Sophie Maxwell.


When I read the Better Neighborhood Plus Legislation written by a few misguided, arrogant, and very confused folks mostly White with no sense of meaningful dialog, no connection with the real neighborhoods, and lacking due process with transparency and accountability I knew that I was going to see and encounter more of the same nonsense.

Some of us attended a workshop at the Main Library in San Francisco trying to understand the Better Neighborhood Plus Legislation and came out of it disillusioned and knowing well that if some of us did not oppose and stop this faulty legislation San Francisco Land Use laws and regulations and the SF Planning Department would be adversely impacted more the innocent constituents of San Francisco.

Out of the fake Better Neighborhood Plus Legislation came its first clone baby the Visitation Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Fee and Fund. A few Whites claiming to understand Visitation Valley one of them being Fran Martin and another Joe Boss tried to hoodwink many of us that have lived in the neighborhood for years. The over 60 percent Asian community was left out.

The meeting held at 10 a.m. September 10, 2005 at the Community Hall on Raymond Street pointed out to everyone that the likes of Fran Martin and Joe Boss are out to divide the community. What is more this faulty ordinance that Sophie Maxwell introduced hold the developers hostage. Without any due process Fran, Joe, Sophie and some like minded buffoons think they represent the people and their wishes. No one in their right mind can demand of any developer putting aside millions of dollars to build a library, a swimming pool, a community hall, and other public amenities without due process. We do not want some buffoons drawing up plans and setting aside huge fiscal amounts in the name of the people. The people do not trust Sophie Maxwell. They do not trust Joe Boss from Potrero Hill or Fran Martin who has no clue about real public process and less about quality legislation.

No developer should go ahead with this faulty legislation. The sooner they appeal this legislation the better. Time to collect the necessary signatures and bring the masses out to fully expose the few crooks behind the crafting of this faulty legislation that is going no where.

Executive Park developers went before the SF Planning Department and met all the requirements in an open process. This process took a lot of time and many constituents had input. After the SF Planning Commissioners reviewed the contents of the latest Executive Park project the SF Planning Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the ordinance. The ordinance was sent to the SF Full Board and Sophie Maxwell pulled it out. In its place she introduces the Visitation Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Fee and Fund ordinance.

This ordinance has had NO public input. Sophie and her cronies think they can clown and manipulate the constituents from Bayview Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley and beyond. These fools are wrong and in the days to come they will meet an opposition the likes of which they have never seen before. This ordinance will expose Sophie Maxwell and open a can of worms. This woman is on the take and has been on the take on many years.

Again and again she has been a sellout. An Uncle Tom and a conniving, stupid, ignorant, inept and very arrogant person out to serve her own ego. She has been known to get very angry if anyone does not follow her whims and fancy. At the meeting held at Raymond Street again and again Sophie Maxwell would try to control the meeting. Every time she opens her mouth she made a fool of herself.

Sophie Maxwell came to Bayview Hunters Point come 12 years ago. Before that is lived in the Haight Ashbury area and should go to live there as she is not respected by good people that are fed up with her. The Better Neighborhood Plus ordinance is doomed. More so the Visitation Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Fee and Fund. Request the Clerk of the Board for a copy.

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