The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) has set NO priorities when it comes to Quality of Life Issues in the City and County of San Francisco. Again and again the most pressing issues some of us advocates have brought before the BOS are the deaths of our infants in the Southeast Sector. Most of our BOS do not care much if our children are dying and more so if they are minorities. This is Racism of the highest order.

We have a few Supervisors that have their priorities all screwed up. Most of them love to wag their tongues and when it comes to Public Comment dole out one or two minutes to those taxpayers that pay the BOS salaries. They have no clue the damage they are doing.

One of the BOS sees nothing talking about elephant dung and chasing his tail like a dog. He is quick to stand for the Queers but cares not if innocent children die. He cares not about Quality of Life Issues but will make a mountain of a molehill - when it comes to perverts. We have over 870,000 in our City and thank God most of them are not Queer.

Another will take a lot of money under the table and is now forcing the BOS to enact an Ordinance that controls " hit pieces " linked to any City Election Campaign. This woman is on the take and has taken money from Developers and Lennar BVHP LLC. Her own relatives hate her and if she does not have her way - she will use terror and devious methods to reach her evil goals. Now she wants to mess with the freedom of others - when the poor woman does not know the difference between freedom and license.

The City and County of San Francisco is now run by bunch of renegade BOS with the exception of two - the others are in for the money and care less about the constituents they serve. Our youth should not be penalized - yet one Supervisor will attack and confront our youth when it comes to them using computers on off site recreation areas - foul with their skateboard rights - and plainly act as if she is a moron.

We do not have one single Supervisor that has really studied the Housing Element because the Planning Department does not have a genuine Housing Element in Place. Our City Planning Department does not have a Transportation Document is place. Yet our City Planning Department will take every opportunity to state that the City and County of San Francisco is a Transit First City.

Our BOS see nothing when we have an over $290 million backlog when it comes to repairing our streets. Our City streets are a mess our Seniors and those who use Wheelchairs and have difficulty walking fall prey to potholes and traffic lights that serve no purpose. Our BOS know about the problem but look the other way. Hundreds of constituents become victims on the roads and streets of San Francisco.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) waste money and no one is there to monitor these two agencies that really do not have the better interests of the constituents of San Francisco. SFCTA has yet to tell me how many millions of dollars were wasted at Islais Creek - money given to facilitate building the conduits that are white elephants.

MTA continues to pollute the air with dirty diesel bus engines killing our constituents slowly - spewing invisible toxic particulates in the air. There are only so many lies Joe Speaks can tell - he should change his name to Joe the Weasel Diesel.

Mayor Gavin Newsom knows about Islais Creek and the compromised Force Main but is allowing another bridge to be built on top of the Force Main - to bring about adverse Health and Safety issues. The Force Main is responsible and handles 80% of the City's Secondary Effluents and 100% from Daly City, Colma, Brisbane and Burlingame. Our Mayor is playing with lives. He should be more interested in the lives of all of the constituents of San Francisco. Fight for all constitutional rights not only those favoring a select few. The City and County of San Francisco could not sent a paltry sum of $100,000 to the Tsunami Relief Effort and failed to support the conscience of the BOS - Chris Daly. Yet, some will encourage giving $1000 to $3300 to their campaign in order to fill their own pocket and for self-reasons. Other BOS see nothing when the City wastes millions - with little or no Accountability and Transparency. Right off millions to keep good books with a Bike Organization, a June Festival linked to a thug and killer who has been to jail, allow Biotech Companies free lunch and so forth. It all makes sense to the fools.

One has just to read the Audit Reports that the Budget Analyst has on line. In fact it would be wise for the City and County of invest in a Department to make some documentaries that can be viewed for the pleasure of the taxpayers of the City and County of San Francisco. Our City might as well be first and move in this movie direction and bring about some good.

Some of our BOS especially those that still think they are on the Comedy Stage are pathetic. Quick to come to the rescue of Queers but very slow to understand the real issues facing our constituents. Community Choice Aggregation is not for fools that do not have their house in order.

SFPUC is in a mess and if one cannot see through this mess one should not dive in a cesspool. It is simply wrong to encourage outside folks to try to run some Community Choice Aggregation - without meaningful dialog among the constituents of San Francisco. After, some fools made a choice to transfer 4 Combustible Turbines (CTS) for all the wrong reasons - today millions are lost warehousing the CTs and trying to make them operational against the better desires of the sane constituents.

Let not the BOS ignorant as they are on many issues - play with the First Amendment or even the Fifth Amendment of the constituents of San Francisco. We know when only one minute is given for Public Comment who is afraid of the truth. The fact of the matter is that each of the Board of Supervisors is paid by the taxpayer - the fact of the matter is that they are there to serve - if they cannot then feel free to leave. You are there to deliver - not chase your tail, wag your tongue, and take money under the table. Some of you do and that is the truth.

As things stand today our Board of Supervisors at San Francisco City Hall fail to bring out good legislation. They are NOT educated on issues that affect the constituents. They fail in what they do because every time they have an opportunity they compromise Quality of Life Issues.

Today, we have more poor all over the place and hiding under bridges and in open spaces. More poor families are facing the elements without health care and innocent children suffering. Our Seniors made a scapegoat in places like Laguna Honda. Our BOS know about the calamities but look the other way.

HomeLand Security is a joke in San Francisco. We have NO protocol and have NO qualified personnel in place to manage a large disaster. Every now and then our waterfront - especially the area from the new BallPark to Candlestick Park is compromised. Thugs have free access to land and distribute and the San Francisco Port Authority and Monique Moyers is fully cognizant of this fact.

Pier 94 has one of the highest PM-10 floating in the area from toxic construction materials and other material that compromises and kills. The aging Power Plants, the million of toxic spewing vehicles in the Southeast Sector, the Sewage Plant, and 400 other toxic spots all contribute to slow death. The Darlin Tallow Plant does not belong on Public Trust Land and has no maritime use.

Just listen to the deliberation of the Board of Supervisors - wasting time on handcarts, posting bills, junkyards, putting down the poor. Encouraging the Transbay Terminal which has critical uncertainties, the BOS encourage thousand of housing units - but where will the sewage go - hopefully to Pier 39 where Aaron Peskin can swim and take a whiff at the same time. Our Mayor Gavin Newsom has surround himself with young Turks - many of them are not practical. Thugs and felons rule the Southeast - demanding money from entities such as Home Depot and telling Home Depot they can halt the construction at the old Goodman Lumber Site. One openly defies law and order and receives $10,000 from Lennar BVHP LLC through a consultant. The world knows about this thug but our City is afraid of the goon. The paradox he has stayed at Folsom Jail and should be sent there for a longer time.

Our Elections are no fair play and it is not uncommon to hear the Mayor or some one like the District Attorney fined for breaking the Election Rules. The Fair Campaign Practices is a Joke. One look at our Sunshine Task Force and the cast of characters - most of them will make you puke. Our Ethics Commission is rubber-stamped and has a long way to go to shine light on darkness and bring justice where crooks make hay while the sunshines.

Once representatives fail to pay attention to Quality of Life Issues. Look the other side when human beings that are their constituents die - these scumbags deserve no respect. Again and again we have gone to the Board of Supervisors in Room 250 - again and again we see the mockery of the system on open display. Back room deals and Hank the Mad trying to make sense less of his stature and more of his conniving and convoluted statements.

The Land Use Committee is a Joke. It has been a joke. The Rules Committee is such a farce no one cares to be there - many a time no one is there for Public Comment. The San Francisco County and Transportation Authority continues to waste money and so does the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The Manger makes $300,000 she is not worth the money because she is inept, ignorant, and arrogant.

Our City Planning Department has turned the rules and regulations into a Poker Game. It has realistically set the City a decade behind. Good planners have left and what we have now is a deep trench more of a cesspool - where planners and others are trying to keep afloat in a situation that is putrid and smells to high heaven. Sophie Maxwell be very careful not to thread on any First Amendment Rights. If you are taken to Court you will be exposed for all you are and more. You are one of the most despicable human beings ever to set foot in City Hall. Even the characters of the long gone Barbary Coast thugs pale before your devious designs and machinations. Bring it on baby and rock that booty of yours for once to the tune of Jail House Rock.

If the Legislators the Board of Supervisors at City Hall do not stand for Quality of Life Issues with justice and fairness towards all - this City will go to the pigs. It is already one BIG CESSPOOL.

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