This recent wave of murders, shootings, and killings in broad daylight is a sad reflection on society and especially on the leaders from the focused areas where these senseless deaths take place. In the Bayview Hunters Point we have over 60 Churches and many so called leaders that purport to speak on behalf of the community. These leaders have let the community down by not walking the walk. Leading the pack the inept, ignorant and very arrogant Sophina Maxwell.

Right now we have some very serious natural disasters brought about by hurricane Katrina and Rita. We have an on going war in Iraq and soon the deaths of our women and men service personnel will reach 2000. We have other serious issues but no one seems to care about these National and International issues.

Closer to home thousands are being pushed away from Bayview Hunters Point and far away into oblivion. In the 1940s you could count the few numbers of African Americans and most of them came from the South to work at the Hunters Point Shipyard. Others worked as cooks and other hard working jobs and took pride in their work.

In the year 2005 it may shock many to be fully cognizant of an important fact the African American community is dwindling and it is place the Asians and Latinos are occupying many areas in full force. The Polynesians too are there but not a force to reckon with. There seems to be some lethargic diseases that are gripping the African Americans and Polynesians aiming for the mundane and goals that vanish soon after some instant gratification.

Where is the work ethic that produced the excellent teachers, the doctors, the engineers, the writers and poets, good mechanics; the many hard working African American and Polynesians that made a name for themselves and in doing so brought some dignity to the community. There was a time when the neighborhood was a real village and people cared. We all remember Enola Maxwell and Aunty Bea. We all remember the elder Luster and our fond Mayor Jordon of 3rd Street. The time has come for the Elders and the leaders to step up to the podium and take charge of our destiny. We have too many in our society that do not want to walk the walk but love to talk the talk. Talk is cheap and the more you hear the same it could be rubbish. It is action that counts. Perhaps the only one we can count upon is Espanola Jackson.

We have disowned our youth by not being Fathers to the ones that many bring into this world. We have too many single mothers that are babies to begin with. Children begetting children we see it and we think nothing of it. The time has come to deal with this serious issue. Our families are not strong because the moral fiber has been shredded. Mention Spirituality and many think you are crazy.

It is the religious fever and the music from the blues that kept so many families together. Today much of the rap music that disrespects women and rhymes that call to shoot and kill are a reflection of what some he and she thugs think is cool about life. There is nothing cool about killing your fellow human being. It is simply wrong to kill another person when any issue can be resolved by other intelligent and nonviolence means.

It is wrong to shoot and kill some one when the person is not looking and not aware of the lurking coward. Much like cowards that sneak behind your back and harm you. These cowards are not man and do not have an iota of courage in their marrow they are worse then commode scum and they should be ashamed of themselves. Society should speak loud and clear about such scumbags. They are worse then a snitch.

If these cowards were given an opportunity to spur or fight in a ring man to man they would not take the opportunity to show their courage. They only show their courage when they act like cowards and take their victims by surprise much like cowards that the world despises using weapons like guns and like weapons. This stupid Black on Black violence must stop, now. Too much blood has spilled. I know OGs and real OGs not some cowards that wear some fancy clothes, have made their money only selling drugs and pimping. While all of them have some record to their credit that put them behind the wall none of them approve the senseless killing in our community. How can we possibly allow the killing of young mostly Black men many of them in their early 20s and others in their teens?

This Black on Black killing must stop and let us not blame anyone but take the responsibility for our nonchalant attitude. The pastors and other leaders better form a coalition to address the serious issues on a war footing. Let them state to all that only cowards kill and bring disgrace on their families. In the schools and colleges let us really educate our youth to learn to respect. Let teachers and others educate our youth to appreciate life and detest guns and other weapons that kill.

Larger Society should build schools and pay teachers well. Not build jails and spend money on incarceration which today is a billion dollar business. Mayor Gavin Newsom is in Ireland and soon will be back home with more excuses. Our police are victims of their own training and logistics. We have noticed that with the departure of Captain Rick Bruce some how things have gone berserk. This bing, bang, bingo I will shoot you dingo must come to an end with a purpose of mind and a concerted effort by the community at large.

We have Whites like Dana Lanza from Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) and Saul Bloom from Arc Ecology wasting thousands of dollars without the Controller and Mayor Gavin Newsom paying keen attention. These folks are making money off the backs of constituents here in the Bayview. One lives in Oakland and the other in the Marin Headlands. No one seems to pay attention to these vultures.

If we can waste thousands of dollars giving San Francisco's tax payer money to Whites that do not live in the community, something stinks. We need money to address serious health and safety issues. People are dying because of lack of health insurance. We do not need a Living Classroom on a Toxic Dump. We do not need a wetland near Parcel E and Yosemite Slough that is very toxic and has the highest elevation of PCBs, lead, mercury and many other toxins. Our children are dying because of pollution. Others because of lack of safety, protection, and lack of educational opportunities. The Community is blind to those that come from outside and make a mockery of the humanity of the community. Some one is bragging that over 6000 children have been taken to a toxic dump that is Pier 98 aka Heron's Head Park.

This Black on Black violence must stop and we should open our eyes and beware of crooked Whites playing gimmicks in our community. One of them an Evacuation Plan when many Black are being evicted for no reason and NO one is taking a stand. Our children are dying and no one is speaking up. Our young men are killing one another and all we do is stare into oblivion.

Let the Office of Emergency Service (OES) put an Evacuation Plan in place. We do not need some stupid Whites to tell us how to take care of ourselves by listening to stupid Whites that are not well trained in any Emergency Plans.

African Americans have and will produce great leaders and make good stuff happen. We should be united and set our difference aside. We do not need racists Whites to teach us what to do and take away our resources and make money off our backs. We should open our eyes, listen well, and take the leadership role that is lacking today all over our community.

The Black Panther Party

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