Poor folks love the little they have - guard it with their lives and give their best to preserve the good, better and best. On the Hill called Hunters Point - Malcolm X has been a shinning star for the last 45 years and more. Once - it was called Sir Francis Drake named after the British Navigator - and now after the radical African American - by any means necessary.

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) does not have the money or the personnel to staff and operated all the schools it has at the moment. We do not know if this is true but the stories say so.

So the Board Members, others - and Arlene Ackerman the Superintendent have come out with a hit list. Of course those schools in poor neighborhoods always make the list. But this time around the SFUSD will have a fight on their hands - and watch out everyone we have good leaders and intelligent fighters on the Hill.

I joined Bayview Hunters Point advocate Espanola Jackson and sitting next to me was former Assessor Doris Ward and former Supervisor Amos Brown - and there were others - parents and teachers from Malcolm X all ready to say their peace. Of course the students from Malcolm X were all fired up - they were not going to stop now - they would fight to keep their school open and said so with gusto.

I sat through the hearing at the late hour of 11 p.m. the proceedings were still going on. Early the parents, the youth from Malcolm X, and so many supporters spoke well and convinced everyone that Malcolm X had and will always offer the best.

The youth from Malcolm X presented the Board of Education a petition - hundreds of signatures. They also presented the Board members a CD - the contents most probably an event or dance performance by the students. I know the students from Malcolm X are very talented and know the teachers to be extremely dedicated. I do not think the Board of Education will mess with the Malcolm X school. We need the school and there is no way it should be closed. In fact the Board should do all in its power to give this school more funds and better opportunities to shine.

This City and County of San Francisco will and should support Malcolm X, the students, parents, and supporters.

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