The 900 Innes House - all touched up.


The history of San Francisco did not begin in 1776. Much before that for thousands of years in the area around India and China Basin the Ohlone roamed freely.

Much of the land was pristine wetland and marshland. Bear, elk, foxes and lots of abalone, herring, and shrimp. Tons of pickleweed and one of kind native grasses abounded in plenty. There were birds, lots of frogs - chorus and others - insects and wild flowers and more.

Then came the Strangers the curse of modern day so called civilization and filled in the waters with dirty mostly polluted fill. The area around Innes Street and more - truly was stolen from the Ohlone. The fools that do not read history and make no effort to learn history - know little of the past and much less of the present. Some want a Shipwright Museum without the right information and based on trivial gossip!

At one time the fools said the 900 Innes house was a school. Then all of a sudden it was dropped. The stupid San Francisco Board of Supervisors signed a Resolution say the house was a school - only to find out that it was not. Sophie Maxwell will introduce anything to make a buck or to satiate her anger - mostly ignorant, inept, and of course arrogant. She has now decided to make her bed with disenfranchised Whites.

The house of Innes Street was one of many houses where mostly racist whites built schooners and other boats to sail the waters. Later came the engine and with its arrival - the trade of building schooners slowly died. However the fact that these bastards were racist should not be ever forgotten. And the people of color around 900 Innes better remember that. Do not let these newly arrived jerks - blink, blink you around.

It is a joke to try to preserve a house that is falling apart and where crack heads have pissed on. Drug addicts have made their abode at the 900 Innes Street house for years and the world knows it. The paradox it that the area that the jerks want to take over and preside over with authority - dominate others in the majority the Samoans, the Blacks and Asians. Also, Whites that are straight but the buffoons have a hidden agenda - they want to redline the area and declare private property open space land and link it with Park and Recreation and a corrupt Supervisor - Sophie Maxwell.

The land around 900 Innes Street is private property and there are more parcels around owned by private citizens. It is not for some disgruntled, misinformed buffoons, to state what they think is best in the interests of the community - when the only community they are at ease are gays and in the minority.

Shipwright and their industry in the early and late 1880s were racists. The Carpenters Union is racist to this day. Many Black and Asians suffered under the San Francisco Carpenters Union. Spanish folks too and others.

It was not uncommon for those in the Shipwright Industry to lynch people and kill people. Some white but others of color - one has just to read the history of San Francisco.

Imagine some fools in the year 2005 without proper outreach - no meaningful dialog trying to take some property that belongs to a private citizen. Wanting to take a lousy, wrecked house, and convert it into a museum. I hope these fools first fully understand that the house and the industry stood for DISCRIMATION and RACISM.

The San Francisco Park and Recreation is a mess. If I went into detail about the state of affairs it would just take us away from the point I wish to discuss in this article. Suffice to say that the state of affairs at the San Francisco Park and Recreation can be likened to a cesspool. Millions of dollars have been wasted. The former Director was fired and the present Director does not know what to make of the organization. I happen to know him very well.

Millions of dollars have not been collected from events. The former Director was corrupt and has left a trail of very corrupt deeds. I had gone to the Landmark Commission to speak about the dome that the Commission failed to preserve in its entirety and the historic walls - The old Emporium Building at 5th and Market. When I got caught up in the Shipwright House at 900 Innes of which I am very familiar with.

Often times I went to visit two Elderly Brothers who repaired boats and one of them wanted to sell his property to a friend of mine - who wanted to teach youth how to sail. I made a couple of trips and then left my rich friend to pursue his dream. I never follow up on that deal. My friend was Black - just to keep the record straight.

It is wrong to zero on Joe Cassidy for all the wrong reasons and try to steal his property. No one talks about the millions Joe Cassidy spent to clean up the area. Remember it was a toxic dump at one time. No one talks about the money he paid to buy the property. Remember the property was stolen from the Ohlone. All of the properties including the property, which now the gays think they rightfully, own. They have no clue about history. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and know Joe Cassidy. I know some of the other gays - I will acknowledge the owner of the private property and not the others who are there to throw stones. Once in the closet they use their newfound freedom to abuse freedom and practice license.

18 treaties signed by the United States Government and the Ohlone were never kept. The land we call San Francisco - all of it was stolen - and the Ohlone were not compensated. The City and County of San Francisco has passed three Resolutions and in the Resolutions the City and County of San Francisco reaffirms - the rights of the Ohlone. The gay folks have now come out of the closet to announce to the world for all the wrong reasons that they know the TRUTH.

It is amazing to hear the ignorance of gay folks that are filled Anger and have no clue what they are talking about. The Shipwright Industry has passed and gone and though some of it is worthy of Recording - it is absolutely wrong to preserve Racism in a neighborhood that is more known for people of color then White Folks - gays.

It is wrong to diss people of color by bring up Racism and connected issues. It is absolutely wrong for Sophie Maxwell and Greg Assay without knowing the facts to side with some folks that are ignorant. The folks want to build a Shipwright Museum. Where will they get the money from. The Maritime Museum which belongs to the National Park Service is having a difficult time surviving. Now, some Young gay Folks want to teach the world about Open Space and a trade that fostered Racism - the Shipwright Industry.

Young fools that have not gone through the fire now want to play with fire. The gay misled folks have not seen the end of the mess they have created. The Planning Department will now hear the case. Already this issue have wasted lost of precious time - and there is no Logic to this phony case of resurrecting a museum using an old, Wrecked, pissed on house that will not go anywhere.

Only in San Francisco will some fools be allowed to waste the taxpayers money. Only in San Francisco will some fools be permitted to preserve vestiges of Blatant Racism - the Shipwright Industry. The paradox - all this in a Black Neighborhood. Blink, Blink, BlinkŠ.

If the folks in Public Housing knew what was happening - all hell would break loose.

India Basin Neighborhood Association

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