The constituents of San Francisco were fully awake when Mayor Gavin Newsom decided to anoint Tony Hall for the job as Director of Treasure Island. Mayor Gavin Newsom then went to appoint Sean Elsbernd as Supervisor to fill the vacancy created by Tony Hall. In one clean sweep Mayor Gavin Newsom saw that he had some say on the SF Board of Supervisor and a hold on Treasurer Island. So Mayor Gain Newsom thought.

It is a shame that after giving Tony Hall a salary of over $160,000 with benefits, we are now fully aware that Tony Hall may be fired. If this happens it will reveal to the public the ineptness of the Mayor's Office with Mayor Gavin Newsom as the leader.

Treasure Island does not sit well with the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement and with crooks like Lennar which has a track record of shafting the constituents where ever it has chosen to develop build homes and open space some with golf courses. We can go to Florida or if we like Sacramento or New Mexico and check out the details.

Do we have a workable "Term Sheet" on Treasure Island? The answer is NO. Do we have a "Term Sheet" on Hunters Point Shipyard and Parcel A. Again the answer is NO.

We have some persons and all of them have been involved on both development projects. The first and foremost Michael Cohen. Then we have Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, and of course the mole that works for Lennar, Larry Florin. Larry Florin did well to scout Treasure Island, the SF Port Authority, SF Redevelopment Agency and then finally making his nest with Lennar BVHP LLC. Go figure out the common denominator and the core players that have gone out of their way to adversely impact our City and County of San Francisco and more the constituents of San Francisco. Made their bed with crooks and developers like Lennar. Our SF Board of Supervisors have been taken for a ride and exposed for their stupidity. On Parcel A only Supervisors Chris Daly and Matt Gonzales voted against the conveyance of Parcel A. The rest sold the City out and what is more did a great disservice to the constituents of San Francisco. The same with Treasure Island; most of them had no clue about Base Closure and its consequences.

The same can be said of Treasure Island again and again the developers have been given so much lee way that the Director of Treasure Island with his unique contract has his hands tied and cannot make any progress. With no "term sheet" and lacking any guidance and support from Mayor Gavin Newsom; it is next to impossible to make progress.

The Mayor of San Francisco is beholden to Lennar just like Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was beholden to Lennar. It is all about money and sweet heart deals which the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been very slow to fathom and less slow to act.

Some one should be taken to task for the blatant discrepancies and the bold moves made on every level to break laws, maneuver around regulations, formulate models that contradict standard real estate processes, it is difficult to read through all the convoluted language linked to the Disposition and Development Agreements. I want to see a Term Sheet and I do not see one. Why?

Tony Hall has been the Director of Treasure Island and has not been able to do much. Before that we had AnnieMarie Conroy and she created a mess. I remember when Charles Swanson was at Treasure Island and Willie's girlfriend ran the show. Today, nothing much has happened to take us forward and help the constituents of San Francisco.

The Treasure Island Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has failed us. The Treasure Island Development Authority Board has failed the constituents of San Francisco. For too long have appointed officials failed to serve the constituents; what they have done is taken orders from Mayor Gavin Newsom who has a hidden agenda. Treasurer Island is a man made island. It is sinking and the infrastructure is in very poor shape. There are large areas that need abatement. The Treasure Island Development Authority Board is a sham. So now what do if have? If it is not corruption, what is it? Do we have a good Environmental Impact Report?

It is time we have a Term Sheet. It is time we have a project with time lines. It is time Lennar and the other companies and the main players are exposed for what they are. If Tony Hall is fired he should go enjoy himself and take the benefits with pay for 18 months. He should then sue the City and County of San Francisco so that the corruption can be documented.

The residents of Treasure Island will see worse before they see some good. It is not their fault. It is the fault of the politics that now are lead by Mayor Gavin Newsom and the cronies that advise him.

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