It is a shame that in the year 2005 that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors fails the constituents of San Francisco on Health and Safety issues.

Again and again the San Francisco Board of Supervisors fail to understand the importance of an Environmental Impact Study, Report or an Assessment. In some cases a simple soil assessment and in other cases - Seismic Reports that would help the City and more the Board of Supervisors in understanding and more voting in favor of projects that come before the Board of Supervisors (BOS) from time to time.

I have been stating about the proposed Islais Creek Bridge and to date there is no Environmental Impact Study (EIS). Previously there was NO soil assessment done in the area. Yet, some fools built 3 conduits or large tunnel under the Force Main that spews 100 millions gallons of secondary effluents in the Bay - right by Pier 80.

Over 15 million has been wasted and no one wants to talk about the waste of money - all taxpayers money.

Our BOS agreed several times to hear about Islais Creek yet continue to bless the project that will come to haunt them and bite them in the butt.

It is amazing to hear Jake McGoldrick, Bevan Dufty, Tom Ammiano, Michela Alito-Pier run their mouth and yet know little if nothing about what they are talking about. It does not stop there - check out the dumb, inept, ignorant, and arrogant Sophie Maxwell. She personally went to Islais Creek and said Okay. Today, she is as confused as an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand - waiting for direction - surround by ignorance - darkness. The world knows about the Transbay Terminal. Hundreds of hours were wasted discussing and arguing about the pros and cons. Experts were brought from Europe - the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) against the Joint Transportation with Maria and Jose - trying to out smart each other. Mr. Myers the developer had his plans a long time ago - the SF Planning team had no factual EIR in place. The BOS did not ask for it - I spoke about it - and those that heard me thought I was joking.

The matter went before the judge - the judge asked what I stated again and again - do you have an EIR that encompasses the facts that I have before me. The answer was no. How could anyone overlook at 55 plus story building - which was in very close proximity to the Transbay Terminal project and what is more - covering part of it? Our stupid BOS thought they had their butt covered by SF City Planning but as happens in our City - the SF Planning - blew it - big time.

Parcel A on Hunters Point Shipyard was transferred without an EIR. It is just a matter of time before once again the BOS make a fool of themselves.

An EIR is mandatory when the boundaries are changed. Right before the conveyance of Parcel A the boundaries were changed. They were changed to distance the Methane Gas which is about 75 feet on Parcel B but closer to Parcel A. No complete liquefaction assessment was done - yet this liquefaction report - has now come to haunt the SF Redevelopment Authority and the Lennar BVHP LLC. The fools - the SF Board of Supervisors that went along and allowed the City to take on the liability linked to Parcel A. The two sane Supervisor Matt Gonzalez and Chris Daly - they voted against the conveyance.

There are many housing units now in the pipeline and all being built on Brown Fields in the Southeast Sector. Most of these projects in the Southeast Sector - known to the world as Bayview Hunters Point - the last frontier. Encouraging the crooks the dump and arrogant Sophie Maxwell and remember she is the Supervisor that Aaron Peskin, Bevan Dufty and one or two of the others will go along - it just depends on the issues at hand. Stay away from the crook. In a few months the 3 Combustible Turbines are slated to be placed near Pier 80 on a MUNI site known to us as Metro West. SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has managed to give Michael Burns some money and Michael Burns could not care about the 3 Combustible Turbines - placed stark naked in the Bayview by Marin Street and not too far from the stinking - Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

The white rednecks from Potrero Hill are happy that the Black sellout damsel has agreed to place the 3 Combustible Turbines closer to Bayview. Yet Sophie proclaims to the world that she is for the people. The woman is for herself from day one.

Now the shopping center by Evan and the whole area will not only be bombarded by the PM-10 and other toxins - but PM-2.5 and other minuscule toxins - too dangerous to mention. Where is the EIR?

Susan Leal the General Manger from SFPUC has not learned a thing from her short stay at SF Public Utilities Commission. Susan has failed the constituents but she has managed to hoodwink the BOS in public. Especially Hank - Aaron Peskin - he loves it that the sewage goes to the Southeast rather then Pier 39 where he takes a bath every morning.

Susan Leal has failed the constituents on maters fiscal. She has failed the other counties. She has failed us on Treasure Island - and yet she is manages to hoodwink the BOS in public.

Espanola Jackson, Francisco Da Costa - others have clearly stated to the SF PUC that is wrong to place the 3 Combustible Turbines (CTs) in the Southeast Sector.

These CTs use very expensive fossil fuel but what is more spew toxins as well as pathogens. The pathogens come from the treated sewage used to cool the system of the CTs. No EIR is in place. Not one meaningful public meeting has been conducted with the TRUTH. Susan Leal has chosen to take the convoluted way just as she has done - all through her sordid public career.

The BOS will agree to anything Susan Leal says because the BOS do not know - better. Our Mayor Gavin Newsom makes stupid statements about pollution and will soon host Mayors from all over the world. I challenge the Mayor to tell the Mayors of the world and other environmental leaders about the 3 Combustible Turbines and about the toxins and pathogens. Tell them about the CTS, which will spew PM-2.5, which are very tiny and very dangerous, and what is more not visible to the naked eye.

The BOS are the most racist scumbags I have seen - especially the ones that agreed to the conveyance of Parcel A. Stupid BOS paying no attention to the proposed Islais Creek bridge:


It is a shame that in the year 2005 we have to live with BOS that are more like buffoons. It is a shame that we have Racist Board of Supervisors. The blood of innocent children is on their hands.

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