We have sellouts in District 10 most of them Blacks who have decided to make money off the back of poor folks. Heading the pack of wolves is one person who gets over $10,000 from a developer that wants to build 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl which is Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. He has been to jail before and will go again.

Some months ago a group in District 10 suddenly decided that they would decide to go around and chose which buildings in District 10 would be Landmark buildings. These buffoons went to Innes Street near Dego Marys and decided that a property belonging to Mr. Cassidy should be put on their list. Further they made preparations to get money from the State through the crookedness of Mark Leno to develop this site. Behind these machinations one Sophie Maxwell the most despicable Black Representative ever to hold office. The case in before the SF Sunshine Task Force.

Mr. Cassidy the owner of the property was shocked to learn months after the fake group and Sophie Maxwell proposed to make Mr. Cassidy's property theirs by evil designs bordering on Eminent Domain and tricks linked with Blight that the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has used all over this great City of ours - we call San Francisco.

The other day before the Land Use Committee Sophie Maxwell again was trying to help develop a large tract of land by the old Schlage Company that is very toxic. It is time the Federal Bureau of Investigation send such crooks that with intent want to harm innocent people to jail. We all want a genuine Environmental Impact Report on any site before it is developed.

At Hunters Point we have Parcel A and all over Bayview we have many Brownfields. Brownfields are mostly toxic sites and cleaning them to Residential Standards cost millions. Banks to not want to do much with Brownfields. Insurance Company will raise the premium as much as 400% if the project is risky and adversely impacts the health of people. In the Bayview we have about 8 Blacks mostly crooks that will take money to push for developing Brownfields. Among them some so called Ministers of the Church. These socalled men of God are worse then the devil himself. You will see them before the San Francisco Planning Department - lie so that some evil project with evil designs is brought to fruition. This nonsense must stop - as must be stopped all development on Parcel A. They also have designs on Treasure Island.

There are designs to build homes at 5600 3rd Street and 5800 3rd Street and by Candlestick Park. All these sites should have a sound Environmental Impact Report before crooks decide to build any homes.

I see thousands of housing units planned to be built all over the City and County of San Francisco. I do not see anyone have any sound plan to tell me where will all the sewage go to? Where will you get the energy to electrify these housing units? How do you want to address clean drinking water that should be supplied to these up and coming housing units? Did we have blackouts and do we have electric blackouts?

Our San Francisco Planning Department does not have a genuine Housing Element in place. Our SF Planning Department does not have a genuine Transportation Document in place. Yet our SF Planning Department wants to build thousands of units at the proposed Transbay Project - here, there and everywhere. Who will take them to task?

Every time we have heavy rains we have sewage backup in many areas all over the City and County of San Francisco. Our City Planners and Department of Public Works are aware of this situation but do not want to do anything. Recent heavy rains and adverse impacts on some homeowners forced the constituents to file a suit against Susan Leal and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Susan Leal and Richard Sklar see no connection working closely between SFPUC and the Planning Department when I brought the issue before these fools.

It is time the constituents of San Francisco beware of the crooks that are on the prowl to steal there land and harm their homes. The time to act is now. Go before the Planning Department and the Board of Supervisors and tell them the truth. You can call the Federal Bureau of Investigation and tell the truth about the crooks - 415-553-7400.

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