April 28, 2005 at 6 p.m. we all met at the Balboa High School Auditorium - my good friend John Nauer was with me as we made sure we would support some of our Polynesian Youth that belong to All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1). More all youth.

It has been interesting to watch from a distance the talents of our youth Andrew Vai, Mape Galuega, and Peter Vauvasa. Last year I went to this event and saw the love of United Territories Of Polynesian Islanders' Alliance (UTOPIA). I happen to know John and Neo Veavea and the dedication and guidance these two have given to the Polynesian youth as been admirable. This year it was intense.

It is very easy to put down our youth but it is quiet another to lift them up. The Cultural Dancing Event raised over $1300 and what is more showed the world the immense talent the students from Balboa High School have. Especial mention has to be made of Mr. Jeff Larson who spends his money to make good stuff happen. Also Ms. Morehouse and Ms. Booth for supporting Andrew Vai and his comrades.

John who does the choreographing always likes to take the audience dancing through the islands of Aotearoa, and deeper to the Cook Islands and Tahiti. In between he likes to throw in a common dance where all the UTOPIA members join in for an impromptu dance. Then on to Tonga and Samoa.

It was fun watching Miss Polynesia 2004 - Maurie Manamea put on her best foot forward. The students from City College were good but the best was all the buffoonery at the end. It made the audience laugh the most. Brought out the Polynesian in the audience.

Music and dance touches the soul. It was a nice evening and the feeling was good - most of all it was great seeing the youth give their best and acknowledge the support. Look forward to next year year.

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