For the last 4 years San Francisco has tried its best to come up with a concrete and practical plan to address the City and County of San Francisco's Energy Reliability Plan. It has tried to pay consultants to help the City and again and again the piece meal plans have failed to provide any concrete and practical plan to address the serious energy issues facing the City and County of San Francisco.

I have attended many meeting here in San Francisco at every level linked to Energy Issues and the City and County of San Francisco. It has been difficult but I have gone to Sacramento to attend meetings held by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and California Independent Systems Operator (CA ISO). The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and LAFCO the City's arm that tries to address the Energy crisis that our City and County of San Francisco faces daily.

From time to time the California Independent System Operator holds the Stakeholders Meeting at the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) building which is situated at 77 Beale in San Francisco. At this meeting the main stakeholders that are keen to address the past, present, and future needs of Energy within San Francisco and the Bay Area openly discuss the issues at hand.

I find it abhorrent that not once I have seen anyone from the Mayor Office attend these pertinent and critical meetings. These meetings by far have the best minds attending the meeting. From time to time the SFPUC will send one of their representatives but they really have nothing substantial or sensible to offer.

At the last meeting we discussed a matrix by which we could address all the critical elements to help the stakeholders the key projects on going and the general situation of the energy flow to meet present and future needs. Right now in San Francisco most of us in the know are keen to see that the Jefferson-Martin Transmission line is in place. We had some issues linked to the Electro Magnetic Field but set down with Commissioner Loretta Lynch and resolved the critical issue. There are other issues linked to endangered species and native habitat and I hope these can be resolved by the best mind bringing to the table a solution.

Pacific Gas and Electric is also planning to run an underground transmission line between the present Mirant Plant that once belonged to PG&E and the Hunters Point Power Plant. This transmission line is essential to enable the Jefferson-Martin Transmission line and to facilitate the smooth flow of energy in the City and County of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco answer to the Energy Crisis was to pay Beck Consultants to review the operations of PG&E. As I stated before and will state now PG&E is not stupid to reveal to anyone without legal cause - all of their proprietary data. Why should they? If they do they will compromise many critical elements - most beneficial to them but also some that may land them in deep trouble. One glaring element all the machinations that took place in the year 2000 when many fake transactions were made - with California Independent Systems Operator viewing the Electrical Flow and all the time being duped by companies such as Enron and others.

While LAFCO has tried its best to address some critical issues by having its monthly meetings - it has failed in its mission objective. Supervisor Tom Ammiano thinks he can bring some solution to the table based on the help he has got from Paul Finn and others like him that do not participate at all the stakeholders meetings.

We have the San Francisco Environment that has failed to serve the constituents of San Francisco. Again and again SFE with its Director Blumenfeld have failed to serve the constituents of San Francisco by incorporating the best minds and constituents to participate in Community Plans to which the community has entitlement. SFE would prefer to handle the money and work with PG&E against the community. Again and again SFE looks to grants, other moneys to serve its own administrative needs and facilitate paying high paying inept, corrupt, and arrogant employees. I have named them before. Community Choice Aggregation cannot work with Tom Ammiano working with SFE and the SFPUC with Susan Leal at the helm of affairs. Solar Energy is a source that has no Blue Print and the Bond Measure that SFPUC wants to spend has been spent in a manner that is detrimental to the critical needs of the City and County of San Francisco.

The solar company that won the bids on the Moscone Center West, the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant, and Pier 96 should be ashamed of itself. We have Spire, BP, Sharp and a host of other good solar companies that can do a better job.

Vultures are posturing themselves to spend the Solar Bond Money without a Blue Print. These fools have no idea of the GRID and think they can manipulate Pacific Gas and Electric to do their bidding. They will be in for a rude shock.

SFPUC is the most corrupt and inept agency we have in the City and County of San Francisco. They have failed the constituents of San Francisco when it came to the Capitol Improvement Project (CPI) linked to Hetch Hetchy. One component is hydroelectricity that SFPUC has failed to garner in a diligent manner. Today we have a dumb woman who is not an engineer trying to deal with CPI issues and energy issues about which she has no comprehensive knowledge about. She portends to use Barbara Hale, Tony Irons and other such cronies to come to her rescue - this will not happen.

Finally for the SFPUC and the City and County of San Francisco with Jesse Blout, Blumfeld, the Mayor Gavin Newsom to agree to place 3 Combustible Turbines using very expensive fossil fuel in the Southeast Sector is a crime. Right now our infants are dying. Many constituents suffer from respiratory diseases. Other chronic diseases too.

These supposedly 3 Combustible Turbines will pollute the air with deadly particulates. Added to this factor they will pollute the air with pathogens from the secondary effluents that will be used to cool the system of the Combustible Turbines. We the constituents demand a through Environmental Impact Study. It is a shame that we have stupid people trying to bluff the constituents and adversely impact the constituents of San Francisco. It is time California Independent Systems Operator does not permit SFPUC to make any headway. I would hope that CPUC would do the same.

It is time we have a through Cumulative Pollution Data in place linked to the area that have the Darlin Tallow Plant, the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, the Hunters Point Power Plant, the Mirant Plant, the Concrete Companies at Pier 92, 94, and 96. The millions of diesel vehicles that ply on 3rd Street and will now ply on the inside roads near the homes where mostly the elderly and infirm reside. Infants too.The last time this was done was in 1990.

In all the deliberations we see absent the San Francisco Health Department. This department is a disgrace to fair practice. Heading the group Dr. Mitch Katz and Dr. Rajiv Bathia. The San Francisco Health Commissioners too have failed the constituents by permitting Lennar BVHP LLC to build 1600 on Parcel A. Parcel A can be likened to Chernobyl and why would anyone having any sanity tolerate such nonsense.

In June 2005 San Francisco will host World Environment Week. We hope to reveal to the over 100 Mayors from all over the United States and the World - the various elements that our City has failed to address. We cannot brag about anything as long as we pollute the environment and now with intent continue to further pollute the environment. This land once belonged to the Ohlone and it was pristine.

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