It has been some time now that Mayor Gavin Newsom has been in office and we allowed him to speak his mind. In the bargain he made many promises but has not kept them. I remember well the last election he did not win by a mandate.

Anyway you look at it today crime has got out of control. With SPIN and MEDIA hype Mayor Gavin Newsom has tried to put his best foot forward but in the process fell into the cesspool of lies. More innocent people have died of shootings since Mayor Gavin Newsom took office then his crooked predecessor Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

At the last press conference on crime held at the Northern Station Mayor Gavin Newsom failed to give those experts present the correct information. The constituents of San Francisco demand better results when it comes to crime.

Recently one of the 500 transformers that Pacific Gas and Electric have jurisdiction over exploded. I doubt PG&E wanted such a happenstance to happen but it did happen. I saw Mayor Gavin Newsom get upset but want to ask him about the clean drinking and waste waters pipes that affect the watershed and pollute the Earth - daily.

If Mayor Gavin Newsom applied the same anger to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and to the San Francisco Water Department he would have addressed the millions of clean and raw sewage that pollutes the watershed all over San Francisco and beyond.

Let me see if I have it right. We have over 900 miles of waste water pipes all over San Francisco. We have over 1500 miles of clean drinking water pipes all over San Francisco. The average age of these pipes is about 65 years 20 percent are over 70 years old. Millions of gallons are wasted and while San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the SF Water Department, San Francisco Environment, and the SF Public Health Department should know about this problem no one is doing anything about it. What is Mayor Gavin Newsom doing about the leaking pipes I ask again? Do he and the Department of Environment and the San Francisco Health Department have a plan to address this acute problem? Does the Mayor want to address this issue with the same amount of anger he directed towards Pacific Gas and Electric towards those inept fools that care not about Mother Earth and work for the City and County of San Francisco?

Look at our roads! It is shame when we tout ourselves to be a tourist city and we the constituents are proud of San Francisco. How ever we have to deal with the Mayor and SF Department of Public Works wasting our money on other projects when they should be repairing our roads. What is Mayor Gavin Newsom doing about this issue? We have an over $300 million backlog how did this happen?

Now some fools want to put a bond measure so that money can be got from the constituents of San Francisco to repair our roads. How much interest are we going to pay on these Bond Measure? How much of the raised bonds will go directly towards roads? Reading the flawed bond measure much of it will go towards addressing issues related to the Americans Disability Act (ADA). I am for it but what happened to the thousands that were set aside to address ADA issues years ago?

What is Mayor Gavin Newsom's position on Heron's Head Park? Dana Lanza brags that she has taken over 6000 children to this toxic park! Has Mayor Gavin Newsom heard about the Toxic Park that was shut down in San Jose? What is our SF Health Department doing about this situation? What is our SF Port Authority doing about this? What are the SF Port Commissioners doing about this situation? Can the Mayor Gavin Newsom's anger be directed towards this issue? Why are we exposing our innocent children to toxins? Heron's Head Park is 50 feet away from the worst toxic spewing power plant Hunters Point power plant. What is Mayor Gavin Newsom doing to address the over 400 toxic hotspots all over the Bayview? Why is Mayor Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi so keen to build 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl that is Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

Recently the Navy announced that it is evicting all those that live and work on Parcel B, C, and D. There is parcel E that is really polluted with radiological elements. And Parcel F that is under water. Why are Mayor Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi so keen to take over polluted parcels without a through cleanup? Why should not the constituents of San Francisco be against the Spin and Media hype Mayor Gavin Newsom?

During the last election many of us wanted change in our City government. We did not want the likes of Mayor Gavin Newsom, Bevan Dufty and Aaron Peskin. Fake and inept men that talk with forked tongues. We did not want the likes of Sophie Maxwell a sellout and Uncle Tom. What do you constituents of San Francisco think about my subjective statement?

SFPUC is spending thousands of dollars to place 3 Combustion Turbines near the Bayview Hunters Point area. These 3 Combustion Turbines will kill our innocent children and constituents. To mitigate this issue the SFPUC proposes to waste over $500,000 to plant trees. The SFPUC is of the opinion that trees will stop the killing of our people mostly people of color! What does our Mayor Gavin Newsom think about the 3 Combustion Turbines? Is there going to be BLOOD on anybody hands? What do you think Susan Leal, Barbara Hale, Karen Kubick? How far away do you live women from the 3 Combustion that are not wanted in our community? Where is the sellout Sophie Maxwell on this issue?

Gavin Newsom will never be the next Governor of California. The reason is simple he has failed as the Mayor of San Francisco. It is fine that he has bent backwards to accommodate the gays and lesbians. He can continue to bend backwards or forewards. What is Mayor Gavin Newsom's position about the Director of the Human Rights Commission? This woman has harmed San Francisco. The Human Rights Commission has allowed over 85% of our City contracts to go outside the City and County of San Francisco. We have an over $5 billion dollar budget. We have an over $3 billion construction projects in the City and County of San Francisco. Why are so many of our qualified young women and men unemployed? Why have we not done justice to Kevin Williams a qualified black man that exposed the San Francisco Human Right Commission for what it really was and is? I hope Kevin Williams writes a book about the Racists and the folks at Human Rights Commission that have ruined San Francisco.

What is the Controller's Office doing about the many dubious actions stemming from Mayor's Gavin Newsom's office linked with dubious funding of he and she thugs that claim to be Community Based Organizations (CBOs)? Do we have an evaluation on these CBOs?

When was the last time our SF Health Department did some empirical studies on our Parks and Schools? Has the SF Health Department reviewed the toxic soil samples at Pier 98 also called Heron's Head Park? Why does Mayor Gavin Newsom think it is fine to send over 6000 children to a toxic park that is Heron's Head Park? Why is his anger not directed to those crooks that exploit our children?

Why is there a chronic expansion of drugs in the form of pills in San Francisco? Does Mayor Gavin Newsom know about the various gay clubs in the South of Market Area that distribute pills and conduct unsafe sex practices? Why are we spending more money to treat AIDS patients? Is AIDS spreading because of unsafe practices? Do we have money set aside to control the spread of AIDS and other diseases?

Why are so many patients suffering from asthma? Why do so many children in the Bayview Hunters Point suffer from reparatory diseases? Does Mayor Gavin Newsom think if he starts planting trees and playing basketball these ailments will go away?

Why is Public Housing at Hunters Point, Sunnydale, and Potrero Hill is such a condition that poor folks have to live in deplorable conditions? Raw sewage flowing all over the place? Clogged toilets that have not been fixed in months? Mayor Gavin Newsom direct your anger against those forces that exploit poor folks in Public Housing. Our youth want jobs and our constituents are deeply waiting for the day when someone will address Quality of Life issues in a meaningful manner. We are waiting for the day when the SF Planning Department addresses our planning needs in a meaningful way. The day when SF Planning has a good Housing Element. The day our SF Planning has a good Transit Document. The day when Conditional Use is not used to the detriment of Quality of Life issues in our beloved City San Francisco.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is very young and very inexperienced. He is surrounded by young Turks that have not gone through the fire. Mayor Gavin Newsom means well but falls on his face. One can smile and think about things rosy but real life issues are serious and have to be dealt with within timelines, with accountability and transparency.

Today our SF City is wanting and the anger spent of PG&E should be directed towards those within the SF Departments. Let PG&E do its job. Better PG&E having control of our transmission lines and providing power then the San Francisco City and County of San Francisco allowing crooks and experienced folks mostly from outside San Francisco dictating Energy Issues to us San Franciscans.

Why did SF Department of Public Works lay off innocent folks that worked for years? Did you get angry when you heard about these cases?

Once all the land and waters you see in San Francisco belonged to the Ohlone more precise the Muwekma Ohlone. Today strangers pollute most of the land and water and air. When Lewis and Clark were here some two hundred years ago all of California was pristine. Mayor Gavin Newsom is for the developers and for compromising Quality of Life issues. Why do I not get angry when the fools are not educated on issues and love media spin?

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