One of many signs on the shipyard.


Mayor Gavin Newsom by accepting a toxic dump that is Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has invited liability and that is what the City and County of San Francisco will have to deal with for years to come. Very deep pockets.

Mayor Gavin Newsom against better judgment has with intent sided with evil forces that are fully aware that Parcel A is Chernobyl. With intent and greed - Lennar BVHP LLC is moving ahead to build over 1600 homes on a toxic dump. They have done this in Florida, New Mexico, Sacramento and now San Francisco.

It is a shame that the City and County of San Francisco has allowed the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to take a lead in this important matter where the community at large has been kept out of the real equation.

Kept within the equation many sellouts mostly black some of them thugs that has spent years behind bars for being the crooks they are. One of them is paid $10,000 a month by Lennar BVHP LLC using a dubious White lawyer firm front to execute the devil deeds.

Parcel A on Hunter Point Naval Shipyard is a toxic dump and will remain a toxic dump unless it is abated. Records point to serious radiological elements and other toxins too many to mention. Added to this the surrounding area is very toxic and any regulatory State, Federal or local agency has NOT addressed the cumulative pollution.

It does not matter to Mayor Gavin Newsom and to the Supervisors that voted for the transfer of Parcel A - that is was polluted and that many constituents living near and outside Parcel A have been victims of cancer and other very chronic diseases.

It is just a matter of time before Lennar BVHP LLC will learn from the JUST about injustice. It is just a matter of time before it all stops.

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