as a fiscal agent for the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee. The Director of the Bayview Opera House is also the Chair of the San Francisco Planning Commission. Do we see a conflict of interest?

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) packed the meeting with its cronies and thugs and approved the amendments to DEIR - November 16, 2004 in Room 406. At the same time as the meeting was held at Room 406 another meeting with the San Francisco Health Commission with relevance to the DEIR and added factors was held at 101 Grove Street. At both meetings paid thugs and cronies voiced their opinion to allow development linked to the DEIR and the BVHP Shipyard that lies is very close proximity to the area to be rezoned.

This despicable DEIR document should be shelved and a brand new DEIR initiated. It is an insult to comment on the shabby statements and misinformation found throughout the DEIR.

The DEIR fails to take into consideration the infrastructure of the affected area throughout the Bayview Hunters Point. Pays little attention to the Housing Element. Shuns the Transit First concepts that the City embraces. Pays little attention to the toxic sites and pollution in the affected soon to be rezoned area. Very little information on soil assessments and in the largely landfill area. The archeological sites that are found all over the area marked for rezoning and development.

The Public has been not told the truth and there has not been one single meaningful meeting. Notices were posted on the brand new electric poles by SFRA asking constituents to send in their comments by December 10, 2004. The DEIR was released on October 1, 2004. I found it difficult to acquire a copy to read the DEIR. I requested for one and was not given one by SFRA. My name and address is mentioned in the document as one who has participated in the Planning Workshops not related to the changes made in the amendments to this rushed DEIR. It is high time we first get rid of Marcia Rosen. It is time the SFRA be audited by the San Francisco Controller's Office. It is time the SFRA is not permitted to rush such a document that adversely impacts over 9000 parcels and 2, 530 acres.

Matters have been made worse by the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the Mayor's Office of Community Development, the Mayor Office all playing roles and meeting behind close doors to work against the constituents and in favor of the developers. The impacted area is the last frontier and the hyenas have all lined up to prey upon the innocent homeowners, the renters, the small and large businesses, the many who have contributed to the area which is 2,530 acres.

San Francisco cannot pride itself in this case. Too many crooks have had their ducks lined up to fleece the innocent and make hay while the sunshines. Shame on the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Time our Board of Supervisors takes some action. Time the Federal Bureau of Investigation step in and send the crooks to jail.

It was not long ago that the constituents from the Western Addition were driven from their homes and into the streets. It was very recent that the SFRA worked with Catellus Corporation to develop Mission Bay. Just a few weeks ago Catellus cut its losses, got its benefits and shafted the constituents of San Francisco. The principal crooks in all the above happenings the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

It is not too late to send the crooks to jail.

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