The worst mistake that San Francisco made ever was to invite San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to work on projects in San Francisco that time and again have seriously adversely impacted the constituents of San Francisco. Remember Western Addition!

Recently on Hunters Point Shipyard Fiona Ma, Bevan Dufty, Tom Amminano, Jake McGoldrick, Geraldo Sandavol, Sean Elsbernd, Aaron Peskin, Alioto-Pier, and Sophie Maxwell all voted to build 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl - that is Parcel A.

Only two supervisors stood their ground - Chris Daly and Matt Gonzalez.

Lennar BVHP LLC is poised to begin groundbreaking but they are having some serious difficulties with escrow. They have also to deal with the recent affirmation that all of Parcel A is prone to Liquefaction.

Federal grants to start some of their projects are slow and bring with it many obstacles. The Federal Government is slow to deal with crooks and Lennar has a reputation as being the prime developer who loves building homes on toxic dumps. They have done that in Florida, New Mexico, Sacramento and now want to do the same in San Francisco.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is busy passing out Resolutions such as Facilities District 7 to garner as much as 40 million from San Franciscans and tax payers to stand by and insure the 1600 homes to be built on Parcel A that is toxic. Insurance is high for homes built on Brown Fields and toxic dumps such as Parcel A.

Lennar and SFRA has the support of some Blacks mostly sellouts the foremost being Sophie Maxwell. Some clergy who have sold their souls to the devil have taken money and will support Lennar. So do some Community Based Organizations that have already got donations from Lennar. Some will do anything for money and forget the community. Lennar cannot be trusted and will sell out the community given the prime opportunity. They will also dump any project and that is why they have been formed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Most Blacks living in the Bayview Hunters Point are not educated about facts. While some of us took pains to attend many meetings and participated in the Disposition and Development Agreement meetings - some 40 or so held in a month. We learned a lot from Willie Brown and his thugs who did all in their power to make the evil decisions of conveying Parcel A a reality. They broke all rules at meetings and so on.

Of course the over 870,000 constituents think that the Board of Supervisors (BOS) protect their interests and that of the City and County of San Francisco. Not so. The BOS sold out - Sophie Maxwell made her rounds and had the palms well greased. There she was with Nancy Pelosi another sellout smiling in the middle of Parcel A which is very polluted and Mayor Gavin Newsom handing the Secretary of the Navy one dollar - a token for conveying Parcel A. What a joke!

Surrounding Parcel A are B, C, D, E and F. F is the polluted water. Very serious radiological experiments were conducted and much of the area very contaminated. The Navy knows about this but is very cautious not to reveal much as they are liable. The City wants the land but does not have the ability to clean it up. The Navy has a meager 200 million to do the cleanup. At least 80 billion is required to address some fundamental abatement.

As a Superfund Site the Navy was obligated to start the cleanup a long time ago. Money was wasted and as much as 300 million wasted by International Technologies (IT) which has since declared bankruptcy. No one really monitored the Navy in the early years and from 1997 to 2004 the community focused on petty stuff when it could have forced the Navy to address real, practical, cleanup issues.

Some of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Meetings were a joke. Shouting matches that have come to haunt the community today. Racial innuendoes were used many a time to keep out the diverse community and crooks such as Arc Ecology were incorporated to the detriment of the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point by giving them a place at the RAB. African Americans have much to be blamed for not understanding that UNITY is paramount to any success. Time and time again sellouts mostly blacks have aided Lennar BVHP LLC forgetting that Blacks today make up less then 18% of the real population. In 5 years the Black population will be less then 10% and at the rate the Blacks are forced to leave the impacted area - less.

The Navy still has some liability. The City and County bears the real liability and more so the Federal and State Regulatory Agencies. Also the San Francisco Health Department, the Mayor of San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors - not forgetting the mostly Black sellouts. Experts are aghast how Parcel A was conveyed and the manner in which the process was conducted.

In the interim in the last 10 years more infants have died with deformed organs. Most youth suffer from chronic diseases - mostly respiratory. Cancer is on the increase and most people have given up hope especially those that are very poor with less education and no health insurance.

The Samoan and African American populations that live in Public Housing are killing themselves. If it is not the real shootings it is the environmental adverse impacts - no one is listening to the affected people - no one gives a hoot. In the mean time Lennar is poised to make millions with San Franciscans footing the bill - read the resolutions by SFRA and Facilities District 7.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating 3 SFRA Commissioners. The investigation was brought about because of illegal doings with Lennar BVHP LLC. So far Mayor Gavin Newsom has not paid attention to this - on one hand Mayor Gavin Newsom preaches that he is not for corruption - on another hand Nancy Pelosi and others force him to go to bed with crooks. You cannot have it both ways unless you love being shafted.

Watch out for Facilities District 7 and the detriment to the community around Parcel A and Hunters Point. In the mean time the fools that are not paying attention - get educated on issues- blink, blink, blink! Do not allow outsiders to undermine your destiny and shaft you with evil weapons that you can keep at bay. Unity is a force and education important to safeguard your interests. I have tried my best and fought the good fight and will continue. I see infants dying and those who should do something doing nothing. Time is on essence and what I see it apathy and zombies roaming around with their heads in the sand. Wake up - Stand up - and Fight for your Rights!

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