Communicating methane gas 75 feet away from Parcel A and on Parcel has forced the U.S. Navy to reopen the Record for Decision (ROD) on Parcel B and forced Lennar BVHP LLC to take serious notice of the communicating Methane gas - a time bomb waiting to explode.

Once again just like the information provide by this web site months before others understood and took a stand linked to Parcel A - the Facility 7 District, 40 million tax increment ploys with its many convoluted Resolutions - before the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Now we reveal that no construction can legally be started without first addressing the communicating methane gas.

The mostly Black sellouts have pitched their camp with Lennar BVHP LLC thinking that they can break laws and make hay while the sun shines. Not so when the State and Federal Regulatory Agencies now have been given documentation - because they have failed to do their home work.

It took a team many hours to put the documents together but it was done and presented by some die hard constituents that have the better interest of the community of Bayview Hunters Point in particular and the constituents of San Francisco in general.

Prior to this some few cried wolf and this has been done so many times that educated folks and others are sick of long written diatribe that bring NO mitigation and statements that border - mostly about gossip. We have heard over and over again that our State and Federal Representatives are really not representing the constituents. What is worse are so called Black leaders that are in it for the MONEY.

Well, if we know that we must step up and educate ourselves and write and speak about facts - as the when they happen. Not weeks and months after being informed or attention had been brought to the facts.

It becomes a JOKE when lawyers and attorneys are whetted with information and promised to be supported by the community. Only to be let down again and again by those crying wolf. The lawyers are then shafted and word spreads around that the community cannot back any issues slated to be adjudicated before the courts. Let not just talk the talk but really walk the walk.

We promise soon to take out a large advertisement and educate all San Franciscans. We promise then to take the authorities that adversely impacted all San Franciscans to court and win. We say that because we have done our homework.

We count on your support but we ask you to educate yourself. We can provide you some basic information:

In the meantime watch out for the communicating methane gas. You may hear a loud blast and low and behold - it may have announced itself. Remember you heard it first - here.

Support: San Franciscans for Our City's Health.

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