The Truth will Prevail.


San Francisco Environment (SFE) the most corrupt City agency and many local agencies including those representing the United Nations are poised to hold World Environmental Week in June of 2005 in San Francisco.

Let me be succinct - the seed that should be planted should NOT be tainted. With SFE as the helms of affairs this World Environmental Week will lack credibility. It will be so because again and again SFE has proved itself to be incapable to standing for justice and doing right.

The SFE has gone to long lengths to formulate and passed the Precautionary Principle - again and again the SFE has not backed the constituents and flaunted of its own policies by not standing up and show casing the Precautionary Principle.

The Precautionary Principle helps to discern and adjudicate matters pertaining to living beings and that includes human beings. If with intent we know that elements will adversely impact any living being and that includes humans - the Precautionary Principle mandates that the people be consulted and that the adverse impacts be completely eliminated so that no harm may harm to any living being.

The City and County of San Francisco is the primarily entity that should care about its constituents. Again and again it has not. We have a San Francisco Health Department that has again and again done everything it can to harm the constituents. Primarily heading this policy Dr. Rajiv Bathia and Dr. Mitch Katz. The San Francisco Health Commissioners have not been given the empirical data and the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point and the neighboring area continue to be adversely affected.

Daily million of diesel vehicles ply on 3rd Street with little monitoring. These vehicles alone emit over 20 tons of PM-10 emissions. The San Francisco Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant emits 5 tons of PM-10. Hunters Point Shipyard 5 tons of PM-10. Specialty Crushing 15 tons of PM-10. The Concrete Companies 10 tons of PM-10. Hunters Point Power Plant 15 tons of PM-10. Mirant power plants another 15 tons of PM-10. Astoria Metal Corporation another 20 tons of PM-10. The list goes on.

In any neighborhood just the amount of PM-10 released directly impacting the constituent would have been a very major concern. In the Bayview Hunters Point the people are lethargic - sit of their fat asses waiting for some divine intervention. This would never ever happened in a White neighborhood. Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Richmond District.

Mayor Gavin Newsom knows about all the toxins and has done nothing about it. The San Francisco Health Department has not done anything about it. Dr. Rajiv Bathia and Dr. Mitch Katz and others should be fired.

That includes the Administrator from the SF General Hospital. One must remember the people of Bayview Hunters Point under the Model City Programs built the newer portions of the SF General Hospital. Once the hospital wings were built and that includes the Main SF General Hospital Wing - the City and County was quick to take over the building and the operations. The same with the Potrero Health Clinic, the South of Market Health Clinic, and the one in the Bayview.

It is a shame that the Health authorities, the Mayor of San Francisco and the Board of Supervisors have with intent allowed the constituents of the Southeast Sector that is includes Bayview Hunters Point to be adversely affected. The fail to respect the good the Hunters Point Bayview constituents has contributed to the City of San Francisco.

There are many other toxins or contaminants that affect the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point. Most of these are concentrated at the Hunters Point Shipyard. These contaminants are very dangerous not only to the workers who intent to work in the very dangerous area but the stupid people who think they can live there.

It is wrong to build 1600 housing units at Parcel A. Address anyone to the cumulative toxins that surround the area - Parcel B,C,D,E, and F. And there are more the power plants, the concrete companies and more. No one in their right mind would want to live with antimony, cadmium, manganese, arsenic, nickel, lead, mercury, vanadium, copper, PCBs, and another other 40 contaminates that can kill any living being. This is the truth and any doctor or scientist will tell you that the Hunters Point Shipyard is a Superfund with some of the worst toxins floating around.

Lennar BVHP LLC is now poised to train some uneducated youth that are linked with Young Community Developers (YCD) to work at the Hunters Point Shipyard. Some of them are savvy and after knowing what to expect have disassociated themselves from YCD and any project involving hazardous removal at the Hunters Point Shipyard. Our youth should NOT be exposed so that they can be killed. It is a crime that the toxic environment already kills enough of them.

It is a shame that a basic crash course is given to the youth linked to Hazardous Material Removal and the they are sent to deal with dangerous radiological elements and byproducts which the course does not address.

The Corps of Engineers spend years before they can deal with the dangerous elements that are found in many hot spots all over the Hunters Point Shipyard and that includes Parcel A. So when Eloise leads some young men and women to a Board of Supervisors to support Lennar BVHP LLC - it is wrong. It is right to educate our youth and Hannif Mohammed and Rodney Hampton know that I speak the truth.

God gave us intelligence. It is wrong to deal those youth that need jobs and money to work with hazardous materials that our youth are not fully trained. It is wrong to lead them to their premature death. Any decent Journeyman who has years of experience will tell you that dealing with radiological elements even if one is paid a $150 an hour is not worth it. It takes but one small mistake to kill you and what is more harm your family.

Stay away from the ploys of the crooks and the traps that you that hustle know better. I feel your pain and I have fought the fight as best as I can to save you all. How ever I cannot force Eloise and Dwayne Jones who had no business hovering around the Lennar crooks and affiliates but do so - to try to harm our youth that deserve better. Notice the new changes at YCD. They were brought about because of corruption. Some performed no work but got big bucks. Willie L. Brown Jr. and Dwayne Jones saw that machinations were performed and injustice done to many. Millions were wasted but the Federal Bureau of Investigation is fully aware of all that has happened and about recent happenings too.

Project Complete is floating in the air and we that know the truth - can and will make good stuff happen. Bottom line no harm should come to our youth. You feel me - but in this case please feel me deep. I can take this matter to the highest level and fear no one - the bottom line is that our youth should be informed, well trained, and not put in harms way.

If the trainers can speak to the FBI and if all is well you have nothing to fear - but if the youth are exposed to radiological elements - then you are in deep trouble. Lennar BVHP LLC does not care about people - it does care about the Almighty Dollar.

Mr. Roy Willis knows me and I have treated him as a brother. Lennar has continued to build homes in Florida, Arizona, Sacramento on toxic dumps. Recently some advocates torched their brand new homes.

Lennar can cause damage elsewhere but they cannot and will not harm our constituents. Lynne Brown, Maurice Campbell, Ahimsa Sumchai, Clifton Smith, Micheal Boyd, Don Paul, Chris Finn, Kevin Lutton, Mary Bull, Chris Daly, Matt Gonzalez, Espanola Jackson, Willie Ratclif, Mary Ratcliff, Kevin Williams, myself and a host of others have been diplomatic and tried to speak for the community at large.

Most of you know I am not in for the money - I care for our youth because they tell me what is really happening most everywhere. If they trust me then I must tell the truth. Come what may and fulfill the mandate by whatever means necessary. Our youth come first.

YCD could have spoken about the truth but they chose to follow the crooks and the money. Money will not earn you respect - the truth, good deeds, hard work, respect, and real sisterhood and brotherhood will. Once the area known as Hunters Point had two hills that belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. The White men stole the land. He then destroyed the Shellmounds and scattered the human remains what civilized people term desecration. The Hunters Point Shipyard never really cared for people of color - people made some money but most of them paid with their lives. Asthama, cancer, asbestosis, many other chronic diseases killed thousands of African Americans and other too.

The Navy took advantage of most people and continues to do so today - the phony companies Tetra Tech, Sultec, are all one and the same. Mostly White corrupt crooks trying to take advantage of the people. I have seen scumbags before and know one when I see one.

World Environment Week will be held in June of 2005. Let us bring the Mayors from all over the world and tell them the truth. Let us tell them about our ignorant Board of Supervisors who sold out the community and sided with the scumbags Lennar BVHP LLC. The two exceptions Chris Daly and Matt Gonzalez.

Beware of Arc Ecology, Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, and Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) the Director lives in Oakland but uses the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point to make her money. Request to attend her Board of Directors meeting so that you can see how see spends millions of dollars.

The same holds good for Arc Ecology and Bayview Hunters Point Advocates under Olin Webb. Did Arc Ecology get any money as much as $50,000 from Lennar BVHP LLC? YCD too falls into the same category but the only saving grace - a few within the organization still want to do right but fall under the shadow of those that want to do wrong because they have done it in the past.

The new YCD Director will learn fast how many million were wasted and the inept folks that made money and now have jumped ship. Millions of dollars that could have done good has resulted in much harm done to the community at large.

It would be just for the new YCD Director to sit with Espanola Jackson, Shirley Jones, Claire Rogers, Kevin Williams and find our the truth? Environmental Justice cannot be adjudicated in a vacuum. The people should join forces and be educated on the issues. There are some that have tried but again and again it is about money and how much money goes in one's pocket. SFE and other City officials have taken advantage of the situation. The have teamed with thugs.

The Bayview Hunters Point has many toxic hot spots that need urgent abatement. These projects cannot be completed with thug contractors agreeing to do wrong. Disposing hazardous materials without the proper permits. Taking bribes to permit illegal activities while making money at the cost of the constituents.

It is a shame that some Blacks are at the forefront of this blatant corruption. This was witnessed at the Board of Supervisors recently when the Hunters Point Shipyard was discussed and the machinations linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Shipyard. Parcel B,C,D,E, and F still belongs to the Federal Government and as such to all San Franciscans and everyone in the United States.

We welcome the Mayors in June 2005 and we will make sure we tell them the truth. We will explain the Precautionary Principle and hope the crooks will be exposed. One battle at a time - the war against the crooks will be won. The TRUTH always prevails.

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