The Hill of Hunters Point with No Shipyard.
Sacred Burial Grounds - Shellmounds.


In the year 2005 the White folks that make decision are the most racists. Leading the way the United States Navy and the authorities that control Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Dog and Pony Show. I have attended them and each of these meetings reflect the buffoonery of those that desire to do something but are not educated on issues and decency. There is a hidden agenda and the players know it.

300 years ago all of Hunters Point and the neighboring area were Ohlone land. The Spaniards first took it and cultivated it and kind of respected the First People - the Ohlone. Then came the Whites and when they stole the land and signed 18 treaties with the United States government - they never kept the treaties. The Spanish respected the Ohlone and other tribes but not the United States government.

Up until 1924 it was fine to kill a Native American. Even the Governors of California were bold enough to send out special edicts to kill Native Americans and bring in the scalps that fetched $5. Young Native Americans from the various tribes were forced to boarding schools so that their culture, the language, all that they learned from their grand parents and parents could be undone. It is a shame that some Whites will go to every single length to condition others that are not White to learn English and a 200 year culture that today brings the disdain from most of the civilized world.

The United States Navy has not done its homework and at the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) I see this very plainly. Educated folks take history in perspective and conduct themselves like educated folks. I see this lacking with the RAB and most importantly with the Navy. The United States Navy has failed to do any meaningful outreach.

For years now the United States Navy has made a rotten pact with Tetra Tech. The rednecks at Tetra Tech use every conceivable tactic to do the worse type of outreach. Tetra Tech is in for the money. Now and then they will connive with some crooked Blacks to do outreach. These commode scum so called Community Based Organization (CBO) are self-serving. The Navy knows this; Tetra Tech knows this - but they love to divide the community.

Again and again Tetra Tech has made millions. This company is so selfish that they want everything. They have created several proxy companies Sultech and so - just so that the Navy can given them all the projects and they can monopolize the projects at Hunters Point Shipyard.

The United States Navy was foolish to convey Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco. A mockery was made in pubic when the Under Secretary for the Navy received a $1 at the conveyance of Parcel A from Mayor Gavin Newsom. Of course the Navy is not cognizant of the fact that earlier all the land was stolen from the First People the Muwekma Ohlone.

After the Navy took the land by eminent domain in the late 1940s the Navy - as it has one at many other bases - used the land to build weapons of destruction. We know for sure about the radiological experiments. We know about the toxic hot spots. We know about the radiological radials. We have read the Final Historical Radiological Report that is faulty but if one reads between the lines - one can configure the rest and more.

The stolen land was once pristine and belonged to the First People of San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone. The Navy and more Mayor Gavin Newsom - ignorant as he is does not understand what a Superfund site is. Prompted by Supervisor Sophie Maxwell the most ignorant and arrogant woman at City Hall - both these fools connived with Lennar BVHP LLC to develop Parcel A. The Navy went along.

Nothing good will happen at Parcel A. In fact nothing good will happen on any of the Parcels and we have B, C, D, E (which is the worst) and F under the waters - all very polluted mostly with radiological stuff. Go figure. The Cumulative Impact was never discussed linked to pollution. Once there stood two hills at Hunters Point. The Muwekma consider these two hills which were leveled Sacred Burial Grounds. No one can desecrate any Sacred Burial Ground and go Scott free. That will not happen - some one will have to pay a price - and many have.

The land as it is now is very prone to liquefaction. I was the first to say this a long time ago. Once you level hills or mountains - the land is much more prone to earthquakes and tremors. This will happen within 5 years.

It is a shame that in the year 2005 the United States Navy has not archaeologically surveyed one single square inch of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. I have made this request several times and will make it one more time - when I appear before the Navy authorities.

Some Black that have no connection with Hunters Point and I am talking about Patrimonial Jurisdiction - pretend to talk about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in terms that you would think they lived there for years. The paradox is when the Navy was there on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - segregation was strictly enforced. No Black could live with Whites on the Shipyard in very close proximity. There was NOT a single Black working at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in 1940.

I once heard a liar Karen Pierce say that she was born at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The woman was born some where but not anywhere near or at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Another liar is Olin Webb who now makes his money trying to remediate toxic soil using a White company as a front. The man always speaks about racism but today on a daily bases the man has been doing the bidding of Whites - bending backwards to earn his bread and butter and selling the community of color. His family was never at Hunters Point in 1940.

For sure we had the Chinese and others much before the Blacks that came after Second World War to work on the shipyard. No one wants to figure the Chinese into the equation. No one wants to figure in the Latinos. They all plus the Maltese, French, German, others were there before the crooked Blacks that want to divide the community. Tetra Tech loves this when they can use the Blacks who are NOT united to divide the community. The only Black newspaper will now and then try to publish some articles mostly written by Blacks but lacking integrity and what is more having a true historical perspective.

Espanola Jackson, Lynne Brown, Kevin Williams, and Francisco Da Costa are perhaps the only ones that have stood the course - the rest are sellouts. And if they are not sellouts then they want the 15 minutes of fame that the media gives them on occasion. It is pathetic how this Blacks have sold out the community and destroyed the good that one could have achieved through consensus and long range planning. These CBOs have no Accountability and less of Transparency.

I worked for the Army and we always knew what the Navy was capable of. At first I thought I could convince the Navy to act and deliver with Standards - never will happen. Over $300 million has been wasted on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. One company International Technologies stole so much money and then declared bankruptcy.

Today Tetra Tech is laughing all the way to the bank. Despicable rednecks are making money and treating the community of San Francisco like slaves. One idiot Slatery will look at you straight in the eye and lie. Others will sweet talk you and see that any person of color is NOT given their fare share. These scumbags have no place in the community and at the Hunters Point Shipyard. More so because they are rednecks. I know what I am talking about.

Around the shipyard 50% of the folks are Polynesians. One would think they should be taken into any equation. This has not happened. The Navy is playing games and the sooner they change their ways the better. The Latinos and Asians are kept out on purpose.

We have a team of experts with an office in the zip code 94124 that has bid on 12 jobs or projects. In all we have been given one small project. This is joke - we have the ability, the expertise - in fact one of our partners was at the Hunters Point Shipyard a long time ago. All we hear are excuses. In is wrong when the community puts a package together and if the experts are qualified that they be denied. This is totally wrong. Once a month the Navy and Tetra Tech have a meeting of the minds. This so-called Technical Meeting takes places one day before the Restoration Board Meeting. No people of color are invited to this meeting. It is this type of Blatant Racism that the Navy should be ashamed of. We have a history of blatant Racism of the worse order coming from the Navy - remember the Port Chicago Incident by Mare Island. And then I could name a thousand more but that would do no good.

Tetra Tech should have its wings clipped. This racist company has made a lot of money and has insulted the community. It has played the divide and rule game for too long. If the company wants us to take them on - bring it on. We can and will shut down the Shipyard and the time is very ripe.

Parcel E is filthy and has the worst radiological hot spots. Soon over 5000 trucks of radiological dirt will be unearth and dumped into trucks and sent to some area - hopefully to a legal hazardous material site. The community has not been told a thing. We already have problems with MUNI Lightrail and the bridges holding up traffic. But Tetra Tech is of the opinion that they have the logistics in place and is ready for any eventuality. This is a joke.

It is time Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is informed. That the San Francisco Health Department is informed. That the dumb, ignorant, arrogant Sophie Maxwell is informed - we cannot play with Cesium and other real radiological elements that can kill anyone. That Mayor Gavin Newsom pays heed.

The Black sellouts know nothing about Emergency Protocol - they know about the trucking deal and have been trying to capture the bid to make money. The dumb asses have no idea how dangerous Cesium is or the possibility of dangerous spills - they have no certification and for sure no Emergency Plans in Place. It is amazing to hear these jack assess talk not know they are playing with fire and for sure the health of their families. Tetra Tech thinks they can use mostly Blacks by bribing them through the bids and making them do the slave work. This has happened throughout history - the people of color have been use to make money for the racists Whites. No one will say that but I will call a spade a spade and have been for the longest time.

Look at the photograph at the beginning of this article. Those will some beautiful hills - Sacred Burial Ground of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe. Look at it now - filthy and thieves trying to manipulate and rob other people's land. Mayor Gavin Newsom made a mockery when he offered that $1 bill - he revealed how stupid he was and he embraced liability.

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