We have stated many, many times that it is wrong to place 3 Combustion Turbines (CTS) anywhere in the Southeast Sector. The Combustion Turbines use very expensive fossil fuel and emit PM-2.5 into the air. The secondary effluents used for the cooling system will release powerful pathogens that slowly kill human beings. Our infants are dying and both Susan Leal and Barbara Hale have blood on their hands if they go ahead with this EVIL plan. Back off.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has surrounded itself now with gays that have NO family values. Again and again because of money the SFPUC will jump into the fray and burn their bridges and trust - they have done that with the neighboring counties and with all educated constituents of San Francisco.

Come, Friday May 6, 2005 at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House situated at 953 DeHaro Street the California Energy Commission will conduct a site tour and a workshop. All those person who wish to fight for justice should report to this meeting and say your peace. Be there at 2 p.m. Call 1-800-822-6228 to join the tour by bus. Call 1-916-654-4989 for all other detail questions and ask for Claudia Chandler. E-mail: for more detail questions and materials.

It is a shame that we have so called corrupt environmentalists like GreenAction, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Bayview Advocates, Potrero Hill Boosters and Joe Boss, Karen Pierce, Olin Webb, and other crooks that are giving these EVIL CTS machines of death their tacit support. Perhaps the only ones that have come against the CTS are Lynne Brown, Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa.

The SFPUC has chosen a site and made some backdoor arrangements with MUNI and SF Port Authority to push Mr. Ricardo Ramirez and Pacific Cement off his site and accommodate the polluting Combustion Turbines. The California Energy Commission better remember that no meaningful dialog was conducted with the community. We do not want these killing machines and enough of our infants die as it is because of pollution. We want an Environmental Impact Study. We want to have a Business Plan and an Operation Plan by SFPUC. We want to have empirical data and not gossip when it comes to these filthy CTs that emit PM-2.5 that kill human beings.

The SF Port Authority knows very well that on all Port Property the land should be used for Maritime Uses. Polluting and Killing Power Plants do not meet Maritime Uses. The Burton Act spells it out but again and again we have to remind the SF Port that it should do its homework. All Port Property belongs to all Californians and as such the SF Port Authority has fiscal and all fiduciary responsibilities to all citizens of California. Killing infants is NOT one of them.

The SF Port Authority, MUNI, and the SFPUC should not test the patience of the constituents. You are not dealing with the dumb, ignorant, and very arrogant Sophie Maxwell - no one worth his or her salt respects her. Place these CTs if you may in the Presidio and in the neighborhoods where the filthy rich live. Have Don Fisher, Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi build the gas lines which is the line you lie about and which some of you feel is a requirement to run the CTs.

The fact of the matter is we do not need any CTs in San Francisco. We have fought hard and attended all the meetings to make sure the underground Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line will be in place by 2007 for sure. By 2008 the underground Mirant-Hunters Point Transmission Line. Going forward to the Larkin Sub-Station and Mission Sub-Station. If everything goes well by 2011 we can have the Pittsburgh- Mirant under the Bay Transmission Line in Place.

We have many brand new Power Plants with surplus energy outside the confines of San Francisco. PG&E controls the transmission lines and PG&E is not in favor of the CTs. The CTs and Community Power Aggregation is the brainchild of some immature folks that have no idea about the Energy Market. No idea about engineering. And absolutely no idea about Accountability and Transparency. Barbara Hale and Susan Hale two dumb fools will lead our City down the cesspool if they are not removed from office as soon as possible. The CTs will never be placed in the Southeast Sector. There has been no meaningful dialog with the impacted constituents. Enough is Enough - you are testing the patience of the constituents and the constituents are telling you to back off now while the going is good. We know how to deal with Butches that have no Family Values and have just come out of the closet.

Finally the present site is far away from Potrero Hill and closer to Bayview. In fact the site chosen is just on the border of Bayview Hunters Point at by Pier 80. The wind patterns and circulation model impacts the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point not the mostly whites that reside at Potrero Hill. The meeting should have been held in Bayview Hunters Point and not at 953 DeHaro Street which is as far as City Hall from the chosen site at 23rd and 3rd by Pier 80. Susan Leal and Barbara Hale will stoop as low as possible to harm innocent people - they are commode scum. San Franciscans should not take this crap sitting down in fact take any of it all. Enough is enough.

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