The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) can never be trusted and should be booted out of the Bayview Hunters Point Area as soon as possible. The reason is simple - the SFRA does not want to help the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point they sure want to fleece the constituents and deceive them. Millions of dollars of tax increment gathered from the Bayview Hunters Point were never spent in the Bayview Hunters Point. The money was spent elsewhere.

The Project Area Committee was created to complete the Survey of the Area and pinpoint the areas that need improvement. The areas agreed by the community to be Blight was never conducted in a meaningful manner. Crooks wasted thousands of dollars. One considerate constituent took upon himself to complete the Blight and the SFRA accepted the document. The Survey documents took ages to come about.

I have stated many times that the Survey of the Bayview Hunters Point does not have the best interests of the community at large. Certain Blacks mostly crooks - take direct orders from the very corrupt SFRA. Former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Marcia Rosen have with intent taken the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point for a ride and cheated them. This continues to this day.

None of the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee - understand the fundamentals of a Housing Element. In fact the SFRA has not made it clear to the Project Area Committee (PAC) the importance of this document. None of the PAC has studied the Transportation Document. Our City is a Transit First City and the PAC is not at all familiar with this concept.

The PAC has not studied the Main City Plan because the SFRA has diverted the PAC from the true course of good City Planning. I attended the many Planning Workshops all over the City and that includes the Bayview Hunters Point. The SFRA inserted their point of view to deceive the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. Good planning calls for an Environmental Impact Assessment. An Environmental Impact Report - none of which has been presented to the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point constituents in a meaningful manner. The SF Planning Department and the SFRA together deceived the constituents and continues to deceive the constituents to this day.

Large tracts of Brown Fields and landfills demand a current Environmental Impact Report linked to current empirical data. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency does not believe in telling the truth much more revealing the TRUTH - deceiving the constituents of San Francisco has become the mantra of SFRA.

The Bayview Hunters Point constituents experienced this when certain parts of Bayview were declared Enterprise Zones. Some chosen crooks took the opportunity but millions of dollars were diverted elsewhere. The City's Mayors have never ever been fair to Bayview in the last 20 years. Think about it. SFRA has not helped the constituents - it is there to pay the salaries of all the crooks that work for SFRA and pretend they work on projects in the Bayview. Leading the pack Garnel and Stan - these two should not be allowed to work in the community.

Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, and others have with intent created models that will NOT help the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. The second the PAC agreed to expand the Survey Area the PAC sold out. The SFRA has failed in the Western Addition, the Mission Bay Area - so what makes anyone think they will succeed in the Bayview Hunters Point. Recently they failed with the Transbay Terminal Project.

Again and again the SFRA will use phony tax increment and other ploys and dubious ROOS to fleece the community. In fact when the Housing Element was stuck at the SF City Planning Department - the SFRA was totally stalled - the SFRA pushed for a faulty Housing Element that was sent to the State for its approval. This hasty faulty process - released millions of dollars to the SFRA. How can a dumb, inept, crooked person like Garnel - drive such an expensive car? How can dumb stupid, inept, uneducated people that work for SFRA - be paid so much? Why do we have to bow down to Marcia Rosen? The SFRA Commission stinks. The Bayview PAC has a history of illegal activities. It has not been able to conduct its business in a legal manner for years. It talks a lot but fails to have a meaningful dialog with the community. For years this fiefdom has failed to work. That is not to say that one or two of the PAC like Dan Dodt are not sincere - the others on the PAC are a bunch of uneducated crooks - all with a hidden agenda.

These mostly sellout Blacks are the scumbags of the community. No one trusts them and that is why the SFRA chose to shaft them. The dinner provided by the SFRA comes from the taxpayers. The SFRA bluffs the constituents by providing meals and then using very trick in the book to divert the constituents that are really interested in any meeting. I have attended many a PAC meeting and openly stated that the SFRA should be booted. They should be sent packing out of the community.

Expanding the survey area and incorporating the Hunters Point Shipyard and expanding the boundaries of the Survey Area is a crime. The PAC should have stuck to the 94124 area and the old boundaries that gave the PAC precise guidance and jurisdiction. Today, the PAC has much to bite and chew - but does not have the teeth or the fortitude to understand the fundamentals of the good planning.

The SFRA has shafted the Bayview Hunters Point PAC on purpose. The PAC is financed by the SFRA - the PAC for all practical purposes takes its orders from the SFRA.

At one time when the SFRA was invited into the community the non-profit organization that allowed it to function was the Southeast Community Development Corporation under Kelvin Jones of BDI. I have the original documents and understand the nuts of bolts of the initial formation and have been following the crooks that hover around the Survey area - all of them Blacks.

With only 17% Blacks in the Survey Area the BVHP PAC continues to shun diversity and it always talking about Racism - when the BVHP fails in every way to deliver - diversity and true planning for the constituents that reflects the present population of the affected area. Today the non-profit that harbors the SFRA is the Bayview Opera House. The change of non-profit is illegal and the shift made under dubious situations. Anyone can take the SFRA to court and win - big time. In fact I have the documents and will give it to any entity if the profits from wining the Court Case - is earmarked for any one Community Project that embraces all communities not just the crooked and corrupt Blacks. Many of them jailbirds and thugs of the highest order.

SFRA is the most despicable agency that should be audited by Harvey Rose. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has on going case and is still investigating 3 SFRA Commissioners - all crooks of the highest order. The recent appointment of two Black Women SFRA Commissioners both cronies of Sophie Maxwell and the leading Black Crooks will not help the community. One does not elect people with dubious track record to serve San Franciscans - especially these two women who have no idea of a Transportation Document, the Housing Element, and the Infrastructure linked to Energy, Clean Water, Waste Water and Superior Planning.

Today the Bayview has about 17% of its population Black. In 5 years this will be less then 5%. It is at this juncture that all that is now on the books will be thrown out. It is a joke to think and dream of an African Market on Parcel A on the Shipyard when we do not have one single small store owned by an African American on 3rd Street. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - just in case some Negroes think I am a racist. I also represent the best interest of the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

I agree with the latest letter sent to SFRA by the PAC - to stop the stalling by San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and to first accept the Survey Report - proceed to the Project Documents and bring about the planning according to the wishes of the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. We ask for meaningful dialog - with full Accountability and Transparency. The PAC should focus of diversity and forget that they can play a role in making money by taking bribes. Those members of the PAC that are corrupt should be fired. No PAC member that does not live in Survey and Project Area should be allowed to serve on the PAC. Those cronies with close connection with thugs and convicts should not be allowed to serve on the PAC. As long as the PAC is tarnished the SFRA will bluff the PAC. After all the SFRA feeds and control the Project Area Committee linked to the Survey and Project Area of the Bayview Hunters Point in every way possible.

Perhaps it is time to consult Espanola Jackson who played a key role a long time ago. Do not trust the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.


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